Headline news on July 5, 2007

Green tea beverage for frozen sale from Monday, July 9 (next month)"Ice cold tea" and "Matcha green tea"Ito It will be sold by Itoen. The price is slightly higher than general PET bottle drink 490 ml and 158 yen (tax included). "Ice cold tea" is made to be deliciously felt in a cold state, and the "Matcha Green Tea" seems to have finished in a faint sweetness that can be drunk even with a sense of dessert. Bottles and labels also use materials with high flexibility to withstand expansion during freezing, and also consider safety considerations.

Last year was"Frozen bottle" series which frozen Calpis etc.Although it seems that it was sold in Seven Eleven and it was pretty popular, will frozen tea become popular as well in the same way?

So, tomorrowJuly 6Friday. In 1885, the rabies vaccine developed by Louis Pasteur was inoculated into the human body for the first time, and in 1925 the Yasuda auditorium of the University of Tokyo was completed. In 1933, the first all-star game was held in major league, and in 1939 the first test flight of the zero type fighter aircraft (Zero war) began. In 1946, the country name of Japan was changed from "Dainippon Empire" to "Japan", and in 1989, the singer Hibari Misora ​​received the National Honor Award. In 1923, Miyako Butterfly was born as an actress with comic actress, Mori Kitashima died in 1571, Shinsengumi No. 10 Corps Associate and Shinnosuke Harada died in 1868.

Today's headline news.

【2ch】 Daily thread guide Recently, the drama of the original manga is getting more(TV, recently few complete original drama)

Window Forever - 【NEWS】 Web browser that reads "2channel" by voice "SofTalk WEB"(Software, voice can be switched from 8 types)

Sukima Windows Plus Web clock that displays negative information in the world in real time(Flash, petroleum production is rising)

That's ... ... This is the access power of Yahoo ...(Access analysis, Yahoo is really many people)

Improve your work ability with online games? ~ Game development company announces survey results(Working, playing for several years in a game is comparable to 10 years of managerial experience)

Epoch Epoch - Japan Daily cosmetic absorbs 2 kilos of chemicals per year into the body(Beauty, 90% is using cosmetics whose expiration date has passed)

Dispatch a team of lawyers and others to the school = Kyoto city(Responding to unreasonable requests from schools and guardians)

ITmedia News: [WSJ] inconvenient inconvenience to users? Copy prevention measures for next generation DVD(Copyright, you can not play unless you update properly)

ITmedia News: Nifty's sense of crisis and change as indicated by "Nifniff" and "Guhufu"(There seems to be already the third service of net service, too)

"Electric tobacco" appears, commercialized by the end of the year(Luxury goods, smoke does not come out and sucks misty nicotine)

WIRED VISION / "Electric light bulb of permanent life" developed by an English company(Energy efficiency is quite good compared to electricity, incandescent light bulb, etc.)

Return from oblivion: fake science "AIDS revaluation movement" and ID theory(Science, activists claiming that HIV and AIDS are different) caused her daughter to die from AIDS

Rush of Slashdot Japan VIA to withdraw from chipset business(Hardware, what will we do next?)

Surprised at the cover of Shueisha Bunko version "Human disqualification"(Publishing, popular manga artists are in charge)

"Masked Rider" is the first PG-12 specified excite news(I received a designation in movie, violence depiction)

Movie "Transformers", a good start to entertainment in North America Reuters.co.jp(Movie, released in Japan on August 4)

【2ch】 Nikkan Thread Guide Topics not to be the first meeting person(Life, avoid telling the thought for the time being)

14th Winter Olympic Games held in Russia's Sochi Other livedoor sports(Sports, Russia's best health resort)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - Approximately 67% use cell phone alarms, 48% "main alarm" is mobile phone(Mobile, if strengthening the alarm function leads to sales promotion?

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Making homemade contacts(Story, I do not want to put this in the eyes)

@nifty: Daily Portal Z: How to confess to a woman at a cash register(Story, running thoroughly to the neta)

A horse-system story, a diary or a memorandum or not: a summary on Darley Japan central horse owner registration approval (two years worth) - livedoor Blog (blog)(Horse racing, is the birth of power that can compete against the company base?)

Nepal 's "Living God" girl, exclaiming God disqualified visit America(Culture, Do you have to be inconvenient to be a God?)

GameSpark - Pokari x Sakura ...! Still cool even overseas fan art(Image, high quality game character)

GameSpark - "Left 4 Dead", the first gameplay video release(Game, survival action to shoot zombies)

Forest of Window - 【NEWS】 RPG "30 Second Brave" to defeat the Satan in 30 seconds to save the world(Game, RPG whose demon kicks out)

The contents of the flying sale of "Doki Doki Witch God!(Game, already play movies too)

The painful news (No ∀ `) [UK] The best TV game ever in history is" The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "(Game, voting abroad but many Japanese software)

Exhibitors recorded the highest ever 162 companies! Tokyo Game Show 2007 outline summary and main visual decision - Famitsu.com(Game, public release from September 22)

Information shop. - PS3 "Beautiful Katamari" release discontinued! [With posting image](Game, PS3 got seriously serious)

3D jigsaw puzzle near punishment game: Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo · Japan)(Game, punishment game itself)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: handcrafted the area(Food, homemade sea kicks seems to be very good)

After all the wine is tasty better, is not it? Excite News(Distinct ranking in the field, not food, taste)

J-CAST News Japan Ham to raise ham, sausages and so on(Food and wholesale prices raise from 7% to 15%)

"Green tea kept in Oita natural water" Start selling nationwide from Monday, July 9(Use "natural water" which does not perform physical / chemical treatment other than food, precipitation, filtration, heat sterilization)

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