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It was aired on television Tokyo series in 1997, and still boasts a strong popularity anime "Girl Revolutionary Utena"ButRemaster DVD-BOX, becoming CD-BOX and returningWe previously told you at GIGAZINE, but will be newly recorded on remastered CD - BOXArranged version of the inserted song "Absolute fate apocalypse" has been released. The arranged theme is "An elegant afternoon, songs that you can hear in a stylish cafe in ParisThat's right.

So, next MondayMay 26. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on May 26th one year ago.

All services that store data on the net are illegal for copyright infringement - GIGAZINE

Movie of cats playing with towel - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Toyota certified QC activities business - MSN Sankei News(Work, kaizen activities eliminate upper limit of overtime)

Business Media Makoto: In-house communication, mail or paper?(Work, the most common is e-mail)

Business Media Makoto: The average annual income of regular and contract employees in Tokyo, difference of 1.91 million yen(I wonder if there are people with overwhelming jobs and salaries and the average is high)

Summer bonus slight increase, the average of 86 major companies is 932 329 Economic news Money · Economy YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Work, but growth slowed down)

"Generation gap" exists at work = US survey Excite news(Work, less opportunity to speak when the year is away)

【Chief Cabinet Secretary】 "Summertime, Personally Agree" (23rd morning) (1-5 pages) - MSN Sankei News(I do not think it would be a job, energy conservation ... ...)

Slashdot Japan Japan Reasons why work is not progressing due to lack of sleep, it becomes scientifically apparent(Health, perhaps as everyone is expecting)

Smoking cessation and obesity spread to families and friends United States Harvard Big Survey: CNN_co_jp(Health, influence is great if it is a familiar person)

Somehow it can not be converted vs_ Somehow can be converted: Recent "MS-IME" is noticeable - if it is OK, it is "ATOK" (1-4) - ITmedia + D PC USER(Software, development of MS-IME is shifting to China)

Daily research - Keitai, charging 70% "while you are at home" www.internet_com(Mobile, charging method is the same as direct charging to the attached charging base and adapter)

Compared to the 20s in cash, 30s are ... ... - Overseas Credit Usage Survey Life My Communication Journal(Memo, credit usage rate in 20's is low)

"2 Channel" Introduced by Mr. Hiroyuki and AA, "Wired" magazine WIRED VISION(Memo, subtle awful AA)

Japan's Internet, Total PV Decrease Usage Time Increased by 20% - ITmedia News(Net, PV decreased for the first time this year)

From now on to acquire Kidaro of virtualization technology in the era of bringing personal PC to workplace Completed News - CNET Japan(It might become popular if business and machinery power is over time)

[Society] What is "next generation footbridge" also handled by architectural designers RxR R25 _jp(Memo, if you can, I want you to take off to the car)

Hatsune Miku: Drama Concluding Hen Summer Broadcast Misaki vs. Akina, Love's Rival Confrontation - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Drama, Concluding Hen?

Actually do not know "shortcut keys" Ranking: Alfalfa mosaic(Software, various secretly useful shortcuts)

Online criminal map SpotCrime does not approach Kimiko dangerously TechCrunch Japanese Archive(Note, the place where the crime occurred is displayed with an icon such as a gun)

Missouri car dealer gives gun to car purchaser Excite News(Overseas, America's unique campaign)

Answer behind the problem paper ... Unified test in the UK, nobody noticed - MSN Sankei News(Overseas, normally note notes are printed)

Why is the leisure seat that color? Excite News(Memo, there were a lot of orange colors in the past)

Manga Popular Character Co-starring "Summit" PR News Entertainment YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Manga, a poster drawn by 49 manga artists will be posted)

After all it is closed holiday decision! "Truthfully considering" Young Sunday "holiday publication" Truth daily daily Saizo(Manga, it does not seem to be "examination" level)

Island cultivation: On the 28 th the president assumed office as well as on the official website (Mantan web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Manga, authors to see)

Overseas animation fans talk about "Anime DVD to hesitate to take to the cashier" - livedoor Blog (blog) tea fairies(It is serious if there is a clerk who speaks to animation, Frank)

Undressing when the boss is beaten "Start of great anger Prince Bee" commenced operation(Shooting game that destroys armor like games, clothes)

Space invaders 30th anniversary umbrella!(Game, not for sale but for lending)

First overseas preview! "Biohazard 5" adopts 2P cooperation play and cover system by riot_ brother - GameSpark(Game, online collaboration is possible)

Not at all! Overseas version cover art "Mystery Dungeon Kaze no Shiren DS" by riot_ Brother - GameSpark(Game, Shillen full of murder)

Kuriyama Chiaki is Lynn Shao Yu! Is it? Photographed movie version "Tekken" starring actor's photo first released by riot_ brother - GameSpark(Movies, whatever Hollywood movie)

"Peace degree" in the United States, 97th place below Libya Japan ranks fifth place: CNN_co_jp(Memo, the most peaceful is Iceland)

"Burn it up, Mizuki Noguchi" To Olympic Games successive Gundam is also hot - Living: asahi_com(Memo, Gundam cheering with flag)

Everydar ___ ___ 0 Touch to rescue Calgogo - Life: asahi_com(Memo, local hero of Ibaraki prefecture)

A deer penetration into a hairdressing salon, my father fights and protects my son: CNN_co_jp(Memo, what cool-father)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: eat scorpion deep-fried(Food, appearance is tight)

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