Frito "Doritos Ebiimayo taste" is rich with mayonnaise flavor and delicious

I bought "Doritos Ebiimayo taste" that Fritolet has released since Monday, July 2. Although it is called Doritosu, since it is written as "PIZZA - LA" greatly in the package, I could not tell which product was for a moment.

Details are as follows.
It seems to be in the present campaign of the popular "Ebimayo Ukiwa". It also contains the Doritos logo.

Place filled with dishes.

There seems to be a strong taste with considerable powder.

After a sense of crispness of Doritosu, it has a rich pizza taste. It is tastefully flavored with prawns and it is delicious whether it resembles that of Pizzera but it is delicious as a snack confection. I am thirsty because it has a bit taste, but this is ant. Maybe I want to eat snacks like Chijs Roll.

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