Headline news on 30th March 2007

Next MondayApril 2On April 2, 1951, a new 500 yen bill of Iwakura's portrait was issued, and TV anime "Doraemon" started broadcasting on April 2, 1979.

On April 2, 1805, a fairy tales writer Hans Christian Andersen such as Princess Mermaid, born on April 2, 1875 Walter Chrysler, founder of Chrysler, and Hermann Rorschach on April 2, 1922 died. Such a day.

So today's headline news.

U.S., Just watching the Web page warns that an attack that infects malware is warning: ITpro(Security vulnerability existing in the way to process animation cursor (.ani) file)

Japan's World IT ranking is 14th - World Economic Forum Survey - CNET Japan(Internet, top is Denmark)

ITmedia + D Mobile: Blogs and SNSs that are used most frequently on mobile websites - Investigated by IMJ Mobile(12% of the total number of experienced SNS users from mobile and mobile)

How to get "Shingen's Music Box" and "Chiisana Medal" at Nintendo Dorakue 3(Game, little medals were around this time)

ITmedia + D Mobile: It also reproduces old-fashioned "Black Phone" - Applications change with 2 screen mobile "D800iDS"Do you have a person who uses the Soroban by mobile, mobile phone?

Forest of the window - When is the lens exchange date? "Did you exchange contacts?"(Software, prevent accidentally forgetting)

Special effects Hero movie & image warehouse(Movie, heroes are not invincible)

Slashdot Japan | Toyota develops its own standard software for automotive installation(Will the day when software, Toyota OS will be introduced to PC?

Three simple ways to incorporate the golden ratio into the design of the site | Collis(Used for design, rectangle and parts)

404 Blog Not Found: If you have time to go back, make a future(Business, use whatever helps you to grow yourself)

Wisdom portal site that can be used anything Conclusion | P O P * P O P(It seems there are countless words and quotes)

Writer's words can not be pulled(Words, words are piling up on the author's name)

TechCrunch Japanese Archive >> Different dimensions of rumors of neighborhood(Internet Service, Atmosphere, Communication Environment, Health Environment, Value, Essential Elements Rating Neighborhood)

[Takahashi method] and "Monta method" are added to the learning guidance plan of the high school!(Education, guidance plan of information A)

404 Blog Not Found: javascript + CSS - handy method(Technique, only use CSS and JavaScript)

Six Apart - Six Apart: Six Apartment, Chuo University, Ryoichi Matsuno Laboratory Starts Newspaper Blog · Project for Elementary School Students'(Web, for the purpose of promoting information literacy education for primary school students)

ITmedia Biz.ID: Metropolitan area men have different "how to use commuting time" - 1 day of men working in 3 metropolitan areas(I am gathering information during the meantime because my work, commuting time is long)

ITmedia News: Search for 'Tsuramashi' '' Leis '' Easy - 1 million members are easy - unexpected "common sense" of mobile net (1/2)(Mobile, 3 times access when the order posted in the official menu goes up by 1)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - GPS mobile users 32.2% ~ Survey on GPS mobile phones(Mobile, since 3G terminals are 110, in April 2007 GPS loading is actually mandated by Ordinance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, in order to transmit position information at the time of emergency report)

Search professional golfer | Excite News(Occult, if you are just a supporter)

Painful news (No ∀ `): Female SE" Men want to use mind is not gender discrimination but men and women distinction! "(I will promote gangs with no consciousness of men and women as much as women who can work, work)

[Tokai area limited] "Hida Takayama Fair" held(Food, Hida beef steak set menu for limited quantity is 2980 yen)

AQ Interactive, Wii "Hajime no Ippo Revolution" First-come-first-served basis is "Hajimenoichi walking-like note alike"(Game, screen shot characters are subtle)

Improve diagnostic ability of doctors by using iPod! It turned out to be useful for diagnosis using stethoscope (MYCOM Journal)(Digital, resolve with anything on iPod)

Japan.internet.com Web Business - Online Gaming User's Trend Analysis - 1(Games, nearly half are playing games for interaction with other players)

Game * Spark -: Too bad ...! Is it? "Gears of War" Japanese version CM attracts attention even overseas(Game, I was surprised quite)

Hiyama Masayuki's Chimaera Breeding Note - GUI that can also be used for monkeys, noodles (kindergarten)(Unlimited Undo / Redo is necessary because I cry if I can not return the design, erroneous operation)

Bishoujo game chronicle - natu 3 kan · Cynical · diary - the strongest ending is "continue"(Fiction, fun of what does not end)

Voltage and outlet type of the world [sun travel](Home appliances, plenty of plugs I have never seen)

Ease of use diary: Report ease of use of various things that you see in town.(From notes, easy to use to hard to use

"Wikipedia Challenge" - Hatena Anonymous Diary(Follow the link in the game, Wikipedia and move to the designated word)

Game * Spark -: Mexican police exchanging guns for Xbox or PC for crime prevention(It is lonely if it is exchanging with the first generation, not the game, 360)

"I win if I win" Koichi Aoyama Governor candidate is usually a street musician(Election, interview with popular candidates)

80GB HDD model for PlayStation 3 - Engadget Japanese(Game, against the new Xbox?)

Celebrating too much Gundam (30 million yen): Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo · Japan)(Plastic model instead of toy, plastic model)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Three major Japanese gacchari sights and reconsideration(Review, problem is small scale)

Indigenous paradise blog [China] Why does the Japanese media not report the dangers of Chinese vegetables?(Coverage, about 40% of vegetables imported from China)

Woman is stronger the hardest thing? Excite News(It changes with eating, getting used and custom)

Microsoft unveiled the technical preview version of mobile web browser "Deepfish": ITpro(Mobile, you can not download already, but you can re-download sequentially if you register)

Japan.internet.com Web Marketing - Nico Nico Douga (γ), advertisement launch on the browse page from AmebaVision(Internet service, how long will it be in the black?)

Trinity introduces USB adapter for second generation iPod shuffle that can be plugged directly(Digital, it looks convenient)

New service in iTunes Store - You can buy an album by deducting the amount of music on hand(Internet service, Japan is undecided)

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