Headline news on November 17, 2008

Kinnikuman birthday 29 (announcement) according to anniversary, Lawson is beef bowl of rice"Kin Meat Bin" will be released nationwideThat's right. Price starts at 150 yen and sales start from November 25 (Tuesday).Beef bowl-flavored kin meatbank was also released from Yamazaki-made bread last year, Then at that time Terryman's hamburger was also sold. The thing that Lawson sells this time seems to have beef loose meat and onion as ingredients, but what kind of taste is it all in?

So, tomorrowNovember 18. On November 18th one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

I asked each company whether the day when mobile phones and PHS can be used in the tunnel of the subway will come - GIGAZINE

Movie that Annick carefully explains the self-defense technique that can not be defeated even when attacked - GIGAZINE

"Box 2 DFlash AS 3" enabling physical calculation simulation in Flash - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Amazing Excel Super fast technique best 15 This is useful!(Since it is divided into memos and multiple items, it may be good to pick up as much as necessary)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "Subcontract Bullying" Doubling "Can not Protest ... Can not Protest" - Society(Increase in work, contractors who received guidance from the Fair Trade Commission)

First in history! School girls professional baseball player birth - baseball news: nikkansports.com(Baseball, professional debut at "Kansai Independence League" scheduled for April next year)

The National Police Agency shows the criteria for interpretation to the revised "Dating site restriction law": News - CNET Japan(Internet, things that do not collect fees or those operated by individual hobbies correspond to dating sites)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "Sudoku disturbance, I felt sick sickness" Created parents breathed - Society(Yuru Character, mentioning the current social illness of attacking people anonymously)

A black ship attacks the game industry! IPhone and iPod touch gaming revolution - Apple Inc., Mr. Stan Ing interview - Famitsu.com(It seems that it will take time until mobile, hardware spreads)

When will the residents' service of the office be 24 hours 365 days - when will it be? - japan.internet.com Daily Research(Note, it is inconvenient not to go after work is finished)

[PS3] Mr. Ueda of "ICO" "Wander and the Giant", is making a new work at PS3. It may be announcement soon - gamer holic(Expecting that games and fun system games will come out)

Experiment! Is it OK if you buy cheap DVD-R? : Questions on CD & amp; DVD that I can not ask now(Media, difference between cheap DVD-R depending on things)

From 16 G, 32 GB to Terabyte - SanDisk reveals, possibility and challenges of memory cards - ITmedia + D Mobile(Media, price decline is also intense)

The painful news (No ∀ `): unmarried men in their 20s to 30s" There is no lover "71.2%" There is no plan for Christmas "55.8% ... Christmas consciousness survey(Note, Japan does not become a holiday even though it is Christmas)

"Only a" calm crime "reduces with severe punishment" Reason why hit-and-run is not lost Q & A - MSN Sankei News(Memo, a professor studying criminal psychology commented on it)

Pentagon announces the start of "flying car" development project | WIRED VISION(Vehicles, vehicles that can fly without wings are also being studied)

"Directly to the people without going through the mass media" Obama appeared every week at "YouTube": Videos | WIRED VISION(Not only politics, traditional radio but also YouTube)

Do you buy "YouTube" instead of radio or CD? - Imadoki Teenagers and Music - ITmedia News(Memo, people who cut out only the sound of the movie or even)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Life Various, Godzilla ... Melody for Each Station Keikyu Line - Travel(Railroad, Godzilla's theme is chosen)

Fujimi Fantasia's elimination of white space, almost completed except for long-term series? - Peace's warm innovation @ Hatena(Book, characteristic design changed)

Closed for weekly manga artists - FANTA - G - Rakuten Blog (Blog)(Manga, a pace where you can also agree that someone will get sick)

If you have comic books it's okay. "Girl Fight" won the 2008 Bros Comic Awards Grand Prize! It is!(Manga, manga chosen by TV magazine)

【Important】 Monoza at the height - "comic market" sample magazine library establishment issue - rough note.(Opinions on notes, making doujinshi library)

Dragon Ball sequel "Dragon Ball Multi Bath" Japanese version of WEB manga official site opening - Daily Siegel(Manga, renewed one page at a sequel drawn by fans)

Actively apparel clerk tell me the importance of fashion to you, etc: Hamster Breaking News 2(Memo, full of fashion people full of unique sense)

What if I have an undecided blog? Nozawa Masako (72) "I want to put on Guinness", Kageyama Hironobu (47) "I want you to go to bed"(Notes, responses in the DVD release commemoration campaign)

"Miku" "Lin · Ren" followed by "CV03" sample audio release - ITmedia News(Software, characters are not yet announced)

Google street view shoots the moment of the battle between samurai and knight: Yasai DX 2(Story, what are they doing ......)

November 22 (Saturday) Limited 24 Hours "Strike Witches" Best Episode Screening!(It seems to be a "hiding way" different from animation, both DVD version and TV broadcast version)

Haruka Tomatsu: released on October 29 CD single "motto ☆ Gorgeous! Apology and Exchange Notice(Notes, noise on the DVD attached to the single CD)

Business Media Makoto: Non-smoking enemies are "work stress and pressure" - 70.0%(Health, Smoking Male tobacco fee is 8910 yen a month on average)

"Independence Day" director's latest work, Panic Taisho "2012" released next year - Speaking of movies Hollywood channel -(The movie, the motif that the Mayan calendar of the ancient Mayan civilization ends in 2012)

Industry / Signs of boom in the "first year of metabolism" Du Ching Tea pot Various fun - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Food,Pot making teaIt is surprisingly delicious)

How to bake toast like "crispy outside, fluffy inside" - 2 chank chips(How to bake food, various toasts)

Okonomiyaki, thinking East and West | Excite News(Food, popular items are different patterns in Kanto and Kansai)

Maid juice (unopened second hand) 630 yen - Akiba Blog(Food, simple label is suspicious)

Breaking News / Crystal Geyser with odor recovery shipping 4717 million units - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Eating, survey seems to have been a problem with ingredients and smells have only been taken)

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