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Yahoo! JAPAN will release the special site until December 26 (Wednesday) and "Red ribbon campaign 2007It is said that it will develop. Even if it says red ribbon, it aims at world conquest by dragon ballRed Ribbon ArmyRegardless of anything, it is a campaign to enlighten AIDS prevention on the Internet according to "World AIDS Day" on Saturday, December 1st. "RED RIBBON LIVE 2007" calling for AIDS preventive enlightenment through live and talk will be held on Friday, November 30th, and the live pattern will be live on the Internet delivery.

So, tomorrowNovember 28. In 1520 Magellan reached the Pacific Ocean west from Europe. In 1883, Japan 's first western - style social club Koyokan opened, and in 1991 the Soka Gakkai was excommunicated from Masamune Nichiren. Friedrich Engels, who collaborated with Marx to build a worldview of scientific socialism, was born in 1820, and Ken Matsudaira, famous for "general brawlers" and "Matsuken Samba", was born in 1953 and Matsuo Basho was born in 1694 He died in the year.

Today's headline news.
Affofog Blog: Will it be a byte at a secondhand bookstore(Work, like working at a second-hand bookstore in a major chain)

I work for a black company, but I may be the limit already: Hamster Breaking News 2(Work, a programmer who got a job at a black company)

"The traditional virus coping method no longer applies", JTB who experienced large-scale infection showed the hardship of the site: ITpro(Security, thorough investigation that viruses are being disinfected from 600 personal computers)

Vulnerability of "High" risk to Firefox, update to the latest version - ITmedia Enterprise(Security, affecting Firefox version or earlier)

Quicktime zero-day vulnerability is "extremely dangerous" - ITmedia News(Please note that security, QuickTime as the default player)

Who picks it and how about heading? I have heard how to make "Yahoo! News Topics"!(Pick up the site you care about with net, ten editorial staff)

Re-rendering engine that "cats" any site "Lolinator" WIRED VISION(Change to a site full of 'cat language' using net service, unique grammar)

【Speed ​​breaking newsletter】 Which prefecture was most lightened in the past year? : RBB TODAY(The net, the top 5 had a low growth rate until last year)

Best of · addicts site 2007 nominated works released! Tell me, you .net(Internet, an interesting website on Net selected by Netran)

Free PC browser service for mobile evolves, "mobazilla ver. Γ" started - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, social bookmark function etc.)

Listen to Softbank grandchild president WiMAX Other mergers and mergers also choices - ITmedia + D Mobile(Merger and further agreement for mobile, 2.5 GHz band acquisition?

WILLCOM Core Module Forum, Verify Android Behavior(Mobile, Willcom terminal also adopts Android in the future?

DoCoMo, Bluetooth-compatible bone conduction receiver microphone(Mobile, may be good for the elderly)

"Initial B" at Shimizu Riho No. 271: Fourth home LAN wiring system following a wired LAN, wireless LAN, PLC Try the c.LINK system adopting a coaxial cable with a sense of stability similar to that of a wired LAN(Building network with hardware, coaxial cable)

Hard drive problem with "MacBook" - Apple is investigating news - CNET Japan(It is dangerous if hardware and firmware revision number is 7.01)

Mickey playing "Mplayer" Swarovski model | Woman excite lifestyle topics(Hardware, the feeling of gutte sensation of the ear is amazing)

Slashdot Japan: Developing a portable "reactor battery"(Hardware, batteries that will cover the electricity of 25,000 households)

Video: "Exterior skeleton to install" Demonstration of powered suit WIRED VISION(Hardware, it seems to be difficult if it malfunctions)

Business Media Makoto: Next Generation DVD, the most common user is PS3(Hardware, already there is a DVD, so it will be easy to get into the next generation media)

"Father of Preste" Mr. Hisagaragi received the Special Achievement Award - ITmedia News(Awarded to innovating games, home entertainment all over the world)

CERO's rating roundtable discussion 5th participants wanted - Famitsu.com(Game, gamers users who live in the metropolitan area and have children over 10 years old)

"SD Gundam G Generation Spirits" wrapping vehicle appeared on the Yamanote line - ITmedia + D Games(Game, Yamanote line is full of Gundam)

GameSpark - Not at all! Overseas cover art "Mystery of Dragon Ball Shingu"(It is not a game, a character game)

Tea Fairy: Overseas gamers seeking "Aimas" - livedoor Blog (blog)(Does the game have international popularity?)

"Everyone's Nintendo Channel" that delivers new work information and DS trial version on Wii(Game, you can download trial version of DS software)

Suicide called pseudo-anime - erotic figure & erotic comic review review 【Breast books】(It may be that the eroge industry is committing suicide by keeping making games, pseudo animation)

Ahoshi! New information disclosure such as "Hidden Hole System" - "Hokuto no Ken ONLINE"(It is possible to let the opponent go down with a game, a single shot)

"Creation of the Aquarion" Extreme Copy with Advertising Freedom Adjustment Area - Ameba News [Ameba News](Note, change the signboard of the pachinko parlor)

Gizmodo Japan's "Gizmodo Japan" Mega Photo Album "The Strongest Computer Base in History" Selected by Gizmo Readers(Memo, photos of rooms as dominated by personal computer)

Misunderstanding that "Japanese houses are narrow"(Memo, America is too wide)

Domestic violence in China is on the rise, 70% increase last year excite news(Overseas, did the number of people reporting increased?)

Business Media Makoto: Los Angeles MBA study abroad diary: The landlord said "I will appeal you" - I will assume absurdity in the US(Overseas, it is no longer a fraud)

Football fans in Romania, bringing explosives to underwear brings it up Excite news(Overseas, the police suppressed using tear gas to prevent the destruction of spectators' seats)

New Religion "Flying Spaghetti Monster": Religious scholars discuss the WIRED VISION(Overseas, emphasizing what is not a gag or a joke)

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