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A copy-free terrestrial digital broadcasting tuner "Freeio" that sold out in so many popular sells in several hoursIt will be resold from 20 o'clock today.That's right. In the last time the system did not stop and it seems that free orders over 700 pieces have been ordered from schedule, but how much inventory is prepared this time?

So, next MondayMarch 31. On March 31st one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote the following articles.

Nine things really necessary for entrepreneurship in Japanese society - GIGAZINE

Powerful obstructive scanner art - GIGAZINE

Game "Mission Planet Earth" to organize a crew to take pictures - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Bookstore recruitment exam question (1987 edition) - everyone's 25 o'clock(Work, tough physical fitness test available)

This year's new recruitment is "curling type": society: sports broadcast(Work, I'm curious what kind of analysis I am doing)

Business Media Makoto: Annual income after 10 years is 550,000 yen, newcomers of this year are realistic(Questionnaire for jobs, new graduates planned for employment)

I often say that annual income is 10 million annually, but the goal is: Alfalfa mosaic(A handful, a few workers with annual income exceeding 10 million yen)

CNN.co.jp: If you pass the English exam, you will be deferred and the judge of American specialties(You have to go to court, regular work)

Youth: "Newly-Tribe of TV and the Net" Increasing in the US | WIRED VISION(Life, almost half use simultaneous use of net and TV)

"Nikoniko Sports" in which cheering barrage flows is started - Nico Nico video (SP 1) | Internet | My Computer Journal(Net service, "Rod reader" and "Roku read man" provide the latest sports news)

I want to know "here" of "EMONSTER" (1): Can you see YouTube and Nico Nico Videos - "EMONSTER" - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, unfortunately Nico Nico and YouTube can not be seen by default)

Short term intensive plan Using an inexpensive SOFTBANK Keitai: Receive PC mail with "fixed" monthly amount of 1500 yen ─ ─ Utilization of Softbank "Premobile + mailing unlimited" (1/2) - ITmedia + D Mobile(You can send and receive mobile, email with photos, etc.)

Au's "W 42 K" smoke and break the battery pack - 13 accidents, about 215 thousand units to collect / exchange - ITmedia + D Mobile(Beware of malfunction of mobile and battery pack)

"To the world's best mobile nation" - e · mobile, start voice service | Mobile | MY COMIC Journal(Mobile, start voice service from today)

Www.internet.com Web marketing - Disney mobile service launched, less than half know "I knew" - Net Asia reported(Mobile, provided by SOFTBANK MOBILE in Japan)

Docomo installs Google search box on iMenu with renewal on April 1(Mobile, in collaboration with Google and docomo)

E-Mobile, voice service launched(Mobile, 2 channel notice also notice of explosion)

Does Mr. Natsuno from DoCoMo retire? Mobile phone market entering the turning point: RBB TODAY (Broadband information site) 2008/03/28(Mobile, i-mode and Osaifu-Keitai developers)

By design · Built in terrestrial digital broadcasting 32-inch LCD TV to 79,800 yen(Hardware, price cuts of 60,000 yen in total)

Family killing: "My family is bloody" My eldest daughter asked for help Next door to my house - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Memo, only the eldest daughter of 6th grade of elementary school was safe)

PJ - HIRAFUJI article file - When did "park" have become "public road"? Osaka city · Nagai Park which makes it into a lawless zone(Memo, motorcycle and buggies running around the park)

Painful news (No ∀ `):" Stop selling Takoyaki "International Animal Welfare Organization requests Japan Professional Baseball(Meals, measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions)

MIAU needs to reconsider "intellectual property promotion plan 2007" and redefine user's viewpoint(Opinions that the definition from the user is also necessary about memos, copyright, etc.)

Researcher who hacked the iPhone, MacBook Air also underwater in 2 minutes: Security - Computerworld.jp(Security, perhaps thought to have struck Safari's vulnerability)

CNN.co.jp: Harry Potter learning courses are popular and the American University(Lecture on school, volume 7 volumes)

Hashimoto "Abolish preferential discrimination because it is reverse discrimination": Alfalfa mosaic(Politics, just being able to speak, it is a big deal, but how far can it run?)

Komeito and the National New Party also set up an official channel on "YouTube"(Net service, party official channel opened one after another on YouTube)

CNN.co.jp: The same number of votes as the mayor's town, trash cans using lottery Australia(Election, why bother to use the trash box)

CNN.co.jp: Arrested a man who cash in Marijuana smelly punk(Overseas, is it understandable by smell)

"Secret place of the United States" in which ordinary people do not enter Photo gallery | WIRED VISION(Memo, photographer taking permission)

CNN.co.jp: Disposal of fireworks exploded and 25 people died, 9 injured China(Overseas, how much amount exploded has been unknown)

A huge Olympic mark appeared in Chinese wheat field of Guizhou Province of China | Excite News(Memo, 5 crop circles)

DNA appraisal kit to know real father, released in the United States International News: AFPBB News(You can check it by posting a sample using the kit you purchased at the drugstore)

Power Stick Vii, finally arrived in Japan - "V-Sports" From Huyan - iNSIDE(Game, people who are going to buy it wrongly)

【Daily life of retro games and pachislot】 Midget's backward diary Let's pick up some bad hobby games released during the first PlayStation era(Games, chaos games are full)

Aizu wakamatsu rage on the TBS program, Tsuruga castle castle "Because it is unsanitary"? : Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(The mass communication, although there is an impact as an answer ... ...)

Asahi.com: Tobu and Seibu also counter to the "express" of Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line - Comimi Review(To railroads, diamonds countering the Fukutoshin Line starting in June)

Slashdot · Japan | Computer wins professional chess player with go(Humans dominate still more as games, board surface spreads)

Game * Spark -: Do not look good kids! "Adult Smash Bra" erotic snake's secret photo album by RIKUSYO(Game, all-you-can-eat snake)

Game * Spark -: PlayStation Portable, 2008 will increase sales by 85% than before by nick(Gaming, that PSP 2 does not go out much yet)

In accordance with the arrival of spring, the second release of "Stylish Collections" will be released / Famitsu.com(Memo, Devil May Cry Polo Shirt and Cardigan ...)

Akiba "Ghost in the Shell S.A.C." Cafe - "Laughing Man" Hot Cake Available - Akiba Keizai Shimbun(Available from 4th April to 20th April)

"Manga Award 2008" by manga-like volunteer announced. The 1st Grand Prize is "Mountain"(Manga, works targeting up to 8 volumes)

Lucky Star: Character Recruitment on Street Lights Panel "Moe" in One Color Saitama Koichi City (Eitan Web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Anime, how far is it going to be in Satie City?)

【Report】 April New animation "Inari Inagi of our house." I went to the dubbing scene of the site | Hobby | My Combi Journal(Anime, man's heaven fox empty phantom seems to laugh at Mito Komon style)

I will expose my wrapper's sister's lark(2 ch, flaky gangsters)

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