Headline news on November 21, 2007

Net Asia Co., Ltd. implemented "The latest trend survey on the use of mobile games for teens / 20sAccording to ", the proportion of users of mobile phones is higher than that of home game machines and portable game machines, and in particular, many women use only mobile phone games. Popular genres are role-playing, with men taking "action" by gender, more women are playing "puzzles".

As cell phones become more sophisticated, there are more opportunities to do with mobile games, and Nintendo softwareConverting service to mobile phone applicationSince they are also getting out, gamers who do not have games special aircraft may be increasing from now on.

So, tomorrowNovember 22. Kansai Television Broadcasting started in 1958, and in 1989 NEC Home Electronics released PC engine "PC Engine Shuttle" which imaged spacecraft. In September 1994 SEGA released the sixth consumer game machine "Sega Saturn". In addition, even famous actor Isao Otto was born in 1943 by singing the theme song of "Ashita no Joe", the last general of the Edo Shogunate, Yoshinobu Tokugawa died in 1913.

Today's headline news.
Internet capacity, saturated in 2010 - US survey - ITmedia News(Net, needing an investment equivalent to 137 billion dollars worldwide)

Workshop on "IPv4 address inventory exhaustion problem"(It is predicted that the net will run out in 2010 ~ 2011)

In-car mobile phone stop policy, various railway company efforts various (Yomiuri Shimbun) - Yahoo! News(Mobile, Hankyu Railway declines vehicles to be powered off)

A docomo shop staff compete for customer service skills(Mobile, excellence showcases customer service on stage)

WILLCOM, "ADS" cover and "9" Swarovski model(I feel like it does not match with the user base of mobile, W - ZERO 3 ...)

Au's "W53SA", malfunctioning with e-mail and waterproof function(Mobile, waterproof 1 Seg mobile phone malfunctioning waterproof function)

WILLCOM STORE | ★ Glittering crystal keitai(Mobile, more expensive cover than terminal body)

New service "Nablog" to "NAVITIME" and "EZ navi walk"(Mobile, calorie calculation etc are also possible)

Au, "INFOBAR 2" "A5529T" released(Mobile, successor terminal of INFOBAR finally released)

"Everyday .jp" and "MSN Sankei News", both users are increasing significantly(Memo, Main three companies maintain current status or net decrease)

Eye-O, capacity 16 GB and waterproof mobile storage(Hardware, impact resistant function and high speed transfer compatible)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: "Saving money bomb", dare to skip savings (1/2)(Hardware, Piggy Bank that explodes if you do not save money)

World's first "hard for fire and water" hard disk release WIRED VISION(Hardware, HDD made by company selling safe)

"160 km with charging for 10 minutes" Battery New technology: practicality is WIRED VISION(I'd like you to lengthen the operating time of the technology, notebook PC)

【Report】 "I made color tirol choco!" - Only one DECO chocolate experience in the world (1) Customize tyrol choco to your own life Life My Communication Journal(Internet service, service that packages favorite images and illustrations)

Livedoor News - "I want to merge with you ..." Union Girls, appearing in Shibuya!(Performances by artists and voice acts are also done at attendance)

Actual photograph Hollywood version "Dragon Ball Z", Chichi's character setting obviously entertainment My comical journal(Movie, Chichi to childhood friend)

VSist - What manga did you like in Shonen Jump? Counter image UP welcome(Manga, was it a javelin frog jumping?)

Battle between ramen shop and Mac (kill the news): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Culture, anime and manga industry to the food industry)

Doujin Women's Walk Walk: Doujinshi, What has changed in the last 10 years - livedoor Blog (blog)(Doujinshi, what has changed on the side of making doujinshi)

FujiSankei Business i. Six industries / game software major companies, four companies operating income increase ... Nintendo's soft software(Increase in sales except for games, SEGA SAMMY and BANDAI NAMCO)

"AYAKASHI" Animation Decision Details & Subject Interview Receive an interview at once!(Anime, singing a theme song is "Akane sang" OP of "Kenko naked swim swimmer Umi show" and "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Furu" OP)

HALO 3 Additional download content information! - 360 Soooo! BLOG(Game, new map added)

Temporary speed: show knowledge gained by peach iron(Game, Tokushima order is a tremendous social policy)

Try not to drink alcohol Drive a turkey! Traffic safety campaign Excite news(Overseas, gifts if you can successfully pass the examination)

Medical urban legend: Pain relieves when thinking of something strange(Adjust negative feelings due to health, pain with positive emotions)

Amongst other weird and eerie syndromes (OCCULuTION)(Health, Walking Dead Syndrome What Is There?

Tokyo newspaper Ultrasonic mosquito repellent, no effect Fair Trade Commissioner exclusion order society (TOKYO Web)(Memo, was it meaningless after all?)

I examined the handling of Amazon images again. - zerosp.blog(Memo, it is also possible to make discount images without permission)

When scissors at game archer get number 5 when getting prize VIP.net(Memo, premium enclosure setting various)

【2ch】 m9 (^ Д ^) Pugyar blog Byte There is an alien in front of us(2 ch, it's hard for an alien to get acquainted)

The sunset of the third story (Showa 30 's not drawn) - Aki Seiichi Freshman Journal(Note, not only good things)

Excite news that grilled the topic milk seafood noodles(Food, looks delicious)

Asahi.com: food ingredients rise, day of meal reduction Yokohama elementary school - society(What does it mean that it affects meals and meals?)

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