Headline news on September 6, 2007

Publish movies taken by the athlete while playing "Athlete's line of sight"Is the website of Olympus Imaging Corporation"FotoPus"It opened today today. Ten people including swimmers Kosuke Kitajima, swimmer Kosuke Kitajima, Seiko Urata & Hiromi Suzuki, and Masayoshi Oguro, football player, will be appointed to the athlete and will introduce photos taken with the Olympus digital camera in blogs and photo galleries. Currently as the first step, the video of Seiko Urata & Hiromi Suzuki players are released.

So, tomorrowSeptember 7. In 1901 the Qing Dynasty and the peace treats of other countries were signed in the Yoshiwa incident and in 1945 the Okinawa garrison surrendered to the American army. First generation iPod nano was released from Apple Computer in 2005. Emperor Saga of the 52nd Emperor was born in 786, Elizabeth I of the Kingdom of England was born in 1533, Tokugawa Izumo of the Edo Shogunate 4th Shogun Shogun was born in 1641, Wei's politician · Shiba died in 251 years.

Today's headline news.

Is compensation better than DRM reinforcement? - Discussion at Private Recording Recording Subcommittee - ITmedia News(Copyright, public procurement is solicited collectively as an aggregate proposal on September 26)

YouTube 'remodeling plan' (Tomorrow 's Tomorrow): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Internet service, Google cares seriously)

Succeeded in trial production of 120 GB HDD using world's first discrete track recording technology(Hardware, vertical recording type HDD to 1.5 times more capacity)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: Yamaha Announces New Flagship "DSP - Z 11" with 3D Cinema DSP(Hardware, you can experience 11.2 ch surround)

Dell, Core 2 Extreme selectable type 17 WS Note(Hardware, high-performance mobile workstation)

SanDisk's flash memory new product release, Goto Maki also appeared(Hardware, red high-speed type compact flash, etc.)

Which do you choose, gold or stainless steel? ── "Ear celebrity" Bluetooth headset appeared - ITmedia + D Mobile(Hardware, those who use gold are ten thousand yen higher)

"Stronger partnership since HTC foundation" ─ ─ HTC and QUALCOMM CEO meetings - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, au baseball chip planned to be loaded with autumn / winter model is super high performance)

Wilcom, "Harmful Site Access Restriction Service" from the beginning of October(It can not be used in combination with high-speed service for mobile, free use)

Slashdot Japan Robotics Three Principles to Software(Software, virus out in Article 1)

Window Forever - 【NEWS】 MS, "Windows Live" related software can be downloaded and installed at once(Software, it is only beta version installed at once)

Rights owners organization target? Trend Micro alerts new virus(Security, a virus that targeted Japanese rights holder groups?)

Japan.internet.com Web marketing - over 60% of major Japanese advertisers use Internet advertisements ~ seed / planning survey(80% over in the case of advertisement, information / communication industry)

The number of damages of Internet banking crime tends to increase, according to the Financial Services Agency survey(Security, damage amount averages 1.36 million yen)

Next to Yamada virus "Taniguchi virus" - ITmedia News(Security, won by the game software "Umineko no Naku Koro ni" etc. shared by Winny)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: Pick-up technique bidding on Yahoo! Auction(Digital camera, shooting method to make the exhibit look beautiful)

Sofmap's new flagship store "Sofmap Akihabara Main Building" is open, PC parts are "Reuse Comprehensive Hall" and "Computer General Hall"(Note, on the new face of Akihabara)

New PSP "PSP-2000" disassembly review(Overseas version new PSP sold in game, Akihabara)

GameSpark - Xbox 360 Messenger Kit is finally released! What is inside? It is!(Game, keyboard united with controller)

CNN.co.jp False iPhone will be on sale in China, more than double the price of US Price defective - Business(Hardware, you can call, but you can not receive calls)

The 45th Amusement Machine Show Official Site(Event, held on 15th September "World's Largest Festival of Fun")

Do you feel nosebleed if you feel horny?(Memo, directing often in manga)

Yahoo! News - RBB TODAY - Add that 15 songs including Gundam again - that animation song ~(Added net service, "Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY" and "Legend Majestic Ideon" etc.)

Gundam OO - Double O - - Contact: Masumi Mima(Animation, sound production director's story telling production)

Full Auto Talking about the backing circumstances of the animation industry ⊂ ⌒ ⊃.Д.) ⊃ speed ≡ ≡ ≡ ⊂ √ √ ゚ Д ゚(Anime, pretty tough pattern)

Gradius singing by music production software "Hatsune Miku" singing in synthetic sound(Software, sounds pretty natural)

"Wait till the year 2011" is 40% "Looking" is 30% - ITmedia News(In addition to the tuner, you need an antenna to watch TV and terrestrial digital broadcasting.)

SKY Perfect JSAT, satellite launch failed(Since the memorandum and the launch cost are covered by insurance, the influence is minor)

Guinness record is how amazing it is? Excite News(Note, 1000 applications in one week)

Psychic animation The horror is a movie whose face is peeped from the top of the window after the jump ¢ ⌒ ⊃. Д.) ⊃ speed ≡ ≡ ≡ ⊂ √ √ √ √(Occult, horror movies in various ways)

Reform of the movie industry from movie theater (How to Read! Industry Paradigm Shift): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Movies, movie theaters that can be newly cinema only)

Human cell nucleus in the egg of an animal Science that the UK institute can create "fused embryo" Science YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Technology, approved for research on intractable diseases)

Is it a mysterious blood-sucking animal "Chupacabra"? Boiling in the Texas Town of U.S. | Ameba News(Animals, dead bodies of unusual animals are found)

Prisoner junked by becoming slimy with soap Gallery ~ overseas astronaut / funny news ~(Overseas, I often got out)

Which one is tasty? Compare and eat "New Ramen Cans" that will appear one after another! : Digital ARENA(Food, a pretty variety of women do not know before)

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