Headline news on 10th June 2008

In addition to the straight, plastic ball baseball which can throw five different balls of curves, sinkers, knuckles, risers, screws"Tanaka Osamu no Okae king" will be released from Yumeito on June 23. In the main body there is a hole called "Makame ball" and a mesh line called "Makubo line", and by changing these positions it creates air resistance and seems to be able to throw magic ball. The sign of Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles Tanaka Shota pitcher is printed on the ball, and it is planned to be sold at toy shops throughout the country for 500 yen including tax.

So, tomorrowJune 11. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on June 11th one year ago.

Nifty launches "Nifnif movie" that can add comments to movies - GIGAZINE

MacBook Melted in Drows by Fire - GIGAZINE

Illustrations of Pluto that have been disengaged Various - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
General Affairs Minister, "200 billion yen required for transition to terrestrial digital broadcasting" Digital consumer electronics & entertainment - latest news IT-PLUS(Note, 3 years to complete transition of terrestrial digital broadcasting)

Column: New technology for home appliances that I want to know Panasonic "EVOLTA"(Hardware, alkaline dry batteries exceeding oxides)

Desktop PC news with mouse computer and EDION, external terrestrial digital broadcasting tuner included - CNET Japan(Hardware, price starts at 98,000 yen)

1,000 trillion calculations per second, the world's fastest computer scientist YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Hardware, name "Road Runner")

【Laptop PC New Model Report (Video News 2)】 PC with 16 inch wide LCD with screen ratio of 16: 9 PC: Digital home appliances information site: Digital Freak 2008-06-10(Hardware, Glossy screen for AV for gloss)

Do not do, using the wrong laptop(Hardware, broken notes may be used like this in such usage)

FujiSankei Business i_ Industry / sticking speaker diaphragm original sound faithful, new material school of metal and glass(Hardware, speakers using banana pulp as well)

Elecom, unified left and right - small speaker that can be separated(Memo, it will become an integral type when united)

Gackt Voice's VOCALOID 'Kappoi' s Deferred Release - ITmedia News(Software, official announcement release date around mid-June)

Kamio Hisashi Mobile + Views: What is important now with mobile design - Listen to Kom & amp; Co _ Komuta (first part) (1-2) - ITmedia + D Mobile(It leads to design including mobile, good operability)

SOFTBANK CORPORATION 's Way to Unleash the Unsurpassing Decision to Release "iPhone": Column - CNET Japan(Mobile, depending on price plan as to whether you can sell)

Livedoor news - When using data communication iPhone's monthly usage fee is 11,095 yen possibility. In 2 years it is 286,080 yen(Mobile, 30 dollars a month for unlimited data communications abroad)

Amazon · dot · com down again: News - CNET Japan(Net service, function stop after six days)

How much is your address power? Excite News(Internet service, point of convenience of the entered address is pointed)

SNTS function appeared on TSUTAYA DISCAS - japan_internet_com Web business(Net service, SNS function added to existing "review square")

McCain uses "Google as a candidate for vice presidential candidate" Excite news(You know the people who should be vice president on the net, Google)

Access by Slashdot Japan Japan Sichuan Earthquake to Yahoo! JAPAN fell, Google rise(Internet, major newspaper website also increased access)

The 22nd time to pass through "The traditional family treasure sword" If you cut out fear ... Continuous cold sweat: ITpro(Business, in the system of the bank "morning first recovery" is a traditional family treasure)

How do you decide your future occupation depending on how you spent Thrash dot Japan high school days?(Work, cheerleader to insurance and travel industry)

Survey results that Monday morning is not depressing(Work, in New ZealandSazae's syndromeThere is not)

Russian female prison, a dress release by inmates Excite News(I wonder if the audience is like a guard)

Topic on YouTube "Popcorn Movie on Mobile Phone": Survey Report WIRED VISION(Memo, denied by a professor at the University of Virginia)

"Dagger knife" to consider also amendment of firearm sword law Society YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(I did not know that it is a memo, "popular item of young people")

Which lottery has the highest probability of winning over 100 million yen? Excite News(Memo, Jumbo is not overwhelmingly hard to hit)

"Though 2-3 years is the best taste ..." Miwa noodle selling expiration date is suffering (1-2 pages) - MSN Sankei News(Food, it seems to be preserved food that tastes better as older)

"SFO" Oβ, the first Internet "Gashapon" appears / Game Information Portal: GeePara.com(Gashapon which games, weapons and skills for games come out)

'Soul Calibur IV' Design of Japan package for the first time / Game information portal: Gee-para dot com(Game, Star Wars characters are packaged)

Uwasa's "Gundam" FPS, held an experiential meeting at four stores in the metropolitan area on 14th / game information portal: GeePara.com(Game, Gundam FPS for Xbox 360)

"Dragon Ball Z burst limit" entering the Gold Hall of Fame → almost half price - Akiba Blog(Game, new software which became half the price for some reason)

Following Muji "Full Meta", "Full Metal Panic! TSR" Terrestrial First Broadcast is Decided!(Anime, the pursuit of a new series?)

Business Media Makoto: I feel differently depending on love for Danna, "smell" of laundry(Note, a quarter separates husband's laundry)

Macross F: Oricon 3rd place "Eva" the first time since 11 years (MANTAN web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Anime, unusual sales as a recent animation soundtrack)

General voting for the 13th Animation Kobe Theme Song Award started(Anime, Last year "Make it! Sailor Fuku" received)

Television viewer rating: "CHANGE", 2% continuous 20% crash broadcasting "NANA" broadcasting 9% - daily jp (Mainichi Shinbun)(TV, "Gokusen" keeps the 20% range)

Crowd extras, mysteries of aligned reactions Excite news(Impressions of people who play extra roles in TV and drama)

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