Taste the pizza-like box 'Pizza Doritos Italian Basil taste'

"Pizza Doritos italian basil taste" newly released on December 3 entered a changed box and was placed in a convenience store, so I bought it. The contents are not small pizzas but snacks with dipping sauce, but what kind of taste is it?

Details are as below.Japan Frito LTD. | New product information | "Pizza Doritos italian basil taste"

On the side of the box are those inside and how to eat.

This is what it is.

Dip sauce. There are plenty enough.

This snack is like this.

I will eat it with my favorite amount of sauce.

Although it says as Italian basil taste in the product name, it tastes almost only the taste of dip sauce. Chips itself has a taste well enough so spicy taste will spread to the mouth afterwards. Dip sauce was cold so I felt "tasty" rather than "pizza" but "sweets", but if you warm the sauce it might make you more pizzy-like taste. Contrary to the size of the box, the amount of snacks is slightly smaller, so it seems better to avoid people who want to eat sweets with volume.

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