Headline news on March 19, 2007

tomorrowMarch 20. On March 20, 1602, the Netherlands established the East India Company, John Lennon and Ono Yoko married on March 20, 1969, and on March 20, 1995, a sarin subway incident occurred .

March 20, 2001 was the day when the racehorse King Kamehameha was born, Hei Kimori in March 20, 1181, Isaac Newton died on March 20, 1727, and on March 20, 1703 46 people, including Ryo Oishi (also known as Oishi Osamu Osamu), were angry. Such a day.

So today's headline news.

Believe in intuition, believe in yourself, love yourself, praise people, praise people, if you have time to look for rough people, do something for yourself.(Self-enlightenment, see the following article on why this story came up)

[Off] Feeling like Umeda's soul cry at the Lingr event - Earth :: japan :: usukey(Chat summary, log summary of the chat event that became the source of the self-development entry of the above article)

JTPA Umeda Nobuo Salon (at Lingr)> Archives> March 16, 2007(Log, raw log of chat event)

I do not like positive affirmative positive teaching: Hiro type formula(Life style, this one is finished in content that can be understood)

Is not it rude to praise people anything? :: Once I see the former president's diary(If you praise after pointing out the way of thinking, bad points)

Konoshi Ono's blog: Five story stories from a big company in the IT industry(True story, if you prohibited 2channels at company, efficiency got lower)

WEB DESIGN & AJAX: SHOCK! Google became a free Napster! It is!(Internet service, search and download)

Japan.internet.com Web marketing - Google strengthens efforts on politics for presidential election(Political, the possibility of political spyware)

MarkeZine: One hundredth of Google's purchase price, investors are impacting on low YouTube sales(Net service, YouTube advertising revenue is $ 15 million)

"YouTube is aware of copyright infringement" - Viacom lawyer claims - CNET Japan(YouTube, Which will you win?

Viacom vs. YouTube secret weapon M. Salmi, talking about video strategy - CNET Japan(YouTube, do people tell the last thing?)

Real loss due to arrest of Takafumi Horie(Livedoor, there is no development in the market without competition)

Web contents of Japan no longer grow up due to livedoor incident :: If you do, former president diary(Perspective that the company which is making net, M & amp; A is gone)

Venture business began to take too much risk - what the Livedoor case showed - CNET Japan(Livedoor, there are already articles in this case somewhat)

ITmedia Anchor desk: Horiemon's long-awaited theory(Livedoor, what happened in the last 14 months unless the livedoor case happened)

ITmedia News: IT MEDIA lists Mothers(Stocks, sales are 2,151 million yen)

I think about life in "life game" nowadays(It seems that I am keenly aware of the severity of life when games, adults do)

Busty idol invites, Sara golden way to hell(Big tits do not come in finance, collection)

DSAS developer's room: working at home at KLab(Work, remotely working now is a regular employee)

0.999 ... - Wikipedia(Proof, 0.999 ... is totally completely equal to "1" with no difference in size)

I do not use the form function of PDF ...(PDF, bank online application form was quite useful in this)

Lessons from Second Life - Relationship between content and advertising - CNET Japan(Internet advertisement, the idea that the effect will increase if affinity is high)

Mistakes in "10 Tips to Watch Out For Web Design"(Web design, very convincing and there is data)

Yamazaki Haruka's memo · When entering the rental housing · When going out(I was able to do it really well referring to this page when I am in rental housing, Tokyo)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: The day the movie throws away the TV (1/3)(TV, digital camera movie came at the time to abandon compatibility with television)

Geek's page: How to contact with unwilling employees(Communication, the last item is amazing)

Imif www wwww kwwww JoJo's bizarre adventure had predicted 911 terrorism?(Manga, certainly the prediction is positive)

Daily talk. Detective Conan has many characters(Manga, characters buried in balloon)

Slashdot Japan | Women in Colorado sue Internet Archive(Trial, alteration, theft, violation of contract and extortion and illegal organization law · violation of the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act)

Outline processor comparison(Software, I used AUTLA and WZ Editor in old times)

Nantoca reduced water(It's not like I've heard it somewhere)

Rule & Manner Examination on the Internet(It is free if you only answer and see the commentary on the net)

About starting operation of "Okinotorishima Lighthouse": PDF file(Politics, I will not say it's just a rock)

The painful news (No ∀ `):" Angel (Enjeiru) "" Riyaya (Riya) "... Female college student" Name I want to give children "(Child care, can you spend your whole life with that name)

ITmedia Enterprise: Have not you experienced it? Neighborhood hiyari hat (first part) (1/2)(Case where whole mail and CD-ROM are attached files)

MS conducts "Live Search" corporate remuneration program - CNET Japan(Marketing, will it be done in Japan?

Docomodake microSD card reader attached strap(Mobile, seems to be able to use it properly)

What is Radius One Click? - Hatena diary(Word, the phenomenon that everyone falls on network workers)

Instant house curry Limited release from April 9: News release: House food(Food, nostalgic Showa's curry)

- Scent and pungent fragrance and pungent taste of salt citrus! Creative rich salt Tonkotsu Ramen! "Nissin Soup Master Kenzu (Kuyuu) Rich Salt Tonkotsu" New Release(Food, released on April 2)

"Kisen noodles scented fragrant with Nissin Seishin soup" 2. New release of "Nissin Seika Yuzu Kakusei Tsuyu Somen"(Food, released on April 9)

- Simple sandwich with cup easily - New type cup noodles "Nissin warm somen citrus pepper flavor" New release(Food, released on April 2)

Seasonal only! White grape taste join the ranks "Mitsuya Cider Candy" New release Candy of deliciousness which starts with 'Shuwa'(Food, from 26th March)

3 creamy cheese cubes "Bell Cube" directly from France(Food, adopted design barcode on sale from April 1)

"Takumi no rice (three-stage heaviness)" second release(Food, limited to 30,000 meals at 980 yen)

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