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A man named Jeff, who came for sightseeing from California, is discovered to be killed at the entrance of the hotel. As a result of the image of the hotel's security camera and the investigation, it turned out that there was a blonde hair woman in the room that Jeff stayed in. After giving a set of expensive clothes of the brand name to the apology for the spirit of the woman sprinkling alcohol on Jeff's clothes, the two went on a Ferrari to the pool hall. So Jeff won the gamble and had a dreamlike time to get $ 10,000.

Feeling like, tomorrow at 22 o'clock SaturdayWOWOWTo be broadcast on"CSI: 6 Scientific Investigation Group"The 22nd episode begins. It is a very difficult role in mahjongKurobanbaYou are said to die if you give out, at golfHole in oneThere is often the idea that the next disgusting thing will happen if you give a souvenir to a person who was playing golf together for misery and is blessed with a very rare fortune. Has this victim been suffering from bad luck caused by such luck?

So, next Monday is a holiday on Senior Citizen 's Day. Next TuesdaySeptember 18is. The New York Times was launched in 1851, and the US Defense Department · CIA was established in 1947. In 1971 Nissin Foods launched cup noodles. Also, in addition to being born in 1819, Leon Foucault known as Foucault pendulum experiment, Kamiya Akira, a voice actor famous for "Kinnikuman" 's Kin meat Sugur role and famous Mori Kogoro of' Detective Conan 'etc. 1946 Born in 1961, Toyotomi Hideyoshi died in 1598.

Today's headline news.
Emerging "Media Valley" (Tomorrow's Tomorrow): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(We are introducing media and social media different from various existing overseas media)

Toilet rescues the world's water shortage (The turning point): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Water resources, the most toilet in the home is the toilet, 28% of the total)

CNN.co.jp Google wins prize money race for private lunar exploration totaling 3.4 billion yen - Science(Cosmos, prize money if you can send images by landing the unmanned spacecraft on the moon)

[Video news bulletin] H-IIA Launch Vehicle No.13, lift off toward the moon! Hobby My Communication Journal(Space, equipped with lunar orbiting satellite "KAGUYA")

Painful news (No ∀ `) Over 500 exams and interview received unemployed (35)" Abe is the only mouth and Aso is the same "(500 companies are too amazing)

Slashdot Japan arrested fruit thief, GPS(Technology, GPS was attached to the box)

WIRED VISION - Identify "dangerous bridge" with wireless sensor(It is possible to discover technology, cracks etc)

Update Windows Update secretly? MS explains to "Malware" by calling - ITmedia News(There are things that are updated arbitrarily even if security, automatic updating is turned off)

Japan.internet.com Web Business - 【China】 Anti-virus software freeing - related web advertising revenue distribution possible(Security, Baidu Anti-Virus program released for free)

Yahoo! Shopping "Product search by color" function appeared - ITmedia News(Net service, new service of Yahoo! in USA)

Prince, intention to appeal to YouTube with unauthorized use of songs Entertainment - Reuters.co.jp(Copyright, intention to litigate eBay of net auction site)

Kitami shi burdock accident to over 80 million yen overtime, voluntary return also | case trial | society | Sankei WEB(Some workers have more than 1 million allowances per month)

Every day comes a calendar version with "Life game" roulette - ITmedia News(Memo, game with royalt once a day to win at the end of the month)

You can call a taxi to the place you are currently on the GPS mobile - "Here Tak EX (Beta)" - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, for now only areas such as Hokkaido and Okinawa)

Softbank also flat flag for the white flag? First time on docomo new fee "Do not follow": ITpro(Mobile, it is only the mobile phone's price plan to issue a competing plan)

Rana, Kewpie launched a mobile strap that made anime characters' cosplay Mobile Mike Journal(Mobile, "Astro Boy" to "Neon Genesis Evangelion" 26 works, 53 characters Kewpie)

Is there a chance that "Xbox 360" will emerge to second place in Japan? Digital consumer electronics & amp; entertainment - latest news IT-PLUS(There is a possibility that the game, FF 13 will come out)

Mobile Suit Gundam VS. The latest work of the series 【Gundam VS. Gundam】 - GameSpot Japan(Game, Gundam series 15 works appeared)

FF 7 Potion, Akiba is almost sold out on the first day(Food, potion too much to sell)

■ (PDF file)Sega adopts AGEIA's physics simulation technology for development of Wii game software "Knights - Falling Star's Night Story" released this winter(Game will be released on Wii on December 13)

There was also no CCFF 7 omission of the new PSP bundled version(Game sold out in 15 minutes with Yodobashi)

WIRED VISION - Collaboration between Apple and Jaguar, "2009 XF" shift lever(Car, lever is gone)

Survey on 'iPod touch' - Open survey result details Yahoo! Value Insight Corporation(Hardware, 31% who responded that they wanted to purchase an iPhone with 40% who wish to purchase)

Confession of some advertisers (Or they may be complaining) When speaking of the human type on the OS ...(Neta, 4 classifications of Palm, Windows, Mac OS, UNIX)

Images that become feeling like playing tennis with looking PO P P O P P(Only for those who like neta, tennis)

Drink beer with "iDrink" (video) Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo · Japan)(Memo, design match)

From Alfalfa Mosaic "Fuji criticizes 2 chan"(2ch, handwriting style only Fuji TV signboard in 2ch)

Yahoo! News - Sankei Shimbun - Beijing Olympic Games Is the safety of "village" village really safe?(All meals and ingredients will be managed with IC card)

Calorie display on menu, Judgment of enforcement of NY city regulations | Ameba News(Food, Restaurant Association litigation)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Rococo tone · gorgeous public bath(If you do not have a chimney, you will not notice it as a public bath in appearance)

Morinaga Milk, Refreshing Ice "Eskimo" "Midnight Luxury" to be relaxed in the evening area limited release(Food and calories are discreet)

Yahoo! News - Reuters - Italian protests against pasta's boycott movement, price hikes(Food, bureaucrats agree with boycott)

Glutinous soup curry JT can drink | Industry | Economy | Sankei WEB(Pure drink without food, ingredients)

UK researchers develop chewing gum not sticking Excite news(Food, commercialized in 2008)

JTT releases a slim battery "My Battery Lite" capable of charging mobile phones Mobile Mike Journal(Hardware, the main body is charged with USB, DS Lite model is also released at the same time)

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