Headline news on 4th March 2008

From NEC anime "Kimi Kiss pure rouge"ofLaptops with stamps releasedIt is said to be done. There are four types of inscriptions: "Mizuzawa Mio", "Hosono Yumi", "Fumi Eriko", "Asako Asaka", and 12 patterns combined with three colors of "Berry Blue", "Sugar Pink" and "Leaf Green" It is designed to be chosen from the design. Specs are customizable, and if it is a sale that will be held until March 27, it is from the price of 76,258 yen if it is a price using a special coupon.

So, tomorrowMarch 5. In 1868, Tokugawa Yoshinobi exited Edo Castle along with bloodless castle and moved to Ueno Kannagadera, in 1946 Winston Churchill made a speech on "Iron Curtain" and in 1981 Tetsuto Kuroyanagi's "Totchan of the Window" Was published. In addition, in addition to being born in 1512, Gerard · Mercator, known as the Mercator projection method of the map, was born in 1512, Momofuku Ando who developed the Chicken Ramen with the founder of Nissin Foods started "Cats Eye" and "City Hunter "known as a manga artist Hojo Tsuji was born in 1959.

Today's headline news.
[WSJ] Growth Strategy of 'No Next Generation DVD' Toshiba Presents - ITmedia News(Toshiba's enthusiasm to upgrade the current DVD and realize the image quality approaching the next-generation DVD)

Bill Gates "Google does not know the company's needs" - ITmedia News(Note, Bill · Gates cuts off Google)

Violation of the Lawyers Act: Intimidating tenants at a high volume - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Note, raise the sound of a loud sound, break the fluorescent light and rise up)

"Copyright is confusing" "Net can not stop even if it is not good" - University of Tokyo Nakayama Professor - ITmedia News(The copyright, the person who has never copyright infringement etc. exist and the reality that 100 million total criminal state is not present)

The mixi diary is no longer a serious place to write something - far away from him(About the new convention that SNS, diary can be used without permission by mixi without permission)

DoCoMo, SO 905 i CS / SH 905 i / N 905 i / N 905 i μ trouble(Provide updates with mobile, automatic update)

Goo, portable version of "Brain Search Maker"(Mobile, that brain manufacturer on mobile)

Weather forecast email for symptoms of hay fever started in Weather News(Mobile, you may want to forecast Kosa)

Unlimited site with "Uta · Hodai" for the 70's and 90's Oldies(Mobile, songs of the 1990s are treated as omnibus ...)

Asahi.com: Nishitetsu is out of power, trains are temporarily stuck - society(The memorandum is the most troublesome when the train is stuck)

Akiba Hundred Vol. 12: Telephone Box - ITmedia + D PC USER(Note, you can see scenes talking on the phone in the phone box)

U-net SURF, MVNO data communication service using e-mobile(Mobile, e-Mobile line available for one month minimum usage period)

GIGABYTE, UMPC with sliding keyboard / touch screen(Hardware, like a huge W - ZERO 3)

Painting masculine "Only one mouse in the world" - ITmedia News(Hardware, is it easy to use if familiar?)

The top number of domestic map site users remains unchanged from Yahoo, Google(Internet service, Yahoo! is still stronger than Google overwhelmingly in Japan now)

"Yahoo! Flyer Information" that can search for folding fliers across Japan(Internet service, no need for newspaper but useful for those who want to see flyers only)

To JR East, you can apply for a net for commuter passes, Shinkansen online reservation for overseas(Memo, Meiji University issues Suica Student ID card)

Bandai Visual releases "Oshii Mamoru Introductory DVD-BOX" in June(Notes, Ghost in the Shell and Patlabor)

SCE, PSP New color "Matt · Bronze" released on April 24(Game with D terminal cable)

Nintendo, TV program list for Wii "TV's Friend Channel G Guide for Wii"(Game, wii remote control to operate TV)

Empty box of gourd crusade + angry head bee bid is bidding for 44,500 yen(Game, that just box has value so far)

New type PSP dedicated peripheral device "Cradle" will be released / Famitsu.com(Remote control with game, remote control also possible)

Zelda's life gauge shirt sells also in Japan(Note, gauge up and down depending on distance when wearing in pairs)

Benchmark program of "Musou OROCHI" for Windows released / Famitsu.com(Game, trial version coming soon)

It was decided to hold an exhibition of selected works of Anime Koshien 2007 "/ Famitsu.com(Manga, exhibited at Tokyo Anime Center event gallery from March 11)

Ribbon Knight: Resurrection for the first time in 41 years Tezuka Osamu's classic manga, from "April" at Nakayoshi (Eitan Web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Manga, the pattern is becoming contemporary)

"Owata Nippon Guide" Moe Ruu Release COOL JAPAN(Magazine, Introduction of Otaku culture alone)

I have 500 million yen in debt, but are there any questions? Working Mono News: Life VIP craftsman blog www(Memo, it seems better to give up on this level to fluffy)

English information intelligence, hired astrologer during World War II = document | excite news(Note, if it was able to make a perfect future prediction, it's amazing)

Slashdot Japan | The fastest way to get passengers to board an airplane?(Memo, physicist answers)

"I am glad that my breasts are big ..." Reversed to Talent Innocence - MSN Sankei News(Memo, because my breasts were big, it proved innocent)

LITTLE, a music song of 150 cm in all, a new song / BARKS NEWS(Height is not much related to music, songs)

Nano material, adverse health effects? The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare considers indicators and safety measures: Science: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Health, how much harmful effects are actually unknown yet)

Young people who eat breakfast, less obesity than young people pulling out - Rice research | Excite News(Health, people who eat breakfast have good balance of diet)

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