Headline news on April 2, 2007

tomorrowApril 3, The Edo Shogunate issued a foreign ship payment order on April 3, 1825, "Masked Rider" started broadcasting on April 3, 1971, UN resolution 687 was resolved on April 3, 1991 .

On April 3, 1929, the original movie commentator at Golden Movie Theater, Takehiko Maeda was born, Brahms on April 3, 1897, and Sarah Vaughan on April 3, 1990. Such a day.

So, today's headline news.

SEO measures tool Summary [to-R](Search engine countermeasure, it may be useful as it gathers variously)

Hikikomori support "rental older sister" Yoshimi Kawakami | Other education | Education and welfare | Sankei WEB(Countermeasures against withdrawal, originally lounge hostess of luxury lounge membership)

Martin Fowler's Bliki in Japanese - Patterns of the morning sun: Not just standing(Communication, school morning meetings and so on may have made sense if this is the case)

Reason why startup does not start is wrong(Entrepreneur, explore why it does not do what you want to do)

Forgive - Google will purchase Salesforce.com(Google, about acquisition forecast)

The painful news (No ∀ `):" Humanitarian hamburger "appealing from animal protection group appeared(Burger King, eventually killing but killing method is different)

Technobahn technology: Google tampered map, US Senate Science and Technology Committee to formal investigation(Google, map of the hurricane · Katrina disaster area has become unknown before the disaster)

Jobs and EMI announce DRM abandonment today - Engadget Japanese(Apple, are you announcing at 21 o'clock in Japan time?

I sold my engagement ring ... (self hatred): family, friends, human relations: say Komachi: Otomi Komachi: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Life consultation, how do you answer)

World 1-1 World Ichino Itchi: Women did not play games, did they?(I am not interested in games, stories)

DIY Lucid Dream Machine - Engadget Japanese(Dreams, points that can be made easily rather than expensive items on the market)

J-CAST News: "Female Surveyor's Separation Work", "Non-Mote Alliance" to the Detective Agency Question(Otaku, infringement of fundamental human rights that guaranteed the freedom of ideological belief for all otaku)

Every single day - school of game criticism(Magazine, behind the magazine called game criticism)

Web 2.0 Navi: Effective "inquiry form" to pick up user's voice(I've heard a couple of stories about usability, that just by improving this, I got an effect)

Dokoiku? × around 17 capital area Daigaku area guide(University information, service using the API of "docoik?" Managed and administered by Recruit Co., Ltd.)

"There are not 20 million books" - Wondering about the strong sales of Windows Vista(Windows, an analyst writes three reasons)

Tax consultant Yoshida Tomobi's dry diary - careful if there are nephews or niece among heirs.(Inheritance tax, let's pretend all the hands that you can hurt before your parents die, such as gifts and wills)

7 reasons for company blogs to fail | Web personnel Forum(Blog, problems are written concretely)

Pepenned. When I live alone I am at a loss what to eat everyday, but what time do you have dinner?(Cooking, breakfast hot water)

Nine things really necessary to work yourself | Work style | Fool on the web around the world | Asunaro BLOG(If you do not think about this kind of work sometimes, people become useless)

Apology for changing the name of the site | My Takako .jp - Obihiro City and Tokachi's regional social website(April Fools, the reason for returning to original)

The mystery of self-enlightenment Why everyone gathers to "skill training" without use (Norihiro Nonomura General Manager's Hours): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Do business and psychology are the same as people who want certification?)

The 2nd "That is not company value" corporate market price "(Yuichiro Itakura's" real stock investment "): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(About business, shareholder value)

Sayonara Shinran - The Shinran party seen from former members: Religious organization named Shinrani who creates mass spam sites(Spam, you will find out variously)

Reading record of yomoyomo - Bruce · Schneier "Why was security broken?" (Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.)(Security, Japanese translation is bad title, but contents seems to be good)

Sugo book I do not know, surely you are reading: the weekend we cried at "the end of childhood"(SF, indeed this book gave influence greatly in various ways in all ways)

Imif www wwww kwwww let's anthropomorphize cockroach www www(Personification, it is what you can do with humans)

A summary of the behavior in SNS seen by magma stars: Summary: A cheeping little bird(Ultraman, Tsuburaya Pro April Fool's Plan Summary)

Ameba News | "Yes! Precure 5" Strong audience rating What is the future expansion?(Anime, actually the audience rating seems good)

Bullying and Contemporary Society BLOG - Asuo Naito Special Interview Part 1(Bullying problem, why did you begin to be interested in bullying problems?)

Photos of OKWave plush toys and copyright(Copyright, full of things to notice)

People change so far in 4 years(Photo, change from mid-to-long type to muscular type)

Everything Scoring: Bleeding a lot of blood from underground(Minnesota State where a lot of blood is flowing in the neta, sewer pipe)

Forest of Window - Firefox Extension "Screengrab!" Enables Capture of a Wide Area Web Page Entirely(Software, when you want to capture a portrait site)

Decide on stylish on your mobile! "Devil May Cry Dante x Virgil" appears in i mode / Famitsu.com(I've never played games on mobile phones)

That latest release of "NiGHTS (Nights)" will be released on Wii! / Famitsu.com(Game, sequel after 11 years since release)

Ziiga: 【Image】 Fairy's mummified ished remains discovered in the UK(Occult, enormously creative)

Slashdot Japan | Charlie's universe funeral(Lifestyle, going back to Earth with space of about 58,000 yen)

Rice rice supermarket price notation is confusing!? | Excite News(Lifestyle, price display with multiple items)

Japan.internet.com Web marketing - mandatory GPS installation "14% know", low recognition is a factor in the mass communication?(Mobile, mandatory 3G terminals to be introduced into the market after April in principle)

Game * Spark -: New York Mayor may feel uncomfortable with "Grand Theft Auto IV" trailer(Game, a city that looks exactly like New York in the game)

One canned coffee 10 yen! Cheap vending machines - All About(I want you to put it in the vicinity of meal, too)

Overcome pollen allergies! Guide recommendation item - All About(Medicine, the season of hay fever has come)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: It is a waste but to cook with sake(Food, various sake and shabu-shabu)

"Ribbon Citron Aqua Clear" "Ribbon Napoline Aqua Clear" Renewal Release(Did you eat a ribbon napolin?)

New sushi noodles are released from "Nissin's Donbu" brand(Food, rather UFO seems to be closer, but it seems to be a Donbe series)

Chicken ramen Mini and chick-chan lidded mini bowl set(Chicken Ramen with Food, Donburi)

About the sales situation of broadband service "B FLET'S" in FY 2006 - Increase 1.5 million contracts annually in NTT East area (preliminary report)(Internet, Internet connection with optical cable is increasing)

Oriental Land announces the number of entrants such as "Tokyo Disneyland" in 2006(Leisure, number of guests got a record high)

JAL, Partial price reduction for "Boarding discount" and "Special discount" for boarding from May to June(I wonder whether they are conscious of person separation in transportation and airplane lapse of arrival)

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