Headline news on July 31, 2008

Samurai Love comedian serialized in the monthly boy's champion "Tomorrow's good!"ButIt is said that it will convert to TV animation. Despite the animation broadcasting,There are also plans to sell figuresYou can see the height of popularity. There is almost no original animated as a monthly boy champion, but in 2001 it became a TV animation "Flower Ukyo maid unit"Has been animated again in 2004 and may be selected carefully widely popular in general.

So, at the end of July, tomorrow is overAug. 1. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on August 1st one year ago.

Worldwide sales volume of handheld game machines Ranking worst 10 - GIGAZINE

The vast majority of corporate users are not considering moving to Vista - GIGAZINE

8 Reasons Why You Want to Throw a Mobile Phone - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Nintendo's Wii strategy declaring paradigm shift in the game industry(Game, a message from Nintendo that you can also receive "It was not us, the game industry is wrong")

SCEJ, PS3 "PlayStation Home" tester recruitment started. Beta test will start late August(Game, finally start PS 3 "Home")

"New graduate is only Tokyo Univ.", Will not be delighted: NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(I did not adopt it because I am at work at Tokyo University, so I only cleared the criteria at Tokyo University)

Business Media Makoto: The ideal boss has one in five people(Work, many people have ideal bosses in younger age)

A wall that can not be overturned (゚ д ゚): "I do not think that the diligence of Japanese people will continue" 61% ... Yomiuri Shimbun(Business, but still black companies are unlikely to be lost)

【18】 Beyond Professional Question Techniques, Watch Out for the Last "Porro": NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Memo, question method to draw out words from partner)

Waking up to sleep with idol: celebrity "unexpected previous job" big public!(Entertainment, everyone can not imagine the figure before becoming an entertainer)

Journalism, even in his 80s titled "Unemployed" title | Excite News(Memo, people who will be unemployed should retire if retired)

[08/07/30] How to speed up Photoshop by changing only one character file name(Software, when storing 1 GB of memory or more)

Microsoft launches $ 2.5 billion annually for Google countermeasures: ITpro(Internet service, challenge Google over without the acquisition of Yahoo!)

CNN.co.jp: Google's competitive search service "cool", former employee opened(Internet service, claiming that you can search 3 times as many pages as Google)

How is Nikoni Commons and Creative Commons different? - Director of Niwango commentary: News - CNET Japan(Copyright, license display on Nico Nico video starts in August)

Business Media Makoto: Which automobile insurance company is the most favorable?(Memo, Sony Sompo Insurance at No. 1 place)

Window Forest - 【Special Feature】 "Firefox 3" Extended Function Catalog Part 1(Software, customization for latest version of Firefox)

IT perspective after 10 years: News - CNET Japan(It seems to have a mobile terminal that everyone can see the net comfortably after 10 years)

"We need to consider two-tier flat-rate system of packet communication charges" ─ ─ DoCoMo Yamada Takashi Asano President - ITmedia + D Mobile(Introducing a system like "Double fixed amount" of mobile, au)

Docomo's subsidiary, Guam Cellular launches 3G service - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, so that DoCoMo's mobile phone can be used in Guam)

Concept model of au design project: Representing history accumulated by mobile phones in "layer" - "Kadokesi" Designer made "PLY" - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, mobile phones that gather gimmicks of affections in one)

Imation, BD-R media for TDK recording supporting 6 × speed(Hardware, 3000 yen in 2 layer recording)

Review: Bargain player with high sound quality and wireless LAN, 2 new elements "CREATIVE ZEN X - Fi" (1/2) - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(Hardware, player of 32,800 yen in 32GB model)

Meteorological Satellite: To Reserve Succeeding Budget for "Himawari" The Meteorological Administration Difficulty - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Note, the possibility that the history of meteorological observation from the universe that will last 31 years will be lost)

25 m cylindrical shape, mysterious object drifting off Nagasaki / Goto island: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Note, Chinese characters are filled with nitrogen)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "Yu freezes faster than water" phenomenon Professor Otsuki criticizes - Society(A note, a phenomenon introduced in "Trying and Gotten")

Let's find a carbon offset that can be "convinced"? Easiness is attractive, but ... 【Part 1】 | WIRED VISION(Environment, carbon offset to purchase carbon dioxide emissions rights)

"CLANNAD" One Seg tuner Mamiko Noto talk show(Memo, Mamiko Noto in a modest yukata fashion)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Assembling the gunpla and activating the brain - Your head gets better! Is it? - education(Note, maybe even activated on non-Gundam Plamo)

Moe is "diluted Ka Pis" - ASCII × ITmedia dialogue(Memo, Akihabara has gone away from the electric town)

JR Hokkaido, IC card ticket "Kitaca" started in autumn. Also support Suica(Railway, image character is Ezomomonga)

Variety Japan | Haruki Murakami's Largest Selling "Norwegian Wood" Movie(Movie, works already more than 20 years ago)

Naburabo: Hiroyuki, why half-naked "I can not accept it ... ..." - ITmedia News(Memo, take off with weekly "SPA!" Hiroyuki)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Any 52 yen(Life, a wholesale town where amateurs can not enter)

CNN.co.jp: "Superman advertises health foods" FTC requests industry(There are many junk foods that food and hero tie up)

Hebei Shimbun news Sendai people like jelly 1st consecutive consumption for 2 consecutive years(Food, jelly has little losing)

Carbonated drinks modeled on Cuban mint cocktails - Water from the world Kitchen Mint Julep Soda: Food: J-CAST Mono Watch(Food, juice with mint flavors)

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