Headline news on April 13, 2007

A camping car will explode tomorrow, a couple sleeping in bed will be sacrificed, a case where beauty strippers are murdered and abandoned in the streets, cases where two corrupted dead bodies are found in car trunk, these three It is the day when a violent incident occurs in rapid succession.

What to talk about, from tomorrow from 22 o'clockBroadcast on WOWOWBe doneCSI: Scientific investigation teamThe story of the new series first episode. In the first episode, Grissom and Katherine of Las Vegas City Police, who had been shifted in the previous series, belonged to the same night shift again and will jointly chief. And the former investigation team was reunited, the above three incidents occurred. Even in the 5th season, the first episode was the same kind of incidents that occurred in the same way, but this season seems to be the beginning of a rage. Furthermore, not only that, but also a tape containing the state of Nick abducted at the end of the previous season was delivered to Grissom, where the existence of accomplices other than the criminal who died of the explosion was recorded ... ... and quite a lot of plenty It seems that it will become the content which will be caught in and skipped gangs. It is obviously different from Japanese drama, apparently that grab is important is universal common.

So, next MondayApril 16. Nobel laureate writer Yasunari Kawabata suicide gas in 1972, the movie "My Neighbor Totoro" was released in 1988, the theater was released, in 1998 the broadcast of "Pocket Monster" which was paused because the child had caused a shock condition Resumed for the first time in 4 months, in 2003 the Industrial Revitalization Organization was established. In addition, Mori Motonari was born in 1497, Charles Chaplin was born in 1889, Francisco de Goya in 1828 and Yasunari Kawabata died in 1972. And on April 16th, in 1877, William Smith Clarke of Sapporo Agricultural College of Sapporo became a Boysby Ambassading Day due to leaving Hokkaido leaving the words "Boys, be ambitious".

Today's headline news.

ITmedia News: Mobile companies also consider fixed fee PC companies consider(Mobile, drastic increase in consultation on portable packet communication since 2003)

ITmedia Enterprise: Vice President Wilcom Vice President, aiming at PHS not to lose third-generation mobile phones(Mobile can not exceed 3G)

Tokyo Governor's Election: The number of blog posts and the number of votes are proportional relation - Technorati examination - CNET Japan(Net, but one exception this time)

A summary that I looked into the Hatena popular blog at Technorati and "A topic further up than the first place" * A person's personal book making a homepage(Internet service, that site was a blog)

Diary of finalvent - 18 items to those who want to be blonde(The server seems to die due to net transfer amount of image)

Hot water fluctuation raised with hatena bookmark and cracked window theory: Heartlogic(Comment, comment field is likely to be a storm of abusive phrases by escalating abusive in a form that applies to "cracked window theory")

Lingua furanca. 1st: What got by doing the site(Net, what many administrators got by running the site)

GAKI @ DAMA !!!: How can the champion regain the glory of the past ~ Consideration ~(I have never taken any manga or magazines)

CNET Japan Blog - Information communication insight of Kurosakatatsuya: I have not seen a newspaper for a while(Internet, but I want a leaflet)

What is the harm of extension of copyright protection period - CNET Japan(Copyright, not available after a long time)

Treasury warning display is decided by the Treasury Department! Excite News(Story, valuable financial resources consisting mostly of tax)

Abnormal deflection condition of Wikipedia Japanese version - The latest information of evil(Publicity, Japanese version seems to be anonymous and administrator does not even fall under Japanese law)

Slashdot Japan | First detection of water from the atmosphere of extrasolar planets(Bio, discovering extraterrestrial life forms)

I want to transform this spring in men's wig!? | Excite News(Story, easy to understand wig)

World's smallest book, size 0.07 mm × 0.10 mm! Excite News(Story, reading books with a microscope)

ITmedia Enterprise: IBM announces energy-saving server(Hardware, mountains if dust is piled up)

Apple announces postponement of next Mac OS X "Leopard" release: ITpro(IPhone is ahead of software, OS)

Microsoft postponed "Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1" and the virtualization environment "Viridian" beta version: ITpro(Software, Virtual Server will be available in the second quarter, Viridian will be available in the second half of 2007)

Accept the existence of technology to avoid activation in Microsoft, OEM version Vista: ITpro(Software, measures not planned)

Dr. Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox(It is considerably helpful in Japanese version of usability, usability engineering pioneer column)

Collisions between the two cultural areas of the web 【The first part】 Logic of the linking side and the side to be seen in the link prohibited link issue [Pictorial sign い と は.] 2006/01/05(Link, every problem is repeated on the net forever forever based on this)

Semiotics for Beginners: Table of Contents(Although I often hear about the semiotics and the semiotics, it is for people who think about what the hell is, but the content is full scale)

Daily thread guide: 【Both girls】 When I realized the fear of a woman(2 Channel, a so-called named thread that is in the state of quotation collection and threads drawing up this flow are continuing all the way to the present)

Summary of Nico Nico Douga · Festival (Nikoniko is OK?) - Noname Blog - Dedicated to men relaxing · Story information dissemination(Clash of Believers, About Lucky Star Opening Movie Abnormal Growth Rate)

"Gundam" new game titles that users have made without permission [Column](Game,. Gundam MOD of "Homeworld 2")

Game * Spark -: Compatible! What? Play "Rez" or "Panzer Dragoon" with Wii Remote!(Compatibility of preeminence to sighting operation of game, 3D shooting)

Happy Pep: Communication: Festa "Pino's Foot Is Too Fast" - livedoor Blog(Running Homerun at Game, Bunt)

Osaka · Umeda specialty store of personal computer and parts "Tsukumo Umeda store" open / digital ARENA(Shopping, you do not have to go to Nihonbashi anymore)

Bi-design, 10.2-inch LCD TV with built-in DVD player New release / Digital ARENA(AV, not portable type)

[2006/10/20] Now solved "Molded meat is made like this"(Food, I did it even last WBS in the night, but details of what the dice such as dice steak is made of)

From the alfalfa mosaic "The menu I thought for some reason some time as a child"(Food, ordinary meal not to eat = to feast)

@nifty: Daily Portal Z: Make Rainbow Curry(Food, bowls are white curry)

Meiji Seika, using Hokkaido Rice Milk! "Rich Milk Chocolate" New Release(Food, package also rich)

Newly released "ON" "Georgia Demitas ON" feeling with depth and bitter taste(Features food, bitterness and bitterness)

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