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Osaka's Ikoma skyline "The bell's sounding observatory" is due to the weight of loveI heard that it was banned from entering.is. There is a handrail on which a couple swears love and puts a padlock on this observatory, but too many people came to lock and it is said that there is a danger of being broken. There are about 3,500 keys currently about 850 kilometers in the observation space that can withstand about 1 ton, and it seems that it will be determined by next spring whether to completely dismiss the observatory or remove all the keys. Those who were planning to visit Christmas recommend recommending the schedule.

So, tomorrowDecember 20. Yoshida Matsue opened a Matsushita village school in 1857, and in 1917 the first Soviet secret police "Cheeker" was established. In 1991 Toys 'R Us' s No. 1 store in Japan opened. In addition to being a superpowers Yuri Gellar in 1946, he was featured in Sakura Taisen's Sakura Temple role and Sayami Sand in the Tenchi Muyo! Series, a voice actor known for his role at the end of the Weekly Shonen Jump Tomo Yokoyama who was an assistant of the jump broadcasting station was born in 1969.

Today's headline news.
Japan.internet.com Daily Research - About 40% of those who give Christmas gifts are budget "more than 1,000 yen and less than 5,000 yen"(Christmas, handmade less than 10%)

Download illegalization "unavoidable", viewed by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Copyright(Copyright, "For illegal downloading issues, although it seems that they have organized a lot based on a lot of contrary / prudent opinions," the rights holder ignores the consumer side)

Private Recording Recording Subcommittee: Why Does Opponent Opinion Even "Download Illegalize" Why (1/2) - ITmedia News(Copyright, despite many opposition from consumers Wake who became the direction "to know illegal sites and make it illegal when downloading")

Try using a photo of Creative Commons License | WIRED VISION(Copyright, even if the conditions change after use, there is no problem if it complies with the license at the time of use)

A strong desire for communication speed Japanese protests in international comparisons | WIRED VISION(In the non-Japan, 7 to 80% of people were satisfied, but only about 40% in Japan)

Mobage "Towards over 20 years of age" and "Can grow and maintain" - ITmedia News(SNS, 29% of those who are under the age of 18 who requested strengthening of filtering introduction among the 8 million users as of November)

The world of "Powered by USTREAM" comes to all live images: News - CNET Japan(Internet service, founder interview of service like Ustream.TV live distribution version of YouTube)

Classic web proxy "Squid 3.0" officially released | Enterprise | MY COMIC Journal(Software, many new functions are added compared with v 2.6 system)

Microsoft unveiled Windows XP SP3 candidate version publicly(Software, official version released in the first half of 2008)

NTT DoCoMo's flat-rate data communication for PC and VPN connection possible - ITmedia + D Mobile(We would like to correspond to mobile and FTP connection as well)

"Is not she cheating, is not she?" - Two in five women have ever seen "Lovers' Mobile Phone" - ITmedia + D Mobile(You can also see that mobile and security mobile phones can be sold well)

2.5 GHz band allocation, Ministry of Internal Affairs "under review" - Consult with the Radio Regulatory Council on 21st - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, it means that it has not been decided until the 21st)

WILLCOM, "Advanced / W - ZERO 3 [es]" new price cut for a limited time only(Mobile and handset price cuts as well as fees are free)

New firmware of "WX 310 K", Operation of Opera etc. Improvement(Good news for mobile, Kyopon 2 users)

Nifty, a service that allows you to browse the site for personal computers(Mobile, for those who say you are having trouble getting flat fee when using the attached full browser)

Production of mobile phones in 2008, Domestic shrinking trend(It is inevitable if mobile thinks that the cycle of replacing the terminal is extended for two years)

Matsushita, Canon, Hitachi, "Combined with organic EL and liquid crystal business" report(Note, what about SED ...)

Just, Manga house name data 2007 edition etc. ATOK Ministry input data disclosure(Software, classical music terms and horse racing terms as well)

[OSS] Why OSS's contribution by Japanese engineers is small - WebStudio(Software, because it is too busy)

SSD equipped models, models without optical drive also appeared! Toshiba "dynabook SS RX 1" | Personal computer | My Computer Journal(Hard, previously in GIGAZINEComparison experiment of starting speedWe did)

"I imaged an organism" Sony's mini TV WIRED VISION(Hard, slightly disgusting appearance)

High speed and high reliability. USB 2.0 compatible hybrid silicon disk that realized large capacity of business card size up to 100 GB | Press release(Hard, 100 gig, but 60 g ultra lightweight)

Aceros Osawa "Standardization of IEEE 802.11n postponed to July 2009"(Wireless LAN, maximum theoretical value is 600 Mbps maximum communication possible)

Microsoft, IT-based business with emerging countries with low-priced technology - latest news: IT-PLUS(Strategy, plan to double the world population of computers to 2 billion by 2015)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - About 40% of those who give Christmas gifts are budget "more than 1,000 yen and less than 5,000 yen"(Money, about 70% will give a present of about 1000 yen to about 10,000 yen)

Krypton stop distributing to Hatsune Miku doujin goods, recommendation to withdraw images - live in the mountains(Community, Hatsune Miku was not sold by Krypton 's ability)

Blogchan: I am going to visit Hatten Field from now(Report done in a public placeUntitledAssault charge report,Continue here)

Exactly how long does not hit the lottery?(Gamble, I think I do not get enough to think as much as you think)

E 3, 2008 of the US Game Trade Show Replayed in the Hobby My Hobby Journal(Game, which has been reduced since this year)

"Game is more effective than medicine for pain control" Research achievement | WIRED VISION(It is easier to play video games than to drink medicine in games)

Continue to Mr. Hisashi Kin! Whose hand is the gaming industry executive "The False Grand Prize"? WIRED VISION(Games, none of these are wonderful remarks)

The painful news (No ∀ `) [Xbox 360]" Idol Master Live For You! "Can not transfer the save data and DLC data of the previous work ... Bangnam(Game, Download Commercial Law is banned)

GameSpark - "What is the reasonable price for deferred hardware you think?"(Game, 26% is over 30,000 yen)

Game music blog · Ver.FC 2 Scenery where there was a disc writer at a toy store(It was an era when games, 500 yen new games are available)

Does the electric coil are really for children? - Tell me! Goo(Animation, for children but difficult to understand)

[Aquarion] Official doujinshi "Union Ginnamono - That Party" will be released! (Satellite Japanese site)(Anime, sold at the end of the comic market)

Freelance animator story: Alfalfa mosaic(Anime, internal circumstances of animator)

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