Calpis 'creamy soda melon' is creamy but not melonic

I bought Calpis's "Creamy Soda Melon" which is newly released nationwide from September 10 (Monday) and tried drinking. It was a pretty creamy taste, as I improved the items sold last year and used fresh cream from Hokkaido.

Details are as follows.
Cream soda "Creamy Soda Mellon" launched with tender mouth with milk and melon creamy on sale
- Use Hokkaido fresh cream and red meat melon juice -

Besides melon juice, cream and so on are contained. Melon used red meat melon, cream used fresh cream from Hokkaido.

I poured it into a glass. As soon as I poured it had carbonic acid bursting in, but it fell down quickly.

Rich cloudy color. It feels like Mitsuya 's "white cider".

I tried drinking, expecting sweetness like melon soda, but sweetness is not so strong, rather carbonic acid is considerably frosty. Fresh creaminess remains in the aftertaste. Although it is creamy, I think that a person with a little more sweetness may have pulled out more creamy. You can enjoy a little different flavor from "white cider".

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