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Human media released today "Japanese and world content market database 2008According to a part of the content market in Japan is the second largest in the world. In the broadcasting field such as television and radio, package selling field of music software · game software · books, etc. are almost unchanged in the past 5 years, Internet content has more than 4 times and mobile phone contents rapidly increased more than 2 times It is. Unlike traditional package selling, it seems that it will continue to grow steadily in the future if you can easily purchase online at any time.

So, tomorrowSeptember 11. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on September 11th one year ago.

Remote control that can control the opposite sex - GIGAZINE

Life illustration of 2000 imagined by people in 1910 Various - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Toyota's website value worth 142.2 billion yen, top second, ANA's 109.1 billion yen: ITpro(Net, Toyota has exceeded the group and evaluation value is high)

J-CAST News: New Year's Postcard More than 300 million pieces are unsold? Management sense that Japan Post is asked(New Year's cards in business, mail)

PSP and slam dunk also feed: 'Would you like to drink a PET bottle of straw?' - Do not be fooled by a one-click fraudulent request - ITmedia Enterprise(Security, fraudulent claims appearing on game capture sites and animation information sites)

EMOBILE launches "Touch Diamond" new touch touch mobile from early October ~ Japan's fastest · thinnest · lightest: RBB TODAY (broadband information site)(Mobile, smartphone that can be operated touch that is on sale from early October)

More than 70% is satisfied with the communication speed of mobile phones, and further improvement in speed is expected to be less than 70% - japan.internet.com Daily research(We want mobile browsing on smartphones to be faster)

Flat-screen television war, incident in North America: NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(AV, competing with companies that compete with inexpensive products with cheap products)

Beauty salon, eyeglass store, laundry shop ...... Segmenting Akiba "Maid" business now - Nikkei Trendy Net(Many shops with maids appeared besides business, maid cafe)

FujiSankei Business i. China / Asia / medium-sized large-scale acquisition plan ripples Coca-Cola 260 billion yen(The possibility of violating business, antitrust law)

Receives pictures and videos on crime from New York City, citizens | World spoken stories | Reuters(Memo, use popular mobile phones for criminal investigation)

Fan accident continues to be wary of hot weather in this summer (1/2 pages) - MSN Sankei News(Fan ignited due to life, aged deterioration)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Let's fire with a stone(Living, it is quite difficult to make a fire with flint stones)

"Digital Content Council" established, a large number of Diet members backed up: News - CNET Japan(Founder representative expects discussion for expansion of pie, not copyright, discussing distribution of pie)

Increasing "contract employee" in the spy industry: higher salary than federal government officials | WIRED VISION(The era when work and spies are dispatched to dispatch)

"Ace at number 4" is decreasing? Excite News(Ace 4 has decreased in order to reduce the burden on sports and pitchers)

Current affairs dot com: Neon Deltar's intrathecal restoration CG(Organism, brain capacity is the same but seems to have been growing faster)

Google shortens the retention period of search history by half International news: AFPBB News(Internet service, retention period is from the current 18 months to 9 months)

57% of the highest ever "daily living" ... Survey by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Life, the proportion feeling that life is painful after 2000 is increasing trend)

Ibaraki dying extinct species of sturgeon, breeding only in Japan - MSN Sankei News(Memo, which had been bred for 26 years since 1976)

FujiSankei Business i. TOPIC / Market condition-linked type of oil wholesale price decided "Transparency" is a challenge(Memo, it will be a new way to reflect the price of crude oil right away)

CNN.co.jp: Is it dangerous to obtain a driver's license at the age of 16? US group recommendations raised(The percentage of traffic accident deaths is small in the state of New Jersey where cars, age of license acquisition becoming 17 years old)

Mr. Armstrong of bicycle officially announces return to active: Etcetra: Sports: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Bicycles, ridiculous players who have won seven consecutive Tour de France have returned)

Also born in Heisei "Recommended listening only this" Showa's famous works Working MonoNews: Life VIP craftsman blog www(Music, movie link with masterpieces collection)

Memories of cassette tape: Alfalfa mosaic(Note, if you listen again and again, the sounds will extend)

6: I lost to Yamato and lost to Gundam: NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Animation, Yamato and Gundam the director of the bottoms told)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Looking back on the Venice Film Festival (middle) Japanese animation, ripples - movies - movies · music · entertainment(Anime, Ponyo from overseas will be praised)

The unprecedented boom! Amekomi's mystery to make american movies funny That's it - Hollywood channel speaking of the movies -(Manga, the publisher owns the right of the character, and the characters exchange between comics)

Game * Spark -: Capacity pinch with soon Wii wear, built-in storage of Wii main unit may be improved by Miu(I want you to use games, SD card as memory card)

【1 this week】 Full utilization of DS spec! Software for DS "Quiz Magic Academy"(Game, Wi-Fi compatible quiz game to be released this Friday)

"All Families." Blogging Things that tend to be in game collectors(Game, background of people who gathered all types of Famicom soft software in Japan)

Giraffe Girls High School Girls Created Giant Gundam, "It was a hard time but I am satisfied"(Memo, high school students who produced the first Gundam)

CNN.co.jp: "Hari-utta Encyclopedia" published, NY federal district court stopped(Note, because there is a risk of hurting the author, compensation for damages of about 730,000 yen is ordered to stop publication)

【Mikasa Foods accident rice】 Carcinogenic rate 100% contaminated rice data summary - Top page(Food, poisoned rice which had been distributed for over 10 years)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): also took Amami's brown sugar distilled spirits voluntarily collected Mikasa foods accident rice problem - society(Risky rice is used for food, brown sugar shochu "Yachiyo", "island first", "Ki")

Maritime Self-Defense Force: Top Page(Food, the site of the Maritime Self Defense Force who refreshes the recipe why for some reason)

Business Media Makoto: How to eat different cup of stuff according to age(Food, the largest number of people eat lunch for any age)

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