Headline news on March 6, 2008

It seems that Sega, which has stopped making consumer game machines since Dreamcast, developed a new Internet browser. The name of the browser isInternet adventure [iA]. It seems to be built in the Internet Explorer in the form of a tool bar and used to form a 3D space called 'Island' on each existing Web site. It is a soft feeling software, but since it is a service of Sega that often pre-empts the times, if you use it, you may find a breakthrough function that will spread in the future.

So, tomorrowMarch 7. In 1900 the Minor's Smoking Ban Law was promulgated, and in 1919 Shirakiya (now Tokyu department store) was established. In 1948 the "police law" and "fire organization law" were enforced. In addition, besides being born in 1924, a novelist Abe Kobo with "sandy woman" "Hako" as his masterpiece, Yazawa Ai, a manga artist known for "NANA-Nana", was born in 1967, Gen Kanzo died in 664.

Today's headline news.
MS, Office Live official service "Office Live Small Business"(Internet service, service gathering feedback from 500 thousand companies worldwide)

Is the "advertisement depression" of search sites true? (BusinessWeek): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(The theory that net advertisement, the number of clicks alone can not know the effect of real advertisement)

Kaga Hi-tech, organic EL mounted on 1-segment TV with a thickness of 8 mm(Hardware, the thinnest as a portable television)

Openmoko releases mobile phone machine CAD file - ITmedia News(Mobile, mobile phone design drawing released)

Mobile advertising expands well, users are generous to advertisements - ITmedia News(Mobile, there are many users watching advertisements if the price becomes cheaper)

Sony, a plan exhibition that scientifically analyzes and introduces the mechanism of mobile phones(Mobile, explanation of the mechanism of handover connected even when moving)

Play like this with Kei Ogikubo's mobile camera: It makes me feel like fun using "Cyber-shot" - Cyber-shot mobile "SO 905 iCS" (1/6) - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, try the power of Cyber-shot mobile phone)

Jobs talks "Why the iPhone does not support Flash" - ITmedia News(Note, it is difficult to satisfy the hardware specification that can install Flash Player on mobile)

Dynamic headphone "KH-K1000" realizing high sound quality reproduction in a wide band from bass to treble is released as sound quality meister edition (Sound Meister Edition)(Hardware, headphones thoroughly sticking to materials)

Window Forever - 【NEWS】 Search and browse 2channel's DAT files in a database style "Thread full text search"(Software, full-text search of locally saved logs is possible)

Itamono of Imadoki: AMD's "Cheap!" "Energy saving!" Athlon X 2 4850e can be used "pretty" - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, considerably saving power when combined with integrated chipset)

Yamaha's new "Cinema Station" - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(Home theater which realized surround comparable to 7.1 ch while hardware, 2.1 ch)

"Japan Blog Award 2008" is decided, the Grand Prix is ​​a housewife blog(Memo, nominated obstetrics and gynecology brutal stories etc)

Matsushita, "Power athlete image quality" full HD PDP / liquid crystal VIERA(Hardware, Plasma TV realizing contrast ratio of 1: 30000, etc.)

[Live live report] Casio "EXILIM CARD EX - S10"(Hardware, fiery thin 15 mm, 10 million pixel digital camera)

There are gangsters behind the fund bubble (kill the news): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(In the back society, turning a street car for grounding, releasing Doberman and putting a tank top on a young tattooed tattoo)

First discovered obscenity BD Osaka prefectural police, high image quality selling(It seems that it was said that "From now on is the era of Blu-ray Disc" from the case, suppliers)

NASCAR (top), sake brewed and cigarette brought up (Tomoya Suzuki's "US Sports Business Forefront"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(We know that the race does not hold if there are no sponsor enterprises because fans have experienced sponsors, winter times, and we will actively buy products)

God speed ('· ω ·) VIP: Buy games without a doubt if remade(Because the remake of the game, dragon Quest and FF is continuing, I will expect other old works as well)

Slowly storehouse(Illustration, summarizing what Illustrated with secondary side Fu-ta ☆ AA of "slowly go!")

It seems that LLR doing husband aim to become a cartoonist(Advice for people looking for jobs, manga artists)

Looking for an iPod for White Day? A special corner appears at the Apple Store | Personal Computer | My Computer Journal(Gadget, gold case with Swarovski crystal appeared)

Nintendo DS software with built-in 6 axis sensor "Starry Sky Navigation (Tentative)" / Famitsu.com(Memo, sensors are built in software)

"Time Hollow - seeking the robbed past" - Delivering the latest movie / Famitsu.com(Game, the movie's tremendous power is included)

Macross F: Sakamoto Maaya gave the opening songs for the first time in 4 years Yoko Kanno offers (Song Web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Anison, Macross can be expected because there are many good songs)

Dengeki flash! "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" The overseas poster is too painful w(Anime, it looks like a magnificent space opera)

About the matter that "Hearing young people's ears is interesting" is interesting - Anxiety dojo(Book, doctor)

9900 rooms at the Olympic athletes village publicly announced 42 buildings - sports news: nikkansports.com(Sports, at last it will start)

Material related to Hokuriku Electric Power's wind power is leaked from Winny, from Kajima Corporation, a contractor(Memo, even if you defend yourself, there are cases where it leaks out)

Find bacteria to eat radiation in Chernobyl | Digimaganet(Memo, a wonderful discovery if it can really be diverted to food for space travel)

'Beef Honey' Energy, Practical Start - ITmedia News(Environment, producing natural gas from cattle dung)

French village full of cemeteries, village mayor notifies "no death" | Excite News(Overseas, I am concerned about punishment given when I breach)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: I will cross the giant white field(The story, looks like a messed up look)

I do not need today's noodle saucepan or monkey! Boil pasta with a microwave oven(Food, convenient items that can make pasta very easily)

"300% vitamin divided by natural water" Available from early March: News release | Itoen(It is not a story that food, 300% can be properly absorbed)

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