GooTa "rich soy sauce" "Tonto pig bone" newly launched putting special saggera in char siu

Nissin Foods is going to newly release "Nissin Handy Multi GooTa Rich Soy Sauce" and "Nissin Handy GooTa Toro Pork Bone" from Monday, October 15. The price is 285 yen, excluding tax, it is the product with special sauce applied to chashued for the first time, it is said that pursuing taste which has never been before.

Details are as follows.
- With special saggy rack which is added to the initial barbecued -
Non-fried bowl type cup noodle "Nisshin appliances GooTa rich soy sauce" "Nisshin appliances GooTa tooth pig bones" New release information

"Nissin handy multi-rich soy sauce" is a supple, supple and sticky non-fried noodles. The soup is based on pork and chicken, a rich soy sauce flavor giving the taste thick with the taste of backfat. The ingredients are made with special sauce and it is said that the deliciousness of pork belly roasted pork belly, salted seasoned eggs tasted to the taste of yellow, menma, glue and leeks are contained. The special sauce put on a sliced ​​pork with a sweet sour sauce that makes the taste of chashuwu stand out.

"Nissin mulch multicolored pig bone" uses thin and straight non-fried noodles, soup is a tonkon soup without habit. You can taste spicy pig bone taste by melting special soup in soup. Mild ingredients are sweet roasted salad with rough texture, Menma, leek. Special sauce is spicy miso sauce based on pepper paste.

It is becoming a product to start sagging for the first time in ingredients, especially pork bones that can taste normal pork bone soup and spicy pig bone taste become matter of concern.

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