Headline news on December 6, 2007

According to SoftBank Mobile mobile phone "SoftBank 913SH G TYPE-CHAR" for CharLaunched nationwide from December 8It seems that it was decided to do. Despite the price of 100,2720 yen at the time of bulk purchase, the online shop pre-order with the benefitIt reached the limited number in 3 daysAbout the popularity, the reservation currently accepted is shipping after "delivery start date".Special siteAlthough it seems that you can see some of the original content, it seems to be difficult to discover at the shop front on the release date if this condition is satisfied.

So, tomorrowDecember 7. In 1787 Delaware became the first province to ratify the Constitution of the United States, and in 1800 Tadaoki Ino started creating a Japanese map. In 1999 the pension reform law was passed. In addition, besides being a poet and writer, Akiko Yosano was born in 1957 and a reasoning writer, Hirotsugu Mori, was born in 1957 and Sano regulars of Japanese Red Cross Society died in 1902.

Today's headline news.
Business Media Makoto: Is the economy getting worse in 2008? - Teikoku Databank(Business, companies thinking that the economy will deteriorate increased since 2007)

Business Media Makoto: Township Yoshifumi's "Ufufa" Marketing: Encouraging people who gave and gifts to be excited - Secrets hidden in the "Sendai small box"(Business, an exceptional big hit as a gift market)

Slashdot Japan Italian civil servant's holidays 1% of GDP(Job, the fact that we are most absent from the Ministry of Defense)

What is the impact of sleep time reduction and working hours on the Japanese economy?(Economic loss due to health, sleep deprivation is over 3 trillion yen per year)

Japan.internet.com Daily research - Internet, 20% "I became more afraid than a year ago" - Survey on the fear of the net(Some people say that they are afraid of addiction in the net)

The list of the gifts of presents from Santa's PC leaked onto Winny - Tectoix · tabloid(Software, using Santa Claus and using it)

Apple, lucky bag limited to 10 pieces every day until 25th(Notes, surprises containing Mac Book as well)

Land port, coating agent to protect the disc from scratches(Note, protect the disc with a glass film)

【Column】 Start music (68) Check Sony 's new linear PCM recorder "PCM - D50" (1) Creative My Computer Journal(Hardware, pretty rough design)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: In 2008, "stereoscopic television" will come in the middle of your life? (1-2)(Hardware, however polarized glasses are necessary)

CPU dual-core: Ultralight note considering even "water leakage" and "scratch" - "VAIO type G VGN-G2KAN" verification (1/2) - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, is it okay to scratch with a pencil?)

NASA-sponsored invention contest, this year's theme is "Machine that continues to play dominoes killingly" WIRED VISION(Hardware, inventors who compete with fully automatic performance devices)

New music search added to Yahoo! Search ♪ - Yahoo! Search Staff Blog(Search online services, discography and related videos as well)

Mixi, "Indies function" to experimentally publish functions before official service(Internet service, restriction implementation by diary is not yet implemented?)

Reduce the waste of correcting and checking cards before payroll calculation Self-proprietary full auto function of our company, low-priced machine Max time recorder "Timepot" new release not to "overlap" on time card printing field New release Max(Hardware, this may be okay because you may accidentally overpunch)

SOFTBANK releases "X01T" equipped with Windows Mobile 6 on the 8th(Released after more than half a year from mobile, announcement)

Nifty starts flat-rate mobile connection service with downward 3.6 Mbps(Mobile, using e-Mobile line as well as BIGLOBE)

Is "Xacti mobile" born from "Xacti"? - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, Sanyo's mobile phone business is ...)

The secret of the popularity of "Mobage Town" to ask the mobile website creator you care about and tomorrow(What is the secret of the popularity of Moba Gow town which listed the TSE on the Internet service?)

GameSpark - Today's youkai world "Mass Effect's Rugged Bug"(Game, exquisitely bad bug)

Krypton · Future · Media Co., Ltd., who developed "Hatsune Miku", exhibited at Comic Market 73(Comike, selling venue limited items on the day)

Tsundere Karuta "It's Kugimiya, a voice actor! Kugimiya with a reputation for Tsundere Voice!"(Memo, scheduled to be released in stores at December 30)

Congratulations! Theater version "Sky boundary" Morning show screening decision !!(Because animated cartoons, including standings, can not be seated with full occupancy)

Atsushi Okubo 'Soul Eater' decided to TV animation! - MOON PHASE Miscellaneous(Animation, scheduled to be broadcast in the first year series from next spring)

CDJournal.com - News - OP Theme is Electric Groove! Kitaro's origin "Tomb site Kitaro" made TV animation(Anime, not original OP's of the past)

Music video that draws "Web 2.0 bubble" funny skyrocketing Popularity WIRED VISION(Movie, because the tempo of the song is good, it becomes habit)

Mr. Aso "Seriously Love Female" - MSN Sankei News(Memo, knowing Taro Aso talks about becoming a citizen)

GameSpark - "Santa's right to deliver Wii at Christmas" is exhibiting at auction(Overseas, you may be bidding if you limit more start price)

Why is right handedness more than left handed?(Creatures, if you are left-handed, the ticket gate at the station is hard to use)

"Rabbit of the month" is 43.5 billion years old, science Yumeiuri ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun) dating back from the established 400 million years(Note, analyzed by professor of Japanese university)

How thick can a book be? Excite News(Note, Kojien is suppressed within 8 cm thick)

Rather than being feverish! Why does the joint hurt with a cold?(Health, not due to virus)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: body fat percent freedom(Story, play with body fat scale)

Lawson oden consumption Expired Oden is an unsanitary oden? - Ameba News [Ameba News](I do not feel like eating food, convenience store oden)

"Tips to make delicious okonomiyaki" Teach Otafuku sauce - Okonomiyaki class event J - CAST mono watch(Food, participation fee is 700 yen when held twice a month)

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