Headline news on 6th March 2007

tomorrowMarch 7, Satsuma alliance was established between Satsuma clan and Choshu clan on March 7, 1866. On March 7, 1900 the Minor's Smoking Ban Law was promulgated. The 1st Arab-Africa Summit Meeting was held in Cairo on March 7, 1977.

And on March 7, 1967, Arai Yazawa, the author of "NANA", was born, Aristotle on March 7, 322 BC, Mr. Sanzo on March 7, 664, Stanley on March 7, 1999 - Kubrick died. Such a day.

So today's headline news.
Flat-screen television earns profits too (BusinessWeek): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(It is surprising that it was a home appliance, light-rise selling)

Do not "delete" junk e-mail - business style - nikkei BPnet(Spam, maybe something like this)

Softbank clerk last accusation "A sweet story is surely a trap hidden"(Mobile, a method that does not make you fall asleep at the time of product exchange)

Seagate, Wireless / Bluetooth connected wireless HDD technology(Connected by hard disk, wireless LAN or Bluetooth)

Eetimes.jp AMD's next processor "Barcelona", revealing some of the performance (2007/03/05)(CPU, 42% higher than Intel's top "Xeon X 5355")

Detail! The Grand Prize of "Japan Otaku Grand Prix 06/07" is Ultraman 80 !? (MYCOM Journal)(Subcar, the past awards history is interesting)

Polar bear waste basket (general affiliation) - We are too used to the meta-viewpoint to compare our life to the game(Life, a pitfall that I am used to a meta-viewpoint because I am used to games)

ITmedia Enterprise: Try cooking the 5th Amazon Web Services (1/3)(Affiliate, how to make amazlet.com)

Firefox Extension Collection | Diaspar Journal(Software, convenient extended function)

Whether you can compete with Google with the wisdom of the crowd (Hiromi Watanabe's "IT Review"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Social, wisdom of the crowd or expression of crowd of mind)

【Column】 Things that I thought in the 4th New York from the street corner of the world (1) (MYCOM Journal)(Presidential election, attention should be paid to the fusion of elections with the decent Internet for the first time)

What is game development that can win against Europe and the United States - Seaman 2 also show off, Media Arts Festival (MYCOM Journal)(Game Development, Nobody Manualizes Development Procedure in Japan)

Nets and humans seen from my eyes - unauthorized meta content is a non-profit individual so it will work well(Web 2.0, risk dispersion is important)

Technobahn - Space development: A rocket launched a year ago suddenly exploded on orbit, a large amount of debris diffused(Space, influence of Chinese debris?)

Takaya - [Anime] "Production" Does the company not get mad about sharing videos?(There seems to be actually selling in copyright and reviews)

Wind traveler Editorial note - Recommendation of wanderers - Why can not we act without a tray?(Life, unable to act unless conditional)

Toneko Tea Room: Japanese are brainwashed with "distorted copyright awareness"(Copyright, right to preserve identity in Japan is extremely special internationally)

Freshman diary of Fukamachi Aki - how to become a famous blogger(Blog, you should reverse this)

Just by reducing emphasis from conversation, you look good at fifty-one extra(Language, emphasis expression should be used here)

Newly released world's first 7,200-revolution 2.5-inch HDD compatible with Serial ATA 3.0 Gb / s Fujitsu(High-speed transfer possible with hardware and notebook PC)

Try Win game on Mac version "VMware" β2 - "Higurashi" and "Virta 2" behave(Virtual PC, to some extent already moving level)

[Book Reviews] "Bill Gates to stand in Beijing" 2007/03/05 (Monday) 18: 16: 06 [China Information Bureau](Selected genius engineers and researchers from China, 1.3 billion Chinese)

Create Dragon Quest Status(Generator, Dracoa flavor)

Press Release Presentation: "Raku-PHONE Basic" Developed | Notice | NTT DoCoMo(Mobile, is this a mysterious terminal "F903i BSC" the other day?

