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A free manga magazine can be read on WEB "Gangan ONLINEStarted today. Magazine whose main character is "Kitakita Oya" of "Magic Square Guruguru"Maiko no Kitakita"And animated as well"Mahoraba"Akira Kojima's new work"Wow!"And others were released. It seems that updates will be done every week in the future, so please check out those who like comic books.

So, tomorrowOctober 3. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on October 3, one year ago.

Top 10 of the world's largest databases - GIGAZINE

When an artist draws a continuation of a child's painting it becomes like this - GIGAZINE

10 Reasons to Eat More Chocolate - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): We waited a bit for the boogie "Boom" - Rakugo - movies · music · entertainment(Entertainment, too much voice makes it a distracting impression)

Painful news (No ∀ `):" If I googar in 2001? "Google will open" 2001 Google search "(Internet service, Google made with past index information)

Price .com Magazine - Feature 056 Mini Laptop Comparison Great Book(Hardware, compare 7 notebook PCs)

Listen to the song of the Big Bang: "Sound compressed for the first million years of the universe to 5 seconds" | WIRED VISION(It is possible to actually listen with a memo, WAV file of the link destination)

Business Media Makoto: Amazon credit card terminated in December(Note, unusable after December 16)

Current affairs dot com: "Okitsuki" for software analysis = ensuring compatibility, by finding bugs - to revise copyright law · Agency for Cultural Affairs(Software, released a proposal to allow analysis behavior under specific conditions)

About 50% of parents prepare for children 's net trouble - Kids goo investigation - japan.internet.com Web marketing(Half or more households not using net, filtering service)

More than half of children's mobile phones "Good to have from middle and high school students": Marketing - CNET Japan(Mobile, the age I think is better to let me have compared to the 2006 survey)

Aso cabinet e-mail magazine, opening a video section "Taro Channel": News - CNET Japan(Politics, the e-mail magazine which continues from the Koizumi cabinet delivered this time as well)

The meaning of the net character string, "orz" 60% half, "wktk" also recognizes less than 40% cognition - eye share research(Memo, more than half people recognize "orz" even in their forties)

"Photovoltaic system realizing seven times the power of conventional at low cost" | WIRED VISION(Note, I want you to install it on a mobile phone when commercialized)

Clothes with solar batteries appeared, charging of mobile can also be possible | global speech | Reuters(Hardware, the panel itself is relatively small)

【AIR Colle】 Working while watching the nationwide hit song PV? "AOL Top 100 Videos" | Online | My Communication Journal(Software, applications that can watch PV and music videos taken up in AOL Music)

"Do not be fooled by fake virus infection messages" Several companies warn - japan.internet.com Web technology(Security, fake information suddenly displayed when watching the Internet)

Kiyohara looks at numbers "big hitter of the age" - MSN Sankei News(The number of sports and strikeouts is also the succession)

Window no Mori - [REVIEW] "Amazon.co.jp" Search for cheap items anyway "Amelie"(Software, software to list cheap products from specified categories)

Economic ripple effect of game software industry is 1 trillion yen - CESA estimates - ITmedia News(Values ​​including the effect of related products such as business, books and goods)

Price .com Eco - Also on Earth "I'm glad I bought it"(Environment, price.com creates site that collects eco information)

Scratches on beech in Shirakami mountains, Ministry of the Environment and Forestry Agency consider accusations: Environment: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Consider accusations caused by property damage and violation of forest law because it is environment and world natural heritage)

Ferrari ban ban in Switzerland!? Noteworthy "Regulation Bill's Way" | inside | Diamond Online(Automobiles, bills to regulate cars with more than a certain amount of carbon dioxide emissions are submitted)

【Nintendo "Nintendo" was born like this】 The 6th: Challenging the realization of NES by realizing the frustration of commercial game machines - Nikkei Trendy Net(Even today, the method of dealing with various games by exchanging games and software is mainstream)

Rumors that Nintendo expects to release 'Next Generation Wii' by 2011: News - CNET Japan(It is not amusing to put in new type of hardware where the game is three years away)

Postponement of "Dragon Quest IX" release, over 90% "allow it": marketing - CNET Japan(Game, was it because some people had forecasted to some extent)

【DiGRA JAPAN Open Lecture】 Past, Present, Future of Doujin Game | God of Games, Masanobu Endo Official blog(Many representative works of games, popular doujin game works are given)

【Interview】 Ishinomori Shotaro, Satonaka Michiko, Mizuki Shigeru, Akatsuka Fujio - Karasawa Noriki "Introduction to Manga Family" Introduction (1) Adventure King "Manga Bookkeeping" | Hobby | My Combi Journal(Manga, an introduction book of manga talked by a famous manga artist)

Bare speed legend of Disney Land(Leisure, things that are doing to make a country of dreams)

Recruitment company company Recruitment Actual condition of fears of collecting business cards: daily Saisei(It seems that some work gather 200 cards on the day)

Media · Pub: Which magazine cover is the number one in 2008? , 25 cover nominations nominated(Memo, many of the things that are chosen are simple)

The third series of ∞ (Mugen) can be "Periperi" | Excite News(Memo, a toy that you can taste the perfection of paper package as many times as you like)

CNN.co.jp: The National Blind Federation protests against the novel prize-winning original work of the author(A protest that movies, people losing blind in the play are portrayed like monsters)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Guide at "Segway" Saitama · Koshigaya's largest domestic SC - Society(I feel like giving a feeling of intimidation when I live, a guide staff and get on)

【2ch】 Daily thread guide: 【survey】 Women's behavior ranking thinking "Why?" From the viewpoint of men(Memo, "cute" is a useful word)

CNN.co.jp: a policeman called "big cat" extermination, astounded at Puma(It seems that only one policeman was dispatched thought that it was a domestic cat)

It is such an era ... release somewhat expensive can coffee(Food, less amount and premium can coffee with high price)

Shimashima pan made a cream bread collaborating with Ogae Tofu - Ameba News [Ameba News](Food, cream is kneaded with masochoric tofu)

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