Discover a couple doing unscrupulous things on football live broadcast

When the camera is taking pictures of the venue with university fellowship relay, a couple doing unscrupulous things appears. This couple is doing pretty dignified acts, but the surrounding people do not seem to notice.

However, they himself did not notice that the TV camera firmly grasped, and have exposed the figure in the midst of chaos.

The movie is from the following.
College Football Fan Gets HJ - CollegeHumor video

I think that the couple seems to be sitting normally, and the woman puts his hands in men 's trousers.

The couple hid in screen display.

When the display disappears, I kiss this time. The woman's hand is outside the men's pants, but it is still around the lower abdomen.

Just go to the audience seat ...

During sports broadcasting, there are plenty of people in the audience seats, so even though I think that they do not notice even if they are doing something strange, the camera is unexpectedly aware, so do not do it in moderation Let's do.

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