Headline news on June 22, 2007

"My son disappeared in Mesa Valley Park", a mother reported. He says that his son on the swing has disappeared from his eyes. A man who was wearing a blue baseball cap from the sighting information surfaced, the police arrested the man. The mother immediately goes to pick up his son, but the boy who was there called the mother of the arrested man as his mum and was in a state of first meeting with the mother who reported to the police, so parent-child appraisal will be held.

Well, tomorrow at 22 o'clockWOWOWTo be broadcast on"CSI: 6 Scientific Investigation Group"It is a synopsis of the story, but to the story of tomorrowDNA appraisalWill appear. Although the DNA appraisal was used for investigation of criminal cases for the first time in 1982, it seems that there is a possibility that the DNA type may match even if it is the other red person who is not an identical twin in theory. Also, tomorrow's CSI will show people related to the abduction of Nick in the previous season so it seems that it will be a time that people following the series can not miss.

And next MondayJune 25. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) was founded in 1946 and the Road Traffic Act promulgated in 1960. In 1966, the holiday law was revised, and the day of senior citizen's day, physical education day, founding memorial was established. And in 1994, the Haneda cabinet resigned on the 59th day and became the second short - lived cabinet after the war. In addition, in 1852 a famous architect Antonio Gaudi was born in Sagrada Familia, Kinya Aikawa was born in 1934, famous cartoonist Hiromishi Mamiya was born in 1947, Hayabusa Yashiro who was a voice actor of Winnie the Pooh in 2003 died.

Today's headline news.

Common hoax about Pybigi JASRAC(Copyright, misunderstanding about JASRAC)

Hu Jintao · The "rough factory" with regime headed by government (Yutaka Kitamura's "China Kitamura Report"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(The situation changed due to labor, writing to the Internet)

Fujikyu Highland, the world's strongest haunted house renewal & amp; new theme zone birth entertainment My com journal(Theme park, renewed haunted house where walking distance is the longest in the world)

Livedoor News - Mitsukoshi, Second Life Store opened on July 19! Aim for 120,000 visitors after one year(Free distribution of games, avatar's cups and folding fan etc)

Font size conversion table(Net service, sample by size is slurry)

I will sue! And I will win! - Study on animation conversion capacity in three major magazines (Himitsubushi)(Animation, Sunday is not likely to animate too much)

Softbank's General Shareholders' Meeting, Voice of Dissatisfaction with Dividend Value Technology Reuters.co.jp(Sharp increase in sales and profit, dividend amount same as the previous year)

Business Media Makoto: In the past year, the most profitable stocks were B-type men and O-type womenIs there a relationship between strains and blood types?

Engineer salary WAVE! Are you high? Low? Check payroll in the era of annual income inequality(Labor, annual income disparity in late 20's is about 10 times at maximum)

NY women have topless rights, arrested city and settlement | Ameba News(Right, already judged in the highest-class court in 1992)

Illegal human smuggling, new discovery | Ameba News(Crime, for the creation of bone-based products)

Slashdot Japan Asahi Sonorama stops at stores(Publication, magazines until September and new publication ends in June)

Hanwha · Japan, 2nd generation iPod Shuffle exclusive use of a candle case: digital ARENA(Hard, using the same artificial leather "Clarino" as a school bag)

Anime "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion" Premier screening is held ahead of the latest talk delivery. 300 people invited: Digital ARENA(Screening 2 episodes of animation, STAGE 24 & 25)

"Super Robot Taisen OG Original Generations" release scenario released early! 【Video interview available】 - Famitsu.com(Game released on the 28th of this month)

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Tentative)(Scheduled to be released in the game, PSP)

VIPPER 1st day: What is the strongest demonic ending in game history?(Game, Drag on Dragoon Nami's depression gets slick)

GameSpark - Is "Beautiful Katamari" monopoly 360? Information strengthening(Game, should I get Xbox 360 soon?)

GameSpark - a suspicious trader who sells "Xbox 360" Red Ring Repair Guidebook of Death "appeared(It is doubtful that there are only game images, CG package images)

Japan.internet.com Web Marketing - Honoring a customer's perspective will make it possible to create a website that can sell over 1 billion yen(Web design, should be made from customer's point of view)

Japan.internet.com Web Business - the big hoops over the iPhone(Mobile analyzes the current situation that this is making noise even though it has not yet appeared)

AT & T, 29 Wednesday to release the iPhone 【WSJ】 Mobile - Latest News IT-PLUS(Mobile, corresponding to shoppers temporarily hiring about 2000 people)

Painful news (No ∀ `)" Sawara only ~, two thousand yen "In fact" 3 to 100 thousand yen "successive damage(Life, attention to malicious shooter)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - SNS periodic research (7): June 22, 2007 Increase in users for "Crafting"(SNS, first place is "communication with family / friends" and second place is "somehow · beasts")

"Blog viewing at work" 40%, insufficient management clear - Company employee 1000 people research business - latest news IT-PLUS(I'm watching about 1 person per 5 people on the net, SNS and video sharing site)

Music site BARKS - v.a. (Western music) Vi · Metal fan, recognized as mental disorder(Health, just just like furiously)

Tendency higher than children born earlier Norway Research Team Excite News(Life, brothers seems to have a tendency for my brother's IQ to be higher)

@ Nifty: Daily portal Z: Digital cameras are weak purple?(Depending on the settings, it changes to a different color)

WIRED VISION / "Harry Potter" Invade Successful Publisher Network?(Hacker, Harry Potter The last volume is stolen and released on the net)

WIRED VISION / MS to showcase the virtual reality technology like a movie "Blade Runner"(Future technology realizes technology like SF)

WIRED VISION / Brian Eno's Art Exhibition: Mac Corps Backed Up(We use a large amount of Mac to create art and digital art)

Do you have soy sauce on the curry? Excite News(Food, soy sauce according to curry)

What is behind the beef mince disguise incident. - [Tasty Journey (Domestic)] All About(Food, cheap one has a corresponding risk)

Brooding rocky cookie! Eating expenses slightly over 2,000 yen a day?(When eating out, do not eat out, keep it at around 300 yen a day)

Macaroni shaped potato snacks are new! "Portoni · Mild Salt taste" "Potteri · sour cream onion taste" New release(Food, released on July 2. The expected sales price is around 130 yen)

Nice and happy in summer & spicy "Red Tikara"(Campaign for summer by meal, Lawson, starting from July 3)

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