Headline news on 24th March 2008

Banpresto's "Mobile Suit Gundam"Deforming business card holder with model of core fighterIt is said that it will be sold as a prize for amusement from the 4th week of April.Product image looks like thisAlthough it seems that it takes a lot of courage to use it in the business scene, if a partner is a Gundam fan, it may be able to spiritually suddenly.

So, tomorrowMarch 25. Astronomer Christian Huygens discovered Saturn's satellite Titan in 1655, and in 1943 Director Akira Kurosawa 's first directorial work, "Sanshiro" was released, and in 1991 Spitz released a single "lark of the lark" I made a major debut with "Spitz". In addition to being born in 1872, novelist Shimazaki Fujimura was born in 2002 in the racehorse Deep Impact in 1959 when Kazamoto Tatsuo, who was known for numerous songs, achieved undefeated triple crown, "Shin Emperor" The warlord principal arrogant who took over died in 940.

Today's headline news.
Popular secret is illegal video, a video sharing site that can not be stopped by anyone (Read How Industrial Paradigm Shift): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(In the era, only 6.5% are viewing only movies shot and produced by individuals completely)

Nico Nico news - total number of comments finally exceed 1 billion!(Internet service, Nico Nico video not knowing where to stay)

Missing from the Japanese press - Munchener Brucke(Media, not just neutrality fair)

One reason for a business blog / store manager blog to fail - I participated in AMN '4 th blogger study meeting' - ALPHA LABEL(Blog, "Do not write what you want to inform" is the point)

Things to think about to prevent breaking newcomer training staff - Motivation is fun from creation(Even if you work, you will not be used immediately soon afterwards training and education will be the real cost)

Listed non-border hospitals, overseas patients 430,000 (after crisis burning Thai economy): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Hospitals are listed on the Thai stock market, hospitals are listed, and one example is introduced)

Get location information automatically by launching applications - New feature on i-αppli version of Google map - ITmedia + D Mobile(It seems to be able to use like mobile, car navigation system)

Press Release Presentation: Conclusion of Joint Development Agreement on Protection Circuit Module for Cellular Phone Battery Enhanced Security and Convenience Function | Notice | NTT DoCoMo(Mobile, when it is put into practical use it will let you know about battery pack malfunction etc)

NEWS | Compact CF Card Type 7.2 Mbps HSDPA Data Communication Terminal D 01 NX II Start selling on Saturday, March 29 | eMobile(May be good for mobile, PDA or small mobile notebook)

I would like to see the content of the old mobile: Mitsubishi megapixel camera mobile - 2nd "world first" - "D505i" (1/2) - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, the vision "World's First Mega Pixel Mobile" passed through J-PHONE's SH 53 ahead of the other)

Au, "Earthquake Early Warning" service started on March 25(Mobile, service that informs us of earthquakes with vibrations and ring tones etc.)

"IPhone" trademark right, iPhone and Apple agree(Note, to this iPhone release in Japan as well?)

Annual music distribution chart announcement for 2007 0 8 out of 100 best songs(Music, highest is "Beautiful World" of Hikaru Utada)

Slashdot Japan Japan Bank Branch internal material leaked in Winny(Note, leaked out from personal computer of personal)

Slashdot · Japan Blue light emitting diode reset the body clock(Memo, if there is an effect it seems to be installed in various workplaces)

Learning with her husband Ethnic music Working mono news Life VIP craftsman blog www(Music, sound fluctuation is comfortable)

What is PV that you guys are amazing? VIPPER I(Music, Michael Jackson's dance is amazing)

Tea Fairy: Overseas gamer's question "Why does Metal gear round button = Do not enter" - livedoor Blog (blog)(Culture, in Japan, X means "mistake", but it is different meaning in other countries)

"Persona 4" long-awaited latest work announced - Famitsu.com(Setting after 2 years from game, persona 3)

Waranote Toru husband seems to introduce a horror game(Introduced from the game, Famicom period)

Japan's first software entered the DS! The first is "Disgaea" refinement version first!(Game, I want you to put out as far as 3)

The latest work of the series appeared in Nintendo DS "Valkyrie Profile Negro Banker" - Famitsu.com(Game, this time the hero is a human)

Wii "Opina" finally drafts to the free area Hachimantai \ (^ o ^) /(Game, tying?

【Macross F (frontier)】 Recruit a great pet name of the latest machine · VF - 25! (Satellite Japanese site)(Anime, seeking a nickname like "Valkyrie")

"Mother · Sayunara Zetsubou Sensei" A mystery hidden in OP - Tamagotchi rice(Anime, secretly changing)

【2ch】 New Speed ​​Quality: Things that tend to be on Recent Newcomer Ani Wota(Anime, "I have never seen Eva · Ghost shell · Bebop" etc)

Tea Fairy: An overseas anime fan talks "Change as I began watching animation" - livedoor Blog (blog)(Animation, influence on taste and tone of music)

Mobile Suit Gundam: The memorial objet directed by Uenagusa Station blessing (Mantan web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Note, Gundam is taking an artistic pose)

Keroro Gunso: "I will take office as the station chief!" Gundam's object and 2 shots (Eiton Web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Memo, wonderful combination)

Story top paper. (· Ω · ノ) I made a little journey by infanting the Nodragaku martial artist(Manga, I finally reached the third bullet, but it is as interesting as ever)

"Moe Tissue" Tsundere · Dajime girl · Lady each 500 yen(Memo, features are illustrations only)

Easter egg exciting news portrayed by presidents of the past(Note, it is scary a bit because it is a realistic depiction)

How is the "release date" of the book decided? Excite News(Note, the reason the issue date stated in Impressions is completely different)

Imifu www wwww kwwww Eraser shape design aimed at Kaiyodo part 1 That 1(DIY, high quality not seen in rubber)

In the middle of the Hoko sky, "a figure unimpeachable figure" is showing off a lot of cameras(Akihabara, this is cute)

FON Knight '08 was not user friendly - Recycled land memory trip version(It seems that it was a disappointing event)

Ikarin ... Oh yeah! Mold is growing on my feet ... but ... !!(Health, gross attention)

The painful news (No ∀ `):" What would you do if you had 300,000 yen? "Questions for the 20s ... 1st" Overseas Travel "2nd" Savings "(Memo, do not use for traveling for the time being)

From the "genuine" brand, the iced coffee perfect for summer "genuine cold coffee" emerges(Emphasizing the bitter taste of coffee beans using food, freeze crushed beans)

FRAGRE-fragrance mint tablet-(It is supposed to be a site of meal tablet, IKKO one color)

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