Survey on "coupons"(Related to coupon usage of mobile, mobile phone)

2007-06-06 Rosemary's AMPK activating action and lifespan extension action: PDF file(Note, life span extends with rosemary?)

ITmedia + D Mobile: Electronic money "nanaco", compatible with Osaifu-Keitai from spring(Mobile, Seven Eleven unique electronic money can be used)

Slashdot Japan | DVD recorder seriously poorly sold(Home electronics, problems are too many restrictions)

1: 1 Gundam lantern, standing in Taipei - Engadget Japanese(Gundam, full-size Gundam lantern)

Nak 2k's memo pad - a case in which ITMedia has an outrageously dangerous LifeHack(Security, in short IE is dangerous)

Slashdot Japan | ITmedia article is recommended dangerous HTA to display external site(Security, a lot of comments about the above matter)

【Secret】 "What things you do not want to see?" - livedoor research(Questionnaire, personal computer as natural as 1st)

Slashdot Japan | The live-action bishojo warrior, resurrected at TV Tokyo(Special effects, elegant of love fighting over flowers and storms! Bishoujo war reieh Panshane Come!

Server 2.0 arrival: ITpro(Blade server, GIGAZINE is also under consideration, but I want you to standardize the whole company)

ITmedia Biz.ID: UNIQLO sells "Kadokeshi" and "Magic Ink" to T-shirts(This is next to clothing, JoJo or companies)

Happy shoes - Jobs has to be done on a single day(Presentation, Apple's Jobs was not a genius from the beginning)

Buddha ADSL circumstances - Although it spreads widely, market selection is also progressing - European perspective [ITmedia Alternative · Blog](It will take 4 months to open the provider, applying for ADSL)

Current status of diversifying blogs and business opportunities seen from there (Video Research Interactive Column)(Community, blog for employees looks good)

Nico Nico Video Developer Blog: Today's Nico Nico Video (γ) Service Start Time(Internet service, comment section is too great)

ZDNet Japan Blog - J. O'Grady 's Apple Core: Apple' s next step is multi - touch display! Is it?(Apple, rumors are constant)

Is advertisement "evil"? ~ Reader's reputation risk guarantees confidence (advertising in Web 2.0 (lol)): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(If you do not build trust on the advertisement, but existing advertising methods, the effect will be negative)

Ability to make use of coincidence luck: DESIGN IT! W / LOVE(Reading books, how to read books and how to encounter)

"Sushi nestle" of sushi and assorted candy sweets(Companies can sell bulk candy sweets online)

About Lenovo's announcement(Company, Sanyo was supplying battery satisfying Lenovo standard)

COderanoblog SP 2 - homework that I finally could submit(Industry people do not care because people with high net, television and net literacy are not audience members)

Result of PASMO (PASMO) survey / DIMSDRIVE latest investigation result by original questionnaire 【DIMSDRIVE】(Transportation, it is PiTaPa in the Kansai area)

Tamagotto rice - know the new from the gaze of those who love the work.(Manga, dark fans are born for deep things and flow backwards)

The moment of explosion of buildings, bridges and stadiums seen on YouTube!(Movie, general trading company of blow up dismantling)

Peace's warm innovation @ Hatena - Summarize the relationship between recent games and Ranaobesa(Illustration, a story saying "You see often Ranaobe painter when you read Famitsu recently)

RSS Marketing Guide: Look at RSS from the viewpoint of "Personalization"(Personalization specialized, related to cost)

How does a normal people Linux - Microsoft work?(Share fight, reading the next one of Microsoft)

J-CAST News: Criticism of Taiyan, young people Prime Minister Abe "Total Scan"(Lost generation, the government has not seen anything)

An actual document. I tried the bidet.(Movie, 3 hours of death)

Student magazine - mobile users' stupidity seen in Rakuten selling items(Mobile, this is bad)

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