Headline news on November 12, 2007

It seems that the image of the pot which continued to sit in the top of the huge bulletin board 2channel seems to be changed, newRecruitment of cover picture is being done. The recruitment deadline is January 20, 2008, and when you apply for an imageDoyo? Top Picture Wanted TopicIf you post to. The provision of the image is that it contains the 2-channel logo and that it is the original work. The size is 480 pixels wide by 300 pixels vertically, and the image format is JPEG or GIF file. People using a special browser, etc. may not have much opportunity to see it, but it seems better to check those who wish to put their work on top of 2 ch.

So, tomorrowNovember 13. Bacteriologist Robert Koch announced tuberculin therapy in 1890. In 1983, Mr. Sisterby became the third crown horse in Japanese history of horse racing, and in 2000, Shinya Hashimoto who tried to make another organization "Shin Nippon Pro Wrestling Zero" was dismissed from New Japan Wrestling. Also, one member of SMAP Takuya Kimura was born in 1972, a priest of Tendai sect known as Tokugawa Ieyasu's brain, Nanko Boko Amenai died in 1643.

Today's headline news.
Corporate accusation site, terribly (to kill the news): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(It is more effective to make a site on the net than to talk to accusations, newspapers, etc. or to trial)

Democratic Party's Maturity (Temporal Superflow) Question: NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Politics, a strong personal support group and the battle with the LDP supported by various organizations and organizations will be more severe than the upper house election)

A special meaning to take a commemorative photo in the leisure superpower, China (2) ~ the Bund (2007 → 2010 Shanghai Marketing Tour): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(In China, an example that the meaning is completely different even if taking a commemorative picture is written and it is quite funny)

Do not restore perfectly ~ intention and skill to leave famous paintings in the world ("Furukawa Hikari" in Nagasaki School): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(The pain and pain of paintings can be divided into four types: waving, lifting, cracking, and peeling)

$ 200 Million for Electric Venture! (BusinessWeek): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(It is the largest in the past as an initial investment in venture and venture)

【2ch】 New speed quality What is the worst work you have experiencedIs it? (Work, work in the freezer dies)

Tomorrow: I just finished debut earlier but have any questions?(Memo, repaying the borrowed money from multiple companies)

On the copyrights of the poet (Uchida's laboratory)(Copyright, what the poet is seeking is "poetic asset" or the deposit balance of the copyright heir)

Listen to natural sounds for relaxation, sleeping, and concentration (Today's work tips ver 2.0): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(It seems that you can relax using a small machine white noise generator that sounds like healing sound like rain sound for a certain time)

Livedoor News - Dragon Ash, The First Written Drama Theme Song(TV, songs of the novel's original episode drama "Shabaku")

Rambus Q: Revision of the Dog Law to be seen by bicycles and pedestrians Summary(Law, see and do not lose)

Sweet iPod nano accessories appeared | Woman Excite Lifestyle Topics(Hardware, Takashimaya limited sweet type case and cord volume)

Japan.internet.com Daily research - nearly 80% of the total, "meaningless terms are" metaverse ""(Language, from Web trend survey in 2007)

Japan.internet.com E-Commerce - exhibition fee free, clothing shop shopping portal site "clothing store .jp" opened(Internet service, also available from oversea clothing store)

Private consideration on the reason why automobiles are not sold - It's "design" and "paint" - embrace! User, involvement! Developer [ITmedia Alternative · Blog](Cars, old cars look good looking)

Interviewing four paincar owners ___ ___ 0 - Nikkei Trendy Net(Car, painful car is the first step of exchange)

Tea Fairy: An overseas anime fan's question "Why do you have lunch in the classroom?" - livedoor Blog (blog)(There are many scenes of box lunch than anime, dining room)

Get it! Baby - chan ◎ Fear of runaway Ali? "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction" appeared one after another!(Anime, where should I wear the first machine shirt)

Get it! Hobby - ◎ To the coordination of autumn and winter! "Gundam" Apparel Item Appears at a Glance!(Anime, I wonder if I can manage this yet)

Asahi.com: The power of manga (3) Captain Tsubasa's "brainwashing" (upper) -(I also do not know even professional athletes overseas, manga)

GameSpark - Old and old game magazines now and a long time ago ... a special feature comparing precious first issue and present to now!(Magazines, things that look like totally different magazines, but almost no change in atmosphere)

GameSpark - "Aliens vs. Predator Requiem" latest screenshot(Game, game version of the movie released at the end of the year)

【Report】 New Playstation 3 finally released! - Selling situation of Akihabara during rainy showering is Hobby My Comic Journal(Game, newly released 40GB model is PS2 incompatible)

The regular package of 'Suzumiya Haruhi no Yakusoku' is decided! [Further game update information also delivered!] - Famitsu.com(Game, Ultra Premium BOX benefits are also released)

Famitsu around the time he was erotic: Hachimama draft \ (^ o ^) /(It is amazing from the game, cover)

ITmedia + D Games: Pleasant. refreshing. very loud laugh. Grasp the Wii Zapper and blow away the sadness of the eternal world (1-2)(Game, "Sega AM2 Lab" Ghost Scud "Review)

Photo Report: Sony's "PLAYSTATION 3" Disassembled - 1st News - CNET Japan(Introducing the situation of the game, disassembly with photos)

Japan.internet.com Web Technology - 【China】 Essential items of online games! ~ Anti-virus software Unexpected penetration rate(Games, 80% or more of the total number of players will be protected)

CNN.co.jp Chinese authorities admit the toxicity of bead toys - business(Memo, 14.5% harmful substances used)

Reasons why Maid is cleaning in Akihabara - ITmedia News(Memo, maid cafe for image recovery)

Three-dimensional printing cardiac cells, start beating like genuine WIRED VISION(Extracting various kinds of cells from organisms, chicken hearts and printing)

Ambition of DARPA aiming for "the strongest creature", "Inner body armor" concept WIRED VISION(Memo, plan for capacity building of soldiers who make body armor)

CNN.co.jp "Finely Bitch Choir" brought from Finland, landing in the USA - USA(Music, not a comedian)

Supermarket in China, three people rushed to bargains - MSN Sankei News(Overseas, 31 more injurious injury at Carrefour in China.)

CNN.co.jp "Specter" to the surveillance camera of Santa Fe County Government building, what is identity? - Science(Overseas, editor-in-chief of a magazine examining paranormal phenomena unravels the truth)

The surprising function of sucking oxygen supplement? Excite News(Health, decreased body fat with oxygen?)

CNN.co.jp Year-end holiday flavored carbonated drinks, to sale - business(Food, "Christmas pack" and "Hanukka pack")

@nifty: Daily portal Z: What happens when it gets boiled down(Food, various things are coming out)

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