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Meiji Yasuda Life implementedQuestionnaire about summer (PDF file)According to the average, the ideal summer break days are "12.3 days", but the reality is an average of 7.9 days (average for an employee of 5.3 days), there seems to be a considerable difference between the ideal and the reality. In "how to spend summer vacation", both the ideal and the reality seems that the top is "slowly at home" and the points are higher than the trip and hot springs, everyone is quite tired. Also, in summer vacation subjects that I'd like to try again, the points of creative things such as "free research" and "drawing work" are high, but unexpectedly it seems that many points are also included in "drill (math · national language etc.)" .

So, tomorrowAugust 10. In 1788, Mozart completed symphony No. 41 which became his last symphony, and in 1945 Japan accepted the Potsdam Declaration. In 1956, there was a groundbreaking ceremony for the nuclear research institute in Tokai village, and in 1990 the Magellan planetary explorer reached Venus orbit. Also, baseball commentator Shigeru Kurihashi was born in 1962 in the actor Toshio Takehira, in 1951, and former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's father, Junya Koizumi died in 1969.

Today's headline news.

EXPO - LANDO, Training and pledge to prevent recurrence ... 10th business restart Society YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Leisure, Fujinon Thunder God 2 does not drive)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: Relationship between 78th fireworks and frankness (1-4)(Digital Camera, a method to shoot fireworks and people at the same time beautifully)

Google's Mobile Strategy "Developing from Japan to the World" Special Feature - CNET Japan(Business, Approach to Mobile Phone)

You can see all the PV of the Oricon song on CDTube! Untitled(Net service, can be examined up to 100th place)

[WSJ] Video unlimited at $ 11 / hour, illegal content hunter on YouTube - ITmedia News(Work, keep on watching for about 8 hours a day)

"Compensation fee system is necessary even for DRM penetration" The right holder requests profits from manufacturers(At the 9th meeting of copyright, private recording and video recording subcommittee 2007)

Microsoft secretly publish "Windows Vista" patch News - CNET Japan(Security, still not available from Windows Update)

ITmedia Enterprise: stock price manipulation spam, dramatic increase of 30% in one day to an unprecedented scale(Security, spam sharply increases in 24 hours)

Slashdot Japan The Perseid meteor shower group in 2007 is a local maximum on August 13(Space, campaign report campaign on the net also)

Window Forever - 【Today's Favorites】 Horror Screensaver "Takeshin Rider Saver"(Software, blood characters begin to appear gradually)

That pain PC has evolved further and is back.(Hardware, 4 figures built-in)

Doug's tax evasion tax evasion(How to handle taxes on living, coterie activities)

After starting mutual use, PASMO is 10 times newer than Suica! New life buyer! Life My com journal(Transportation, overwhelming difference comes out)

⌒ ✿ ⊃.Д.) ☺ Kaji Speed ​​≡ ≡ ≡ ∩ __ ___ ___ _ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0(Transportation, to crash on crash test)

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Limited release of original Fukuoka municipal subway card with discount ticket (Mantan web)(Animation, 2 kinds of designs)

The painful news (No ∀ `) 【Taiwanese drama】 The design of the hero is similar to the cloud? Some saying "I should apologize to a Japanese production company"(Copyright, similar images are pasted from the middle)

ITmedia + D Games: Thorough verification of the new "PSP - 2000" - Main unit hardware(Game, UMD drive is opened and closed manually)

I mentioned the one-segment function with the new PSP "PSP - 2000"(Unable to receive unless a game, Memory Stick Duo is inserted)

Tomoroshige Mamio A Famitsu project "I tried to verify the best game of the heart"(Game, the top is mostly Dragon Quest and FF)

BANDAI NAMCO Games, Xbox 360 "Beautiful Katamari" SUPERIOR songs singing super luxury artists are released at once(Also sing the game, Immasu special unit)

That collaboration is also Xbox 360! "Gundam Musou International" will be released! - Famitsu.com(Game, release date undecided)

Information shop. - [PS 3] Sound novel of fear The latest work of murder fire drafting(Game, people are in live action)

Moe theory blog - From an effort type hero to an information type hero(About fiction, change of hero type)

Google, Gmail Wanted globally for delivery person (video) Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo · Japan)(Net service, application deadline until August 13)

Livedoor News - Is "aerosol release in the stratosphere" the last trump card to counter global warming?(Environment, it seems that fire hose can only be sprayed)

Japan.internet.com Web Business - Information storage type SNS "zigsow" to visualize "greed" is released(Accumulating "commitment" and "feeling" for net service, things)

Illegal collection of sand of sand dune at Hokkaido television "Wednesday why" | Case trial | Society | Sankei WEB(Violation seven years ago was discovered on TV, reruns)

Digital content white paper 2007 content market reached 14 trillion yen(Business, books released today)

CNN.co.jp Pet 'Crocodile' escape falls from the 12th floor, tooth loss also survives - Science(Overseas, the crocodile has descended for the third time)

Korokoro Ziaga Academy 【Interesting site】 Vending machine that can deliver cola around the world(Net service, 400 types of Coca-Cola products can be issued)

CNN.co.jp Americans 82% concerned about purchasing Chinese products, concerns about safety, concern for business - business(Overseas, two-thirds of the US citizens support boycott)

Conscience of the fake It may be that the days when Japanese rice can not be eaten are approaching(Food, farmers are bad)

I asked if vegetable juice is safe | SUKI things(There are things used depending on food and goods)

Why is it not easy to open people who are not "Akechi" of milk carton? Excite News(Initially opened with a knife, food and paper packs opened)

Super luxury shaved ice using Don Perignon appeared | Ameba News(Food, ice itself is also made from herbal drinks)

Nexon Japan, Launched "MapleStory Gum" tied up with Lotte(Food, characters of online game printed on "Mint Blue Gum" package)

Fragrance mint tablet "FRAGRE (Flagle)" newly released fragrantly(Eating, smelling like perfume when eating)

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