Headline news on 4th April 2007

tomorrowApril 5On April 5, 1938, the "limited company law" was promulgated, on April 5, 1975 "Secret Sentai Go Ranger" began broadcasting, on April 5, 2004 the news station changed and the news station STATION began .

On April 5, 1588, Thomas Hobbes known as "Leviathan", conductor Herbert von Karajan on April 5, 1908, Akira Toriyama on April 5, 1955, On April 5, 1975, Chiang Kai-shek passed away. Such a day.

So, today's headline news.

Vulnerability in GDI could allow remote code execution (925902) (MS 07 - 017)(Software, Zero-day attack seems to be raging, so please update as soon as possible)

ITmedia News: MS Developer, "Nanchachi Vista SP1" is warned(Warning that WindowsVista, unauthorized SP1 and Microsoft's SP1 have different meanings)

tell me! Goo Definition of correct Japanese(Language, answer No. 6 is interesting)

ITmedia Biz.ID: Think about how to take backup 5th(PC, files to be backed up are put together in one folder)

Passion For The Future: Why are we not sure about stock investment?(Finance, the market will not be revitalized if there are no people to lose)

Resident Early training materials: cancer people may be in the future(Diversity of facilities has been lost each time medical, Ministry of Health and Welfare issued)

Yahoo, Yahoo! Strengthen ranking function of gourmet "restaurant information"(Introduction of reviews on net service, restaurants evaluation, who is the agent?)

Microsoft, Advertising Revenue to Developers with Windows Live Gadget - CNET Japan(Advertisement, distribution of targeting advertisement applying the utilization history of gadget is also possible)

All About Shopping(You are using shopping, Kakaku.com API)

Moe's moeper with blog parts(Web, it is impossible to say clearly to sprout on this ...)

Three carefully selected free software to open PDF quickly, to secure security * People's personal book making website(Software, software that resolves slow start-up time which is a giant gate of PDF)

PDF submission study room - How to lighten heavy PDF while maintaining quality as much as possible(Technique, it is considerably lighter simply by setting 97 ppi or more to 96 ppi in the downsample designation)

■ (PDF file)Distribution of the GPS car navigation application "Drive Navi" started with "Navdas Traffic Forecast"(Mobile, high-function car navigation using GPS at DoCoMo 903i is possible)

Survivor who is called and turned around - I do not want to be a murderer(Society, who for the victim is really the exercise for)

The painful news (No ∀ `):" American, shock! "What a Chinese cuisine was" excess calorie and salt "... the impact analysis result(Culture, originally greasy Chinese food was further evolving in the USA)

Say :: So? - ​​"true self" and "liking" are disturbed(Education, you will want to do whatever you want because there is something you have to do)

Delayed science daily daily - collect collective intelligence from gathering folly(Web 2.0, how to select balls from among the cobblestones)

Main page - Yourpedia(Internet service, encyclopedia aiming for Wikipedia or higher)

4.6% who used paid music distribution in the past half year, according to the Japan Recording Industry Association(Music distribution, about twice that in 2004)

Online comfortable operation - "Portable application" best 15 that can be carried in a USB memory(Software, important is that it moves without depending on the registry)

Aiming to be a network engineer · In a morning train ...(Living, service is the rent you pay to live in this world)

Masakazu Honda's "Weekly Mobile Communications" - Re-Challenge Water-cooled PC made by Maker(It seems that a water-cooled PC, a water-cooled PC made by a new manufacturer also appears in fall of 2007)

A brief summary on word-of-mouth marketing by blog: Heartlogic(Web and bloggers make footholds attractive to companies)

MySpace.com to conduct mock presidential election - CNET Japan(Presidential election, if I do the same thing in Japan, will it be a breach of something?

ITmedia News: Won, PS3 victory in domestic sales in 2006(Game, Wii is 1.95 million and PS3 is 810,000)

ITmedia News: PSP, domestic "No price cut planned"(Game down in the US from 199 dollars to 169 dollars, details in the article below)

Reduce PSP price in North America, strengthen sales by entering the third year | Hobby | My Combi Journal(Game, reduce the price by 30 dollars and focus on marketing)

"Neon Genesis Evangelion Battle Orchestra" Great Robbery Action Game! / Famitsu.com(Game, Evangelion fighting game you never had before)

About Sunshine Creation 35 catalog(Culture, corrections of defects that some circle cuts were not posted can be DL)

Slashdot Japan | TGV, updated maximum speed record(It seems that railroad, even riding it was quite scary)

Pope's car, net auction is exhibiting | Excite news(Automobile, Does God have protection?)

Daily thread guide: [miracle] When I thought that there was such thing(There are many strange things that can not be explained in life, in the world)

Why do not you try living space mixi (mixi) 3rd? - ECO JAPAN - nikkei BPnet Environment Portal(Dwell, before thisArticles written in GIGAZINEOn the extension line of

Knife + chopping board = "Clever Cleaver": Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo · Japan)(Gadget, I certainly want one)

【Ye · Love · Zoku】 Recruitment Model(Mobile, NTT DoCoMo is looking for a family model)

Logitech Press Release - Skype Dedicated Wireless LAN Mobile Terminal Corresponds to "FON Social Router"!(Hardware, if you have a FON router, you can talk on skype anywhere)

Logitech Press Release - Alarm Sound System for iPod Dock (Alarm Sound system for iPod) - LDS - iALARM series(Hardware, iPod is closer to life)

Shinji Takehara Official blog(Entertainment, tighten always surely "Well then")

News Release "Potato Chips Yuzu Soy Sauce"(Food, PARIPARI VARIATION of Yuzu Soy Sauce)

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