2 items including "Don Takosu Chocolate Sauce Eatable" released

Previously at GIGAZINEI ate "with barbecue sauce"Although it may be, it seems to be "with chocolate sauce" this time. Along with "Gourmet BBQ sauce included" is released nationwide from March 12 (Monday). Open price.

When I say Don takos, there are impressions of seasoned items such as chili sauce, etc, which were found in the chips with bags, but what about chocolate sauce ...?

Details are as follows.
A new flavor appeared in Tortilla chips with "Dip sauce" "Don takos to eat"
"Don takos with chocolate sauce to eat and eat"
"Don takosu gourmet with barbecue sauce to be eaten" New release

According to this release, "Dontakos" seems to be tortilla chips made with a unique recipe that grinds corn with a stone mill and then baked and fried.

"With chocolate sauce" means that a mellow and rich flavorful chocolate sauce comes with "gourmet barbecue sauce", a tasty barbecue sauce that confines vegetable taste is attached.

As I expected, the chocolate sauce is more interesting ....

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