"Potato chips garlic basil" may suit pasta?

Calby is offering a convenience store limited Potato Chips "PARIPARI VARIATION" which Calbee is offering on a monthly basis, both of which taste differently from the past, and torment or pleasing GIGAZINE editing staff who tasted each time.

And, of course, this month's "potato chips garlic basil" is released, what kind of taste is it?

The details to worry about are as follows.
It seems to be an Italian taste with roast garlic and basil with flavors of parsley.

I tried it on a plate. Sure it smells a little savory.

Although I tried eating, the seasoning is totally dark eyes. Although the garlic is steady, the unique scent of basil and the fragrance of garlic fitted perfectly there, and it is very tasty. It is a taste of basil sauce of an Italian restaurant. Because the habit is not strong, nobody in the editorial department has dropped out. I thought that if you eat it, shredded and put it in pasta it might be unusual.

The product page is here.

News Release Potato Chips Garlic Basil

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