Headline news on December 27, 2007

Meiji Seika's gumi in the shape of a bottle "Cola upIt seems to come back from January 8th, 2008. The main target was an adult man in his 20s and 40s who had eaten a cola up at the time of release. According to it, it is renewing to hard garbage for adults. The price is 148 yen including tax, but orange up and soda up are not currently included in the line up. In addition, it is undecided whether the release will be released in other areas as Kanto limited.

So, this year's headline news today is the last. next timeJanuary 7. On January 7, 1610, Galileo Galilei found Jupiter's satellites "Calisto", "Europa" and "Io". In 1950, for the first time issued a thousand-yen bill of Prince Shotoku's portrait due to the progress of inflation. NTT docomo plans to terminate the PHS service in 2008. Also, Ichiro Mizuki, sometimes known as Japan's leading singer, such as "Mazinger Z" and "Professional Golfer Monkey" was born in 1948, and also actors who starred in the movie "Wild at Heart" Nicolas Cage was born in 1964.

Today's headline news.
Another website calls attention to the top when searching "MHLW" Google - ITmedia News(Security, why overseas sites are displayed)

"Successful" virus infecting Word documents, "Researchers do not even notice": ITpro(Virus, it has become very sophisticated)

Mobile, headphones prohibited New rules on driving a bicycle - MSN Sankei News(Transportation, scheduled to be revised within the fiscal year)

The number of Winny users at Christmas is over 330,000, "slightly decreasing trend": ITpro(P2P, was it distributed to various things?

Weapons are frozen crabs! Shoplifter found and fight security guards (sports report) - Yahoo! News(Memo, this looks painful)

Painful news (No ∀ `): Admission fee for movies," 1800 yen high "Over 70%(I do not feel like going too much except movies, movie days)

"ARIA" relationship - MOON PHASE note(Manga, it means finishing while animation is on air)

GameSpark - Debut trailer of "Dragon Ball Z burst limit" released(Scheduled to be sold on multiple platforms of game, Xbox 360 and PS 3)

Twilight of "Mario Era" (Digital Entertainment Weather Forecast): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(I care about how much PS3 can be sold with games, Final Fantasy)

Asahi.com: game machine "buyer" rampant foreigners, go abroad on release date - society(Game, resellers exporting popular items rampant)

【Game industry in 2007 and Hoho news】(There are many games related to PS 3)

Current status of sales of game magazines In 2007, Famitsu is a shame of the game industry(Game, as well as the number of cartoon magazines and animated magazines sold)

【Year-end Special Project】 2007 Digital Camera Popularity Vote - Result Announcement(Ranking divided into digital camera, single lens reflex division and compact digital camera category)

Business Media Makoto: Imadoki's essential necessities are "PC" rather than refrigerators and cars(Home electronics, no TV in ranking)

Business Media Makoto: The 1st place of the word of 2007 is "No relationship like that" --infoQ survey(Language, it seems to disappear next year)

J-CAST News: Hikaru Utada Expired Natto "Such a cheerle!"(Singer, manly)

Aquarion CM, originally planned for Leah Dizon - Ameba News [Ameba news](Music, refusing to match the image)

A safe / dangerous year-end gift, "Danger Room" picks WIRED VISION(Gadget, I might be pleased because I do not absolutely buy it)

New Year's greetings with rat posts? It is! ~ Illustration Shizen 's New Year planning started with' pixiv ': RBB TODAY(Internet service, ranking also released)

"Livedoor Blog", the ability to designate an article viewer "Private mode"(Net service, publish can be set by ID)

Point bubble, to collapse as soon as possible (Tsukuba super flow): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Shopping, Should I use up before being further rebuilt?)

A copyright royalty incurred in "Pyramid" copy items, a theme park is a big blow? International news AFPBB News(Copyright, claimed by the Egyptian Archaeological Supreme Council)

"Cashmere 70%" In fact it is 0%, a sewing order society to clothing selling company YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Business, everybody camouflaged and unlimited)

How to purchase PV4 Summary anti.dmz-plus.com(Hardware, popular capture board purchase method)

Phenom's decline accelerates, partly by 20,000 yen(Hardware, price revision as well?)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: Doraemon, dancing the sky with Taiko Cover (1/2)(Hardware, Takeko is quite large for Doraemon)

Matsushita develops the world's thinnest 9.5 mm thick Blu-ray Disc drive(Hardware, the day that is standard installed in notebook PC is near, is it?)

Harmful Web sites in 2007, increasing use of hidden portrayal and secret information - ITmedia Enterprise(A note, "DQN" is harmful?)

Business Media Makoto: Where are you feeling dissatisfied at home?(I'm dissatisfied with notes, using water)

Santa 50 rampage cinema devastating "Children will be shocked" - Ameba News [Ameba news](Overseas, seems not to be Santa at the time of rampage)

Russian men allow eggs to be thrown to owned luxury cars | Excite News(Russia, a car of 5.7 million yen ...)

Amphibious real submarine car sQuba - Engadget Japanese(Car, I want this car)

Feel the astronaut's feelings at Google Earth! Easy space shuttle experience(Space, I only feel like it is quite enjoyable)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Legendary lunchbox shop(Food, a tremendous matrix is ​​made)

This is good! Japanese eating habits(Food, McDonald's seems to have changed its taste in the past)

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