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Weathernews Inc. observes "temperature" and "sensible temperature" "Tokyo sensationWe will start from August 1st (Wednesday) and we are looking for a "sensation crew member" for that purpose from today. A special thermometer is paid to the sensation crew members, and the temperature of the office, home, train and so on is measured, and it is said that the bodily sensation is reported. We will also conduct temperature verification tests and water temperature changes after showering, and seem to conduct surveys on the theme of temperature and sensation in the Tokyo area where heat islandization progresses.

Today the temperature is rising steadily, but tomorrow is the highest temperature anniversary day marked the highest temperature in Japan, 40.8 degrees. Everyone please take care of heat stroke and sunstroke.

So, tomorrowJuly 25. In 1261 the Nikaia Empire recaptured Constantinople, the Eastern Roman Empire resurrected, and in 1933 a temperature of 40.8 degrees, the highest Japan record in Yamagata Prefecture, was observed and in the 1992 the 25 th Summer Olympics, Barcelona The Olympic Games are held. "Windows 98 Japanese version" was released in 1998. In addition to being born in 1562 by Kiyomasa Kato, Wataru Takagi was born in 1966, who is the voice of the mouse in the 5th term "Gengha no Kitaro" currently broadcasting, "Genetect Conan," Detective Conan, 1995 Kimono, who invented the "Kagonbunka" in the year, died.

Today's headline news.

Winnie, 2990 personal information leaked, Sompo Japan etc. economic news economy · money YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Security, leaked from agency's PC)

Painful news (No ∀`) Chinese beach, too many people to swim(Leisure, the sea can not be seen)

Survey on children's sports [voluntary · joint research results] - goo research(Health, leisure is the most popular for both men and women swimming)

Increase in death of respiratory diseases as concentration rises Excite news(Health, mortality rate of the elderly increased by 1.1%)

Survey results on gift market - Research Express - Summary of latest survey results -(Present, a small gift "Casual Gift" leads the industry)

V guitar system "VG-99" announcement News Release Roland(Virtually make up the sound of hardware, electric guitar and acoustic guitar)

Greenhouse, SDHC compatible MP3 player with sales of 2,280 yen(Hardware, at least if there is an LCD screen ...)

Published SCE, PS3 CD upsampling compatible farm(Hardware, improved sound quality of CD and AVCHD file playback possible)

Livedoor, renewed by adopting "Gmail" for Web mail(Net service, livedoor who has no own mail service)

Takeshi Yamatani's "Asian · IT": What is the specifications the Chinese government calls "Net Cafe PC" (1/2) - ITmedia + D PC USER(Memo, Internet Cafe PC guidelines established by the Chinese government)

Wireless Japan 2007: "nani" seen in the picture - Sofia booth - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, it seems to be released around early 2008)

Published "Lunascape Mobile 1.0 official version" for Windows Mobile - ITmedia + D Mobile(Software, choices of browsers for W - ZERO 3 increased)

"SOFTBANK MOBILE's breakthrough, the impact on us is not great" ─ ─ President Onodera of KDDI - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, Softbank and au's customer seem to be different)

Notice concerning capital and business alliance of JVC and Kenwood and consideration of management integration and issue of new shares by JVC's third-party allotment | Press Release | News | Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.(Note, Victor and Kenwood to Business Integration)

Release of three new models of digital camera LUMIX | Press Release | News | Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.(Hardware, the company's first face recognition function and optical 18x zoom etc are installed)

On the release of a new model of "gigabeat (R) U series" digital audio player(Hardware, gigabeat with color variations of 24 traditional Japanese colors)

ITmedia Enterprise: System management "Here is a hen": "Ubiquitous and cost savings at W - ZERO 3", sluggish because greed is too greedy? (1/3)(Failure and success of a company introducing W - ZERO 3 for mobile, mobile)

Thrash dot Japan Georgia Institute of Technology successfully developed power generation element using blood flow(Technology, it seems that it will take time to get power that can withstand practical use)

Fine payment order to naked cycling travelers Serbian Excite news(Overseas, due to the influence of heat waves the temperature is around 40 degrees)

The end of a fool who turned the painter into an enemy(SNS, on the note of mixiAbout copyrighted worksWas added)

Livedoor News - One of the "50 most beautiful people in the world" man who came to Japan for the first time at "Transformers"(Josh Duhamel, chosen in the movie, American Weekly Magazine People)

~ Sazanami disintegration ~ - In television Aichi, the transformation scene of "Moe tae" has been unregulated and looked all over?(Anime, this can not be broadcast)

Kadokawa Shoten launches "Animation Newtype Channel" to Deliver Suzumiy Haruhi Early(Net service, starting today at 18 o'clock)

⊂ ✿ ◯ ◯ Д.) カ Kaji Speed ​​≡ ≡ ≡ ⊂ √ √ √ √ √ ___ ___ ___ 0(Anime, everyone pretty smart)

GameSpark - Red & Black, two-tone color "Nintendo DS Lite" appears!(Game, limited edition included overseas software only)

Technobahn News: Cleaning at the International Space Station, massive garbage is thrown away in space(It seems that the universe has burned out about the earth for about a year)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: I enjoyed the high school baseball district qualifying(Baseball, mouth trap support can be refreshing)

Makoto Z Toriyama Akira's legendary "Tetsuko's Room" that appeared on TV only once in a lifetime(Movie, pretty young picture)

Everything Young and well-laden women gather in popularity with services that mow lawn in the form of bikinis(Business, looks like it can only be done in summer)

2 Channels live broadcasting Summer holidays for companies in all over the world(It seems that it will be about the same as working days, holidays combined)

A big ambition of a small thugger As an examination problem of mathematics "Nogawa Sakura"(Examination, whether this problem occurs if it is advanced level IIIC)

Development of technology capable of searching similar images / videos within 1 second from several million image databases Developed search method for image feature quantity data and high speed search of large scale database(It is possible to realize an image / video search application that instantaneously searches for scenes of favorite entertainers out of notes, 10,000 hours of images)

@nifty: Daily Portal Z: Reproducing the pudding of that meal(Food, carving 4 kg of pudding)

Painful news (No ∀ `) School lunch at Sendai elementary school(Food, super simple)

It's summer! Curry! It's a curry bath! Is it?(Not food, turmeric extract formulation)

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