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Today 12th December12 (good character) 12 (one character)so"Kanji dayBy saying that,Japanese-Korean Capability AssociationShowed the worldPresentation of this year's kanjiDid. It was "strange" that was chosen as the kanji representing the society of 2008. Of the 110,1208 entries, 601 votes (5.42%) won first place in the kanji, ranked second in "3211 votes", "fall" 3158 votes, "food" 2906 votes, " Random "2321 votes. Compared to the 2007 kanji "fake" which gained 18.22% of the votes, this year the votes are divergent, is that the year it was a year of intense change?

So, next MondayDecember 15. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on December 15th one year ago.

I tried something with the sushi rolled sushi "Ryugu Tei" without time limit without any time limit - GIGAZINE

Awesome design pools protruding from the rooftop - GIGAZINE

Christmas cards sent by Lucasfilm for 30 years Various - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Kanji of this year is "qi" ... Prime Minister Aso denies "falling down"? It is!(Memo, Prime Minister who chose positive character)

"Financial crisis" in German 2008 buzzword awards | global speech | Reuters(Memo, "verzokt (continue gambling)" is chosen at the next point)

Yahoo! JAPAN - 50 million people choose net post number 2008 race!(Notes, things that became a hot topic in 2008, which users of the Internet choose)

Increase in crime by IT workers who are unemployed due to economic downturn - Expert predictions: Marketing - CNET Japan(Work, company data leaked by worker who was laid off)

Budget party expenses, reality is "1,000 yen" higher than ideal from ideals - new jobs - temporary ranking · dispatch · career's ranking of the Oricon(Memo, the first place in actual cost is "4000 yen ~ 5000 yen")

The morning newspaper of menstruation, the iPhone completely appeared free application - ITmedia News(Net, the latest page will be prepared at 5 am)

Apple Apps for Desktop 3D Application: News - CNET Japan(Memo, it is a desktop with depth)

Windows XP Easy Disk Diet Procedure 11 points - @ IT(Software, setting method for PC not so high performance)

VISA CARD CEO, LOST YOUR OWN CREDIT CARD | Global speech | Reuters(It seems that you lost notes, purses)

Window Forever - 【REVIEW】 Backup / restore of installed drivers installed in OS "Double Driver"(Simple operation just checking the driver, driver you want to back up and pressing the button)

Rushed to apply for "New Year's cards" ... people involved face fake face(Increase in applications other than students due to work and depression)

Consumer attitude index is the lowest update November's Cabinet Office Survey - MSN Sankei News(Memo, "Daily Life" "How to Increase Revenue" "Employment Environment" Declined)

Pachinko TV commercial CM self-control, "Children see" 4 hours each morning and evening: News: Entertainment: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(TV, recently really many pachinko commercials)

Business Media Makoto: Eco-Products 2008: Recycle used copy paper at office paper - Meiko Shokai(Hardware, come out as recycled paper when you put waste paper)

Nobel laureate "Reduction of prize money reduction" Foundation director announced in financial crisis - MSN Sankei News(Memo, whether to reduce or not will be decided next April)

Soccer: D Fine for Zagreb Approximately 24.4 million yen UEFA - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Fine for sports, violent acts by supporters)

"299 kilometers per hour has been spun" Roulette leader is a salaried man (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei News(Memo, Metropolitan Police also released video)

CNN.co.jp: How about the "naming rights" of new species for gifts? U.S. university auctioned(Note, right to name the new bat 7 species and 2 turtles to the auction)

China is the world's leading suicide country - lonely international news deepened by economic development: AFPBB News(Overseas, the number of Chinese suicides annually accounts for about 25% of the world total)

Tokyo yen, sharp rise to the 88 yen level Uncertainty about the US real economy - MSN Sankei News(Note, it will be the high yen level for the first time in 13 years)

Want to stay at once, weird hotel in the world: image gallery | WIRED VISION(Travel, various kinds of varieties hotels not only luxury)

CNN.co.jp: A man caught in a chimney arrested not as Santa as a thief(Memo, the man was rescued by demolishing the chimney's bricks)

Armor Motif of Sengoku Commander Guy's Battle Underwear "Armor Pants" - Ameba News [Ameba News](Memo, underwear made by processing bandage fabric)

Is it because of the game? Children's education less than 1 · 0, asthma also increased: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Memo, places where you can play outside are getting less)

Panda awarded to Taiwan, arrive 2 days before Christmas | spoken word of the world | Reuters(Animals, presents from China to Taiwan)

Blue Diamond which passed from the 17th century, awarded at about 2.3 billion yen | Global speech | Reuters(Memo, 35.56 carat diamond called "Wittelsbach")

Variety · Japan | Asian Film Domestic Recovery Top Ten(Film, "HERO" which was the top in the past "Redcliffe Part I" is over)

US Video Game Market in November Maintaining Good Even Under Recession --NPD Survey: Marketing - CNET Japan(It was Nintendo that sold the game, most game machines)

【2ch】 Daily Thread Guide: Major Wii Perfect Closer made of monkey and twin(Game, a pattern of kusoge with a high level)

Game * Spark -: "Jump in" ...! Is it? Astounding Xbox exclusive room by enthusiastic fans completed Miu(Room like a game, event booth)

Game * Spark -: It seems that my hands are getting itchy. Tempered Wii Remote & Nunchaku by RIKUSYO(Game, appearance like recycling equipment)

"Decade" in the 10th year ... Heisei kamen rider all appear(Special effects, singing the theme song of the new Kamen Rider is Gackt)

Growing company · VB / scent and consumption consciousness investigation survey wallet loosening "good smell" - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Memo, not only food but "good fragrance" seems to affect consumption)

Business Media Makoto: Not mail, canned: SPAM, the Japanese market to 72 years of real landing(Food, full-scale sale in Japan from 2009)

Fast food 's French fries are scored by three stars -' Mos Burger 'and' Freshness Burger '20% rating 3 stars - Eye Share research(Food, popularly high "Mos Burger" and "Freshness Burgers")

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