Headline news on February 5, 2008

From East HatoNinja snack disappears and disappears in mouthIt is said that it will be released on February 11, 2008. As a ninja 's move like a light and quick cone snack with a mouthfeel, the ingredients of the portable food "Hunghyun Maru" which is said to have been loved by ninja to surpass "hunger" for hidden taste is also compounded It seems to be. Two kinds of taste, salt and black pepper are on sale, the expected selling price is around 120 yen. It is an endless sweet that wonders what kind of comfort it is.

So, tomorrowFebruary 6. In 1956, the first weekly magazine published by the publisher "Weekly Shincho" was launched from Shinchosha, and in 1976 the Lockheed incident, a world-wide major corruption case, was discovered. Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs and Ron Wein in 1985 left Apple Computer. In addition, Babe Ruth who is also said to be the baseball god by issuing a record of season 60 home runs was born in 1895, and the birth parent of "Anpanman" Take Kanase Takashi served as role of Angol = More of "Keroro sergeant" and " Mr. Tomodo Shimako role of "Hello girl" · A voice actor Mamiko Noto which was characterized by whispering voice known as "Enma Ai" of "Hell Girl" was born in 1980.

Today's headline news.
Linux mobile platform "LiMo Platform" to be announced in March(Mobile, against Android?)

"W56T" and "W54S" in the unreleased area release date confirmation(Mobility, problem with manufacturer shipment)

I regretted MNPing to au a bit - ITmedia News(Mobile, au with a feeling that innovative services and terminals at a stroke in comparison with other companies are scanty)

EM · ONEα (S01SH II) exclusive use - About the latest version upgrade of the main application -(Mobile, improvement of operability etc.)

Play with the mobile camera of Ogikubo Kei: Checking the camera functions collectively ─ ─ "905i series": indoor / movie shooting edition (1/5) - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, thoroughly compare the reflection of 905i series cameras)

Criticized criticism of the number of comments on Nico Nico Douga, Nwango responds with restriction relaxation(Consideration for net service, subtitle craftsmen, etc.)

Make Google Reader with search function OS X Style at orioa(Net service, display disorder disappeared)

Mobage: Mobile site members popular among junior high and high school students 850 thousand - daily jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Net service, PV of 1 day to 400 million)

Connect Repro, a website that sells LCDs of used mobile phones(It seems to be bought for net service, development use etc.)

Mitsubishi Chemical, inkjet compatible 8 cm BD-R / RE media(Hardware, 7.5 GB for single CD size)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: From left to right asymmetric personality LCD TV, from Victor(Hardware, left / right asymmetry is unusual)

To unify to government agency site "go.jp", etc., to prevent impersonation(Memo, migration of encryption method in e-government, etc.)

Economic effect due to 10% piracy software reduction is about 979 billion yen