Headline news on 9th March 2007

Next MondayMarch 12On 18th March, 1876, Sunday was holidayed on Sunday and Saturdays were made half-holidayed, and the sales of bottled coca-cola began on March 12, 1894. On March 12, 1972, Mos Burger's The No. 1 experiment shop opened.

A winning boat was born on March 12, 1823, and Anne Frank died on March 12, 1945.

On March 12, 1968, the Republic of Mauritius became independent from the UK, so it is Independence Day in Mauritius.

And U. C.0093 March 12 The Second Neo-Zeon war ended. Amuro Ray and Chia Aznable are missing on this day.

So today's headline news.

Which can you sell PS3 and Wii? That spirit capability personality Balato Kurara accounts for "Digital winner" / Digital ARENA(Game, anticipated by the power of the occult)

Morning coffee is not full of "awakening" !?(Life, relieving caffeine deficiency)

The mystery of remote control of CD player | Excite news(AV, secret of "open / close" button)

All-new entertainment news - How do foreigners see Gachapin?(Culture, certainly unfamiliar modeling)

Anime news and information - SLAM DUNK Live action film with the highest budget in Taiwan ever in winter 08 Winter (3/8)(It is a movie, is not it strange even in Hollywood ... ...?

ITmedia News: [WSJ] Google CEO talks about the gap with old media(Right, it should be viewed as a chance to turn illegal copy users into customers)

I tried to find out if the search actually extends on CM. | Today's Nippau(Advertisement, effect seems to be effective)

Mr. Kondo Kondo, Nintendo, talks about the sounds of "Mario" and "Zelda". A variety of methods to create interactive game music(Composition, rhythm and balance and interactive are important)

Famicom Plaza game latest information: game genre is strange - livedoor Blog (blog)(Game, Legendary Cosplay RPG unleashing fate)

Forest of Window - 【NEWS】 Automatically record until the last story just by setting TV program name of program "mAgicAnime.NET"(Software, this is way too good)

Slashdot Japan | CRT extinction in the field of PC monitor reality?(Hardware, 99.7% liquid crystal in 2006)

ITmedia + D PC USER: CRT High image quality myth is true? ── The first part (1/2)(Monitor, Goodbye CRT)

ITmedia News: Mr. Bill · Gates has been the top 13th consecutive year in the world(Rich, 56 billion US dollars is about 6.5 trillion yen in Japanese yen)

Hydoy name ranking(Ranking, even if you can not read or read it)

Hapb TV(Web service, popular entries of Hatena bookmarks are seen one after another with comments)

Listener manual(Speech, I feel like I can use it)

ITmedia + D Games: "Music" gives life to games - Nintendo sound was made like this (1/2)(Make games, something suitable for rhythm)

Techniques and products that people can use conveniently with a stove(Utilization of cooking, microwave ovens and rice cooker is the key)

Nishino Shrine company log daily - two worship two applause worship worship(Courtesy manners, manners are those cultivated over a long time)

Geek's page: Do not overdo "Customers are Gods"(Business and relationship with business partners are the same)

Appropriate Memorandum Hatena Difference - Summary of Transfer Fee for Major Domestic City Banks(Bank, it becomes a messed up)

Against the seven unpopularity of second life(Web, Second Life is a thing to enjoy over time)

W3C, launching next-generation HTML standard that will succeed HTML 4(Web, current standard HTML 4.01 was recommended in 1999)

The meaning of takopons - waiting cat(Cat, want to sleep)

Taiwan Postal Service "We previously recruited new uniforms and new postage stamp illustrations, but this time we are looking for cosplay photos."(Stamp, is it art?

@nifty: Daily portal Z: 100 yen It seems to be high in the shop(Life, 100 yen benevolence)

It's like live music! I actually listened to the tone of 3.15 million yen(AV, if the speakers of about 1.5 million yen there is a reasonable market so much)

R specified version trailer of movie "300"(Film, because there is a long uncut space in the second half, is it an outflow version?

ITmedia News: Apple will release notebook PC with flash memory within the year(Apple, with Mac OS X minivan installed?)

ITmedia Anchor Desk: 【7th】 People who are late to run away - Is it really difficult for panic?(Disaster prevention, people not escaping are dangerous)

ITmedia News: "Paid calling service" possible by users with Skype(Software, charged paid help desk for individual)

ITmedia + D PC USER: A foolish review that came back: today I tried the mask "Fan" at the back of the warehouse(Measures against hay fever, GIGAZINE was equipped with more amazing)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: Toilet playing "morning only" toilet, INAX "Satis"(Toilet, wonder that demand exists)

ITmedia Anchor desk: when the government is complicit in hackers(Security, hacked to evidence of litigation)

US online backup service landing - Test version has 10,000 capacity unlimited - CNET Japan(Backup, capacity unlimited)

Disability to FOMA in Kanto-Koshinetsu, difficult state of connection even in the daytime: ITpro(Mobile, is it okay?)

Death Clock counts down (MYCOM Journal) by numerical input searching one's lifetime!(Health, English version only)

Kazuaki Kasahara's Ubiquitous Information Department - Try virtualization software that can be used on Windows Vista (Part 1)(Software, there is a comprehensive table comprehensible)

Japan.internet.com Web Business - Thunderbird 2.0 is officially released at the end of March, easy integration with Gmail(Software, tagging seems to be convenient)

HiroIro: Paper display demo video(Movie, still black and white)

Announcement concerning capital and business tie-up with Aeon · Daiei · Marubeni: PDF file(Corporate, retail coalition with operating profit exceeding 6 trillion yen)

JTB Web questionnaire every time Q survey results (What is troublesome in traveling?): PDF file(It is troublesome to prepare for trips, baggage and tidy up)

SOFTBANK MOBILE Ends "Open Content Information Fee Billing Service" in July(PDF file) (Mobile and content providers enclosed?

Questionnaire Results on "Couples' Bedroom" | Questionnaire Results | ouchi * club - Homepage Information Site "Homepage * Club"(Over 80% of living room, couple's bedroom is in the same room)

Google Japan Blog: Photos on Google Maps shop information(Internet service, I tried it earlier)

Technobahn - Photo: Space robot under development by NASA, "I do not understand the wonderful but decorate the legs"(Robo, there seems to have been somewhere)

MOON PHASE Miscellaneous - [List] Spring New Number Check(Anime, I do not do so much in Osaka ... ....)

Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo gave a keynote speech. Tell your own vision! / Famitsu.com(It seems to develop while thinking about the game, user's face)

Is a PC an enemy of TV? - Teaching of Apple - Nikkei Electronics - Tech-On!(How do consumer electronics and personal computers participate?)

Passion For The Future: Self-Presentation Sentence Art(Composition, what I would like to say on the first line)

How can I make a canyon interest in the game? / Game Information Portal: GeePara.com(Happy Birthday, Are you going to do that?

Graduation ceremony, the teacher said the emotional words remaining in my heart CONFIDENCE ranking & news-ORICON STYLE-(Wisdom, I have never had such a thing before)

Poor misunderstanding! What kind of animation do you have? Overseas Anime Forum(Anime, Smiley)

Diary of pal - 9999 - Horrib Scared(Story, manly scared)

Human power search Hatena - I will ask people who used the Internet before 2000. Please tell us about the events of the Internet that were memorable. I do not care about the magnitude of the event. Also..(History, telephoto and nostalgic)

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