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Weathernews announcedWeather trends during year-end and New Year holidaysAccording to the weather trends throughout the country, the strongest cold air in this season will flow in this season throughout the weekend, the weather seems to be rough weather in northern Japan and the Hokuriku. It is said that heavy snow will continue until 28th (Sunday) due to cold weather and influence to transportation is expected. Also, there is a high possibility that the sunrise will not be seen on the Sea of ​​Japan side, so it seems that people who were on the Pacific side are blessed with fine weather.

So, tomorrowDecember 26. On December 26th one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

Strength is similar to diamond, liquid crystal monitor not scratched even if it sniper with a bow gun - GIGAZINE

The vampire extermination kit of the 19th century in which holy water and the cross were set - GIGAZINE

It may be useful for survival, "iBlade" which the iPod and the knife coalesce - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Bloomberg / Worst year after the war world economy next year, negative growth for the first time in half a century - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Economy, International Finance Association forecast next year's global economy will be negative growth for the first time in nearly 50 years)

A more enjoyable digital home appliance mechanism (1): definite version if you know! This is different from liquid crystal and plasma (question) - ITmedia product NAVI(Hardware, basically the plasma is easier to see but the electricity bill is higher)

Notebook type overtakes desktop type with PC shipping quantity - japan.internet.com Web business(It seems that hardware and industry stakeholders predicted that it will take several years later)

Wall when Windows users use Mac - Mac used for business Review: Column - CNET Japan(Using hardware, MacBook to experience the difference)

Roman Holy Office approves the "iPhone" application that summarizes words of Catholic prayer: Mobile Channel - CNET Japan(Software, an application developed by Father and web designer)

Window Forever - 【REVIEW】 "GRemote" to transform Windows Mobile Phone into PC Wireless Mouse / Keyboard(It can be connected to a PC with software, wireless LAN · Bluetooth · USB etc. to be an input device)

Trendy word grand prix 2008 in English, 'Food camouflage' in 1st place - japan.internet.com Web marketing(Memo, food disguise problem has been ongoing since 2007)

Even though over 40% of girls' junior high school students are forbidden to bring them to school - mobile phone research - japan.internet.com Web marketing(There are many people who female junior high school students oppose mobile prohibition than mobile, high school girls)

Waves in the Pacific Ocean "Huge": Increases by 7 cm each year, which is more negative than sea level rise | WIRED VISION(Environment, researchers predict that the risk of damage will be higher than the impact of sea level rise due to global warming)

"Guerilla Heavy Rain" ... How is it expressed? Easiness ○ War association ×: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(There seems to be some people rebelling against language, "words used in war")

Momiji Mark is an elderly bully? To completely eliminate penalty, to redesign design: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Penalties for harassment against automobiles, map marked cars also become tight)

CNN.co.jp: Michael Jackson has a serious illness theory, stakeholders deny it entirely(Entertainment, mass morning newspaper denied life-threatening lung disease reported)

Business Media Makoto: Township Yoshifumi's "Ufufu" Marketing: Time to Engrave Experience Time - Let's survive with a slow design once in 100 years (1/2)(Memo, bead necklace to watch)

What do you think: the most gestalt seems easy to collapse Words search wwww(Memo, characters that make sense if you look staring)

Compared with the Cabinet Office survey, the answers that made dissatisfaction many were "living life"(Memo, compared to the Cabinet Office investigation, many who complained that they responded were "living life")

Free Christmas Lunch for citizens in Australia and Sydney | overlooking the world | Reuters(Memo, volunteers offer free lunch for 3000 people)

Chinese man smoking in the train and detention for three days | global speech | Reuters(Memo, smoking in the toilet, the smoke sensor activated and stopped the train)

CNN.co.jp: President of Zimbabwe, saying "America and Western Europe are noisy idiots"(Note, where does Zimbabwe go?)

Window Forest - 【REVIEW】 Instantly calculate appropriate drinking amount not to be a hangover "Amount of drinking to prevent hangover"(Calculated based on software, weight and time from drinking until the next morning)

Calling "international calling 50,000 US dollars" without knowing, by hijacking company's telephone system | WIRED VISION(Note, 50,000 dollars is wonderful even though it is an international call)

Game * Spark -: Merry Christmas! This year as well, a special set of special greeting cards of game companies by Miu(Note, because I am doing a creative job or a unique greeting card)

10 Christmas gifts for rich nerds | WIRED VISION(Note, it will be a further niche gift in Japan)

Aso Prime Minister Effect!? Reading kanji books with books sharply increased sales News - ORICON STYLE -(Memo, it was introduced on television in relation to misreading of prime minister and the ranking soared)

Event held in Ginza big chorus "Minna no Uta" News - ORICON STYLE -(Music, a CD covered by NHK's artists such as Kirinji and eastern youth released)

Nico Douga artist's CD Major debut news - ORICON STYLE-(Music, Team. Solo project circle by vocal nyanyannya of cat [cat] major debut)

The lifetime of Osamu Dazai, 100th birthday, became a manga, a new serial series at "Weekly Morning" -ORICON STYLE-(New series by Mr. Kusunoki at 'Weekly Morning' released on Manga, Thursday, January 8, 2009)

Variety Japan | North American animation industry in which "NARUTO - Naruto" changes(There are also plans to deliver subtitled versions overseas within one hour after broadcasting in Japan to counter fans who upload illegal)

Hetaria.com Com: Music and theme songs have been decided!(Anime, singing is Italian role Daisuke Namikawa)

Legios Animation official site of the shells | Christmas Special! 2 big animation distribution start!(Animation, message animation from Asakura Daisuke who produced music)

Mobile Suit Gundan MS Igloo 2 Gravity Front "Volume 2 Release Commemoration Campaign" released on January 23, Volume 2 "Land Champion, Previous!"(Animation, Deadline for applications for the preliminary internet preview is January 7)

Www.evastore.jp: Snowboard "Evangelion New Year Snowboard Top / Zero No." EVANGELION STORE(Goods, released in early February)

Straight Jacket The Movie International ver.(Animation, original soundtrack attached as a bonus release on March 4, 2009)

Naburabo: "Mr. Sato's CD only" spoken by a woman, "I like Mr. Sato" - ITmedia News(Memo, CD targeting Mr. Sato nationwide)

Spike starts a mystery countdown for New Year's Day 2009 - Famitsu.com(Game, what will happen if spike?)

British news coverage: PS3 's virtual space "Home" hacks - ITmedia Enterprise(A game, a method that can be customized beyond the range provided by Sony is discovered)

Game * Spark -: Game strange phenomenon ... A blog "I Get Your Fail" that collects photos of bugs and bugs under development by riot_ older brother(Game, horror game as well as scary bug image)

Distributing Christmas gifts on "Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2" official website - Famitsu.com(Game, North American version ending song distributed)

Video games help prevent brain aging - US researchers suggest the possibility - ITmedia News(Test results of notes, games training people improved)

【Special Issue】 Oden Study Try! This is different, convenience store Oden (1) Oden Soup is also the big difference | Life | My comic journal(Food, first compare from Oden Tsutsu)

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