Nisshin Rao 15th anniversary commemorating "Nisshin Rao Shanghai bored burden noodles"

When King La launched in 1992 seems to try to develop products with a feeling of premium when it comes to "15th anniversary of Nisshin Rao", as a first step of that product, a famous shop loved by various people's celebrities, Roppongi "Chinese cuisine"Supernatural" Nisshin Rao Shanghai bored care noodles "will be released. It is characterized by a hard and straight Chinese sashimen, characterized by an exquisite thick soup that balances fragrance of scented vinegar and pepper and lawn sauce ......

Details of release date and price are from the following. Somehow the new product of La King is quite long time ago ... ....
- The 15th anniversary project of Nikima Dynasty First edition Roppongi "Superior Chinese Restaurant" supervision -
Raw noodles in a cup
"Nisshin Rao Shanghai Buried Noodle"
Information on new release

The release date is Monday, November 26, the price is 265 yen, excluding tax. Noodles are hard and sticky texture · Straight shape, fine sperm glue that reproduces the whitish tone. The soup is a soup of Shanghai-style bargain soup featuring elegant fragrance of vinegar and peppermint, rich richness of the lawn sauce. And, please use the meat miso of the retort is a concern ingredient. Taste the minced beef with sesame oil, pepper pea, pea mackerel and so on and enter the bamboo shoot enjoying accent of texture.

Actually,Chinese cuisineI have not eaten at all so I do not know exactly how good it is, how is it ...?

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