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Against seniors between 50 and 79 years of ageQuestionnaire about game machinesResearch on the "Flash Research" net research "Research TV", it seems that the highest ownership rate has become "PS 2" for deferred type and "DS Lite" for portable type. For reasons for playing with game machines, "from unexpectedly funny" is the most frequent, as well as the reasons for saying "Become a common topic for playing with family" and "as a training for the head" are mentioned. In the next-generation game machine, the questionnaire entered in the top rank is "Wii" only, so you can see that Nintendo successfully grabbed the light user layer.

So, tomorrowMay 9. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on May 9th one year ago.

Body painting art that made good use of body curves - GIGAZINE

I tried immersing "MICRODIA SD memory card" available in harsh environments in water - GIGAZINE

Impactful and unusual design card - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
What will change? does not change? · Introducing Windows XP SP3? PC & Digital Camera - Latest News IT-PLUS(Software, will SP3 fix come in next week's Windows Update?)

3 minutes LifeHacking: Adult library utilization technique 【Individual Greasemonkey generation】 - ITmedia Biz_ID(Internet service, you can search Amazon's books in the nearby library)

Google Skip ...... the moment of falling into the dark side Web Contact Person Forum(Internet, brains automatically apply advertisement filter when get used to it)

Asahi_com: Mirko et al. Pridded fighting fighter missing tax income tax total 20 million yen - Society(Increase in eligible persons due to economic and consumption tax exemption reduction)

What is the cheap Mac compatible machine "Open Computer" made? Macworld magazine reports on actual equipment WIRED VISION(Hardware, the state that wiring is entangled with the fan)

SOFTBANK announces settlement of accounts for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2008 - It is the biggest sales and profit since its establishment - ITmedia + D Mobile(Both economic and managerial income and ordinary income are strongly growing strongly)

Next time it is a "white cat"! - Softbank's new CM information: RBB TODAY (Broadband information site) 2008-05-08(Mobile, dog father's popularity seems to be high)

MS president is part time: Gates pursues US Google with new search technology - ITmedia + D PC USER(Note, new search technology will appear in next month)

Call the attention to the National Lifestyle Center, "Water wet on the mobile phone"(There are many users who are not aware of the fact that mobile and mobile phones get broken when wet)

"High payout with soft-use horse race expectation" President who gathered more than 1.5 billion Arrested society YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Note, if you hit in software you do not have any difficulties)

[Economy] Commentary on public gambling where high-value winning lotteries are going on RxR R25 _ jp(Notes, lottery system does not feel like winning at all)

14 people listed in the graduation textbook "Homeless likely" middle school in Fukui - MSN Sankei News(Memo, unexpected future forecast items were also mentioned elsewhere)

CNN_co_jp: Beijing Olympic torch, succeeded in climbing Mount Everest(Olympic Games, few people disturb you this)

"That sight is abnormal" National Public Safety Commission Chairman complains about Chinese students - MSN Sankei News(Olympic Games, National Public Safety Commission Chairperson listed on website)

"Talent who broke big in the past year" ranking announcement - Architect Entertainment My com journal(Entertainment, Yoshio Oshima overwhelming top)

Easy conversation with foreigners Multilingual automatic translation software news - CNET Japan(Software, it is quite amazing if it is practical level ... ...)

J-CAST news Scary credit card's blind spot "Confirm with PIN" not spread(Life, dangerous if crossed to malicious human)

Reward of 1.7 million yen just sleeping: NASA recruits experiment participants WIRED VISION(Memo, it is decided to sleeping posture)

Slashdot Japan Japan human powered vocaloid support tool "UTAU"(Software, you can use your favorite voice)

Window Forever - 【NEWS】 Vista gadget "Amazon Jacket Image" to support 'jacket buying' of music CD(Software, go to the product page by clicking the photo)

Sylvester · Stallone: ​​Motor to Rambo a sequel! Western play in Mexico - Mainichi jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(I wonder if it will come out as a movie, Rambo)

【2ch】 New speed quality Movie that you should watch once in a lifetime(Movies, mostly foreign-made)

Issuing suddenly suddenly concerns about red! "M9" editor-in-chief m9 (^ Д ^) Development Daily Launch(The magazine, the name of the magazine comes from ASCII art of pointing)

Study ☆ Chunnel 2008 Spring Anime's popularity examined as a storehouse's bookstore(Anime, Top of Sales Raise is "Masked Mask of Kamen")

Hatsune Miku: First popular figure with popular figures popular figures "sold out" (Mantan web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Note, sold out reservations for figures of 5500 yen in a few days)

"Otomedius G (gorgeous!)" Arcade's popular shooting game is a transplant decision - Famitsu _ com(Game, a new character not added to the arcade version is added)

"Xbox 360 Platinum Collection" New 3 titles will be released on July 10(Game, two of the added are Forza 2 and Piñata included in the Value Pack)

Game information & blog (Before relocation alpha testing 【Column shot】) Question as to why the PC engine LT strayed from the era can not be DS.(Game, price is terrible)

Xbox 360: "There is breakthrough online" Gates chairman, countering sluggish sales (Mantan web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Game, promotion of Japan is too motivated)

Character wallpaper release. The third round is Yuhara. | 8105graphics. - ShoK(game,Fighting game "MONSTER"Wallpaper. Quite high quality)

Pedestrian heaven in Akihabara Another "runaway"(Note, I do not know that my bicycle is useless)

CNN_co_jp: Possibility of exceeding 100,000 deaths of cyclone Food shortage acute(Overwhelmingly more than announced overseas and military government)

CNN_co_jp: Wine with dishwashing solution, customers and burns at NZ cafe(Overseas, drinking wine and burning in the mouth)

Tokyo Ethno 【Argentina】 Call for "using a straw to drink drinking with a canned drink"(Food, the Argentine government calls)

"Gut not sticking" to commercialize, UK companies developed developed fund-raising news(Food, not adhesive strength is not)

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