Can Wii version Mario Kart be able to play up to 16 online matches?

According to the overseas site "Go Nintendo", it seems that Wii version Mario Kart may be able to play up to 16 online battles. Also, stunt elements will also be added.

Details are as follows.
Go Nintendo >> Blog Archive >> Mario Kart Wii - 16 player online, stunts, and more - What are you waiting for?

According to this article, it is planned that the Wii version of Mario Kart will be implementing the online battle option for the first time in the "Battle Mode" in the official magazine of Nintendo in the UK, and it will be possible for up to 16 players to be possible It is said that it is done. And when you jump and the cart is in the air, stunts will be available.

Although it is the release date of the worrisome Wii version Mario Kart, it is said to be released around the spring of 2008.

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