NISSKEN releases "Nissin Kitty GooTa chicken Chinese noodles" that can be eaten in cold soup

Cup noodles that Nissin can also eat with cold soup "Nissin Kitapato GooTa chicken Chinese noodlesIt will be released from Monday, July 30th. The price is 285 yen by tax.

As usual it is not only a way of eating "with hot soup" but also a product of a new section that can deliciously eat "with a cold soup".

Details are as follows.
- Nissin Foods First! "How to eat" "Warm" and "Cold" 2 streets -
Non-fried bowl shaped cup noodle
"Nissin Kitapato GooTa chicken Chinese noodles"
Information on new release

According to this release, the "Nisshin Food GooTa Chicken Chinese noodles" to be released this time is a non-fried noodle soup which is somewhat sweet with a Japanese style soup stock, after sipping in the soy sauce, the thoroughly baked chicken Characteristic of chashuw, with cliques of appendix, wisdom, round chili peppers with aroma and coloring.

And when we want to eat with cold soup, we have adopted the "Turbo Yut Cup for Cooling" with a hot water cut out, pour water after returning to the hot water return, and drain it twice more then cold It is said that you can eat with soup. Also, when eating with hot soup you can enjoy the smell of soy sauce and soup, when you eat with cold soup you can enjoy a refreshing taste.

It might be nice to be able to enjoy cold, refreshing ramen, not hot ramen on a hot summer day.

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