Headline news on October 15, 2008

Fujiko · F · Fujio Kaisha's national work "Doraemon" became a digital cameraDoraemon camera starts reservation from today. Collaboration with "CASIO EXILM", the number of pixels is 8.1 million pixels. Added unique features such as start screen animation and focus adjustment with Doraemon icon. In addition to coming with an original case containing Doraemon 's face, the original strap of Doraemon will be gifts for pre - order reservation until November 4.

So, tomorrowOctober 16. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on October 16th one year ago.

Pepsi employees raided Coca-Cola employees, hit their faces and fired - GIGAZINE

The former pope emerges in the form of fire at the ceremony of the second anniversary - GIGAZINE

"Bibuly" service that allows you to barter books, games and DVDs online - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Apple's new product to be found in 60 seconds: Apple has launched a new MacBook family with aluminum specifications - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, Apple's notebook PC is fully remodeled)

New MacBook: Analyst's opinion is "Price is too high" | WIRED VISION(Hardware is not currently popular cheap notebook level)

New MacBook Pro actual machine gallery & first impression - Engadget Japanese(Hardware, clean design compared to other notebook PC)

Everyday YOUGI: A craftman who creates a mechanical calculator appears in "Little Big Planet" - ITmedia + D Games(Game, a huge device which makes 2 digits made in the game)

Consider "chip" and "software" etc. by reviewing B-CAS(Regulation methods other than television and cards are proposed)

Listed moneylender who pays for interest on pachinko and police's descent: daily Saizo(Notes, casino companies using the three store format caught quickly)

Mobile radio condition "Very important" DoCoMo users 50%, Softbank 20% half: Marketing - CNET Japan(Mobile, 17.9% who shake handset when there is no radio wave)

Business Media Makoto: Is it due to a PC? Anxiety factor of vision loss(Note, 19.3% are using PC on average more than 8 hours a day)

Beware of "PC tenosynovitis" of new contemporary disease! It is! | Web Contact Forum(Introduction of notes, prevention methods such as stretching and acupuncture with illustration)

Forest of Window - 【REVIEW】 SF tick alphabetical font "Crescent Moon" which was decorated with a silhouette of the month(Software, designed to design a back of the moon to be missing)

NHK, lowering the reception fee by 10% ... "Viewer reduction" from the year 12: News: Entertainment: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(TV, 3 years to consider price cuts)

Bic camera, grouping best electric appliances to 2nd group - MSN Sankei News(Memo, Yamada Denki is the current home electronics mass merchandise first place)

A model capable of creating music CDs on the main body also appeared - "Roland Piano · Digital" announcement | Creative | My com journal(Hardware, also supports file playback of USB memory)

Will net search become "brain train"? - ITmedia News(Memo, it seems to be a stimulation of the brains of middle-aged and elderly people)

"H & amp; M" first landed in the Japanese internet industry: Marketing - CNET Japan(Net, 70% of users are women)

World IT spending in 2009, slowing due to the financial crisis - Gartner forecast - ITmedia Enterprise(Reported that there is no dramatic reduction in business)

Attention to the US economy shaken by the financial crisis, the funeral industry not knowing the depression | Global speech | Reuters(Business, growing company dealing with unusual bone)

Online storage Japanese market will expand to 133 billion yen in 2013 - seed planning study - japan.internet.com Web marketing(Net service, expected to be about 13 times the current)

New standards prohibiting WEP, created by credit card industry - ITmedia Enterprise(Note, prohibiting the use of WEP after 2010)

The 15th: Leo & Russell 's two biggest stars also do not overwhelm Chihuahua and Horror - Speaking of movies Hollywood channel -(Movie, remake of Zombie movie "REC" popular overseas)

O_o ─ expressionless ─ manga information site 【Korokoro comic November issue】 Great cartoons collecting 58855 entries with one project(Memo, the number of entries above the ONE PIECE popularity vote for the plan to send with a postcard attached to the corner)

"Wii exclusive lens cleaner set" began selling from mid-October - iNSIDE(Game, official Nintendo cleaner)

You can also enjoy "every day together portable"! Access to PlayStation Store directly from PSP - Famitsu.com(Game, Toro station can be seen with PSP when upgrading version)

The latest series "SILENT HILL HOMECOMING" What is the truth of my homeland changed? / Game Information Portal: GeePara.com(Game, this time the soldier looking for his younger brother is the leading character)

News Super fast breaking news! Konami "I think that MGS 4 will be issued at XBOX 360"(The advantage of the manufacturer seems to be greater if the game,

Revitalize airport with geek culture! Cosplay Event at Kansai on 18th, 19th - MSN Sankei News(Memo, maid cafe also opened business trip)

Otaku fixed version fashion, photo gallery: From US dramas and movies | WIRED VISION(Notes, almost men being introduced)

Elastic: Classification and analysis of male fashion magazines 2008(Memo, the wires received by women also exist in mapping)

Recognized my own face, brain is "close to others" Recognized by Kanebo's research - ITmedia News(Memo, the brain recognizes "the person who is the real face" as "yourself")

CNN.co.jp: Ringo Star declares "No signature or fan letter" declaration(Entertainment, I remarked to reply to all fan letters before)

CNN.co.jp: The death penalty request for obesity is not accepted, the same day executing Ohio State(Memo, there was also precedent given the execution execution execution)

| ^^ | S second publication SUNDAY | I have actually verified that the city legend of Disneyland is true(There are times when notes and Mickey exist simultaneously)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Families non alcoholic beer drinking comparison(Food, less kinds dealt with surprisingly)

Pizza Hut's anime work Tie-up history: Syu's quiz blog(Note, tie-up with 13 works from 2006)

Gabulous wind rumor Gorgeous, Delicious, De Culture! This is a super spatio-temporal hotel daughter's daughter's tuna fish(Food, reproduction of meal that appeared in Macross)

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