Headline news on May 1, 2007

From May 7 (Monday) weather information site "Tenki.jp"soUV information providedIt is said to be done. Although some information is provided after the consecutive holidays where everyone goes out, but is the first week of May, does not that the amount of ultraviolet rays is still not so much? Just in case people planning to play outdoors during the consecutive holidays please be careful with UV care.

So, tomorrowMay 2. A riot in Spain's Madrid in 1808 caused the French army to shoot 1,500 citizens, the postal savings business began in Tokyo and Yokohama in 1875, and in 1950 the "Broadcast Law" "Radio Law" "Radio Wave Commission Proposed method of radio wave "promulgated. In 1995, Hideo Nomo made a major league debut, and in 1998 a former X JAPAN guitarist hide died of breathing difficulties. Also in 1872, Higuchi Ichiyo was born, in 1975 David Beckham was born, and in 1519 Leonardo da Vinci died.

Today's headline news.

Business Media Makoto: Poster + Suica + How does a station Naka ad change with a mobile? - Ask a representative of SuiPo(Advertisement, men in their 20s and 30s are mostly used)

"Google" becomes "iGoogle"! Personalized home drastically renewed(Net service, customization function further improved)

ITmedia anchor desk: a mobile heavy user who is not "downstream"(Analysis on the actual condition of mobile and mobile phone heavy users)

ITmedia News: "Web 2.0" site, 12% of all traffic - US survey(The net, YouTube has the largest number of viewers as 18-24 years old, but the most uploaded people are 35-44 years old)

Slashdot Japan | Conference to digital archive historical sound sources such as SP board, to start(Digital, released in 2011)

Slashdot Japan | Pokemon Shock Symptoms with Movie 'Babel'(Movie, movie theater is dark and you must be careful)

Is it Japanese only to clutter the floor? Excite News(Life, other countries are soil foot so do not put it on the floor)

Mistake on 'Google Earth', Chile requested amendment | Excite News(Internet services, countries that do not shift)

Japan.internet.com Web Business - US Supreme Court, Not Adopting US Patent Act on "Windows" Replicated(Copyright, "Windows" copied outside the United States is not subject to US patent law)

Japan.internet.com E-commerce - a new way to image spam(Development of viruses, spam)

Nestle Michelin Ghost Tress Suspicion(Story, this is similar)

Game * Spark -: egg type! Is it? Asian small Xbox 360 full case MOD "Ovo 360"(Game, round and slippery Xbox 360)

"Devil May Cry 4" Thorough dissection of the action of the new hero Nero! / Famitsu.com(Game, the hero to Nero, a youth knight with a devil's right arm instead of Dante)

Game * Spark -: Is this worrying about fever? Xbox 360 GPU 65nm from autumn(Introduced from game, Xbox 360 manufactured in fall)

A new history in the blank of more than 10 years? Game tournament of the latest NESCON will be held | Hobby | My Combi Journal(Game, the latest work of NES Nintendo just finished at the end of March this year "Mr. Splash!")

ITmedia News: Nintendo "DS" to one person President Iwata motivated(Game, Wii want to make it one unit to the family)

Business Media Makoto: Are busy businessmen going to have breakfast?(Food and meal also emphasize efficiency from taste)

ITmedia News: The Japanese language skill is lower with people using email?(I rely too much on mobile, personal computer to write kanji)

ITmedia Anchor desk: Venture investment funds are insufficient? Surplus?(Entrepreneurship, the number of people working in venture companies in Japan is 2% of the total)

ITmedia News: Apple's notebook battery failed(Apple, part of the "MacBook" and "MacBook Pro" batteries)

ITmedia News: "Work hard" is "work that fractures" college student at junior high school level(Japanese language ability, Japanese vocabulary skills are short and it has become disastrous at university)

ITmedia News: Mannequin also set the era of "Moe" "Mai, 13 years old" character setting(Moe, the eyes of a mannequin glittering with your eyes)

ITmedia News: "Stethoscope" sold at bookstores 20,000 copies in one month(Health, 20,000 copies sold in 1 month)

ITmedia News: Brain refreshed with a mobile nap pillow(Nap, blood pressure drops and you can relax)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: The last weapon that prevents the tragedy of the bath - Quick Cooler "Kankyure" (1/2)(Beer, cool it suddenly with ice)

ITmedia Enterprise: Does Microsoft "Big Bang" get up?(Business, expectation that transfer will be made to Vista at a stretch by this)

Google - It's the ultimate launch hazard - CNET Japan(Internet business, dissecting the true strength of Google)

Updated information on blogs delivered by mobile phone mail - Niwango RSS reader - CNET Japan(Mobile, RSS can be read by email)

Microsoft's Web page has been tampered with "Pie-Pie's Photo": ITpro(Security seems to have left it to an external hosting company)

Firefox 3.0 Developing Version "Gran Paradiso α4" - Easy Add-on Development | Enterprise | My Communication Journal(Firefox, β1 is July 31 and β2 is released in September)

Kaika crazy - how! It is! That "lost culture" remained in mixi! It is!(Web, a nostalgic "link report" was living in web 2.0)

Warner Music · Japan - Important Notice(Shipment stops because music package, DVD package of Warner music was very similar to a photographer's work)

Information source supremacy and "2ch source": Weekly object(Web, hoax which survives with "2ch source")

Geek's page: Awesome Negro Nintendo(Living, grandmother who gave a seat in the train took out DS Lite)

Good 2nd's diary - Domestic work is not quite "normal"(Life, I can not get rid of the feeling like "Elly doing my housekeeping properly")

Meaning of "The baby is on" mark(When there is a culture, a traffic accident, a small baby may get in the gap of a broken car body, so you may fail to find it unless you know what you are riding)

Diary of pal - 9999 - Beautiful popular among men 's popular beauty and women(Culture, a girl who thinks boys are beautiful and a girl who women think beauty are slightly different)

【2ch】 New speed quality: How to improve your character(Letters, it seems to be difficult to change style when taking years)

⊂. Д. ) ⊃ Kaze speed ≡ ≡ ≡ ⊂ ⊂ ゜ Д ゜) One Full Auto | Uncle's picture book(Story, pretense to be a simple story chaos)

Technobahn Photo: Twist of Saturn's Ring(The celestial body, the ring of Saturn can twist under the influence of the satellite)

Diary of Naoki Takahashi - Is intellectual appreciation more than emotional consumption? Is the epic is more erotic than lyrical?(Criticism, responsibility of the person who made such things if it is not understood by those who do not understand, making something only known to those who understand)

From "Alfalfa Mosaic" "classroom trial of terror"(School, I feel that there was such a scene indeed)

Seeds of new varieties "Marshmallow White" from Turkey are released(Plants, sweets do not grow from bowls)

"Whole milking Golden Pine" new release(Featuring food, sweet and rich flavor)

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