Headline news on March 11, 2008

WILLCOM as a new color of "Advanced / W - ZERO 3 [es]",Add a peach blossomThat's right. The color which imaged flowers blooming in spring, the main target is female user. Firmware upgrade will also be done on March 19 (Wednesday) which is the release date of Peach Blossom, and new features will be added, so be careful with those who already have the old color and there is no loss That's right.

So, tomorrowMarch 12. In 1894 the sale of bottled coca-cola began, and in 1930 the British colonial government began marching salt against the monopoly of salt. Takara is the ASCII art character in 2002Giko catI applied for trademark registration. In addition, in addition to being born in 1823, in addition to being born in 1823, Hayashi Konpira who was on a lolly point in Orange kimono in 1943, in 1959, known as a comic artist and TV commentator, in 1959, "Kamikaze Kaito Jeanu Mamoru Aya, a manga artist with a masterpiece of "Full Moon in Challenge", was born in 1978.

Today's headline news.
WILLCOM Expands Mail Capacity to 15 Mbytes - ITmedia + D Mobile(Useful for mobile, handling large attachment files)

One-segment broadcasting on mobile, use frequency about "half or more once a week" is about half - ITmedia + D Mobile(There are quite a lot of users actively using Mobile, One Seg)

Motorola, former head of the mobile device division left - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, Motorola's mobile sector faced poor performance)

DoCoMo develops "SH705iII" stuck to the ease of listening to calls(Mobile terminals that emphasize the readability of letters and ease of listening to voices)

Au's W54SA / W54S / W56T, freeze etc. trouble etc ..(Mobile, the third mobile update)

Shipment of mobile phones and PHS in January 2008, shipment of 2G terminals to 0 units(Mobile, finally shipment of 2G terminal becomes 0)

DoCoMo's "D905i" "F905i" malfunction(Mobile, waves of trouble in 905i series?)

DoCoMo launches "F1100" equipped with Windows Mobile on the 17th(Mobile, mobile phone-like smartphone)

Daily YOUGI: A site that automatically generates 3-D space from 1 image "Make 3 D" - ITmedia + D Games(Internet service, a dreamlike service where 2D becomes 3D)

Forward to advance purchase PC: Dell, entrance class gaming PC "XPS 630" announcement - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, gaming PC with a sense of value)

JVC releases 5-pack organic dye BD-R for 2x speed recording - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(Hardware, PS 3 not compatible)

Intel promotes mobile internet at Atom(Hardware, Willcom Vista terminal is concerned)

Industry rankings with low annual income (Heisei 18) Annual income laboratory(Work, top bonus included, annual income 1,740,000 yen)

Research result: Japanese are "more sensitive to overall emotion than individuals" | WIRED VISION(There is a difference in notes and images)

Seven keymen's memo pad: better than free one(About 8 things that still have value in value, freely available copies freely available)

70 e-mails received - one day of Microsoft CEO - @ IT(Work, Steve Ballmer's work style)

Various problems with registration of world heritage of Mt. Fuji: daily Saiseau(World Heritage, Mt. Fuji stops aiming to register as a "natural heritage" and now aims to register as "cultural heritage")

Forest of Window - 【NEWS】 "Firefox" v3 Beta 4 which adopted "Aero" style design on Windows Vista is released(Software, extended functions incompatible with v3.0 will not work)

Goo launches the second brain in the "brain" series, "Blog maker in the brain"(Internet service, a service that automatically generates articles)

Why is hot water coming out of the faucet a little white? Excite News(Memo, underwater air is visible)

Business Media Makoto: Makoto Weekly Access Top 10 (February 29 - March 6, 2008): Nippon latest mannequin circumstances(Memo, mannequin with monitor and manikin making makeup)

CNN.co.jp: "Deep Kiss" to be under 13 years passed a bill with sex crime and rice(Overseas, put your tongue in your mouth and out)

Misuse of popular cartoons, 40 books Shoplifting among 3 shops 3 documents sent for inspection - Infoseek News - Infoseek News(Manga, manga calling for shoplifting prevention will be done manually)

"Working Man" author Anno Moyoko is uncertain when the restoration declaration is due - Ameba News [Ameba news](Manga, Blog continues)

Current affairs dot com: Matsuyama Kenichi "Mr. Clausor"(Movie, I am transforming well)

Asuka Rin: "Because I never split" as a mouth riffling woman ... ___ Urban legend of fear is made into a movie - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Movie, setting is set to 1978)

Sengoku Majin Gooseogun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia(Anime, the stage of the work was in 2001 · · ·)

■ (PDF file)A big hit toy '∞ Mu Bun buchi peti (R)' appeared in Wii 2 titles to be released easily for Wii wear are released sequentially(Game, ∞ Petite Petit and Ji Pi-An are download sales)

Imif www wwww kwwww real riko I could write ☆(Image, graphic character is scary)

Mr. Tadashi Fukuda, President of Kadokawa Degix Interview "Because it was a black ship formed with Google" (Part 1) - Industry Trend Observer - Tech - On!(Note, "Thank you for omitting the uploading time")

Gift! Taiyaki-kun: Updated Guinness records 32th in Oricon with re-release board, the first time in 31 years (Mittal web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shinbun)(Music, how far to extend the record)

Business Media Makoto: 'Natural products' and 'Aquaculture products', burning popularity sharply rising(Food, the popularity of real treaches rises for some reason)

This is De Culture !!! TV Anime "Macross F" Puff Rims Limited release at am / pm nationwide!(Food, release date is March 25)

Supports women's beauty · Newly launched "Rose Kaoru" containing fine carbonated drinks and rose extract(As a meal, 100 ml it feels like a nutrition drink?

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Eat a large hamburger "Tower burger"! It is!(Food, truly like a tower loading method)

Alfalfa mosaic that makes you happy to be happy(Food, knowing that there is no loss of eclipse of food)

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