Headline news on 17th October 2008

"Personal battle provision Ⅱ type specification" commonly called millimeshiDevelop as a prize for crane gamesWhen Sega did eat in the event of being distressed by a ship this timeMake "rescue food" a prizeThat's right. Premiums have been adopted by ships, the Air Self Defense Force, etc. under the Certification of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and are also enclosed with a paper of cheering messages for rescuers who are also included in the real thing. It will be launched as a prize from the 18th of tomorrow.

So, next MondayOctober 20. On October 20th one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

How to obtain the last generation iPod cheaply - GIGAZINE

Record shooting how giant cup and cat got to get along well - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
WILLCOM CORE "Wi-Fi anywhere": RBB TODAY (broadband information site)(Displays terminals of various designs such as hardware, card type and box type)

Consider "Apple tax": Is the price of "MacBook" reasonable? | WIRED VISION(Higher sales share than hardware, retail share)

First in XP: I ran Windows XP with a new MacBook (1/2) - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, comprehensive performance greatly improved from previous generation)

Started "Yamada Point Mall" in cooperation with cyber agent and Yamada Electric: News - CNET Japan(You can save points by using net service, affiliated shop)

KDDI releases "Yoshimoto Keitai" sequentially from November 12 - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, Design and Ringtone Produced by Yoshimoto Entertainer)

4Gamer.net - Even the official website also dangerous? Listen to Symantec Game Security Current (Norton Antivirus 2009)(Security, security software aiming to be meaningful even if it is running during game play)

Work farmer: 30 year worth of efficiency notebook in paulownia box - JMAM releases luxury storage box - ITmedia Biz.ID(Box for storing notes, notebooks)

Science: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun) Science: Japan's fastest supercomputer in the University of Tokyo, partly provided for private companies(Memo, fee is 4 million yen in one year)

Vocaloid "Hatsune Miku", awareness of people in their 20s and 30s exceeding 60% - Eye sharing research - japan.internet.com Web marketing(Note, 73.8% knows that in his 20's)

Window Forever - 【NEWS】 MS, open mouse "Touchless Demo" to operate with USB camera without touching keyboard(Software, operation of PC with movement reflected on camera)

"SSW Lite 6.0" corresponding to the Internet, Hayase composition(It is also possible to capture sound source of software, "ku-koii")

Printer usage, "Postcard printing" is 70% top - I-share research - japan.internet.com Web marketing(Some people use notes only for printing New Year's cards)

Popular BD Reco is Kore! Top 3 selling by HDD capacity(Home appliances, the most popular models are models with capacity of 200 to 320 GB)

Everyday YOUGI: I have touched Sega Saturn PC "Sega Massia" - ITmedia + D Games(Hardware, exhibited at Tsukumo head office in Akihabara)

FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE: Industry / NTT "walking power generation" prototype machine Path to mobile phone charging with shoes(Note, hydraulic power with sandals)

Makoto: Where is the popular number one team? Professional baseball and J League(There are quite a lot of sports, "There is no team supporting)

Distributed special edition DVD of "HEROES" at 20 First Kitchen stores(Memo, when you buy the target drink, DVD comes with digest video on lid)

Business Media Makoto: "Date on the car" is already old? - Actual condition of youth's car separation(Usage for cars, events, etc. is decreasing)

Business Media Makoto: Current affairs of Kamio Hisashi: Conditions under which super small cars are popular is a new "city planning"(In automobiles, the smaller one is more convenient in smaller Japan)

Study for establishment of "next-generation car preferential order" Kyoto - MSN Sankei news(Car, car acquisition tax reduction and priority parking lot etc.)

Firewood gas cars blow up, 1000 km endurance race of alternative fuel vehicles: fuel purchase prohibited during racing | WIRED VISION(Note, to eventually run over 1,300 km due to bad weather)

"One brain cell will cure her limbs" International research news on the United States: AFPBB News(Health, success with monkey experiments)

"Stain Alive", disco music a part of life-saving studies = rice research | global speech | Reuters(Healthy, it seems good to take the rhythm of cardiac massage)

[Miscellaneous] Why do people feel sexy as animal patterns? | RxR | R25.jp(Note, not a pattern that I feel instinctively)

This is a terrible animation one piece compared overseas, Japanese edition game movie superficial(Animation, weapons etc are different by regulation)

Variety Japan | "Goonies" on a Broadway with a Blank Blanket Sequel!(Movie, movie Goonies 2 to the musical at the death)

Gonzo and Production I.G co-produced "infinite route" PV released - Famitsu.com(game,Official siteThe first episode of animation is released)

Game * Spark -: The cost is 3 billion yen! Lord British who truly departed to space, a message to the earth arrives by Miu(Memo, game designer who made "Ultima" series space travel)

Variety Japan | Batman & Superman Tag to save youth(Memo, super hero's actors attend a party party supporting students)

CNN.co.jp: Weighs more than 30 kg, publishes the largest and detailed map book in the world, Australian publisher(Memo, price starts from 350,000 yen)

Mr. Obama, Ireland's better, refunds at "Concern" | Speech of the world | Reuters(Memo, "Presidential election is declared complete")

@nifty: Daily portal Z: former Nagasaki prison · then(Memo, ruins almost disappeared)

CNN.co.jp: a huge hamburger with a weight of 9 kilograms, a 21-year-old chef complete with more than 4 hours(Memo, although it does not look like the amount that can be eaten by himself, but it achieved perfectly)

Discontinuation of production "蒟蒻 ield" sympathy for 10,000 people ... the opposite voice to the net(Food, series sales accounted for about two-thirds of the entire company)

J.P. Gaultier Designs Gorgeously! - 2009 Evian Designers Bottle | Life | My Communication Journal(Evian with meal, 1250 yen at 750 ml)

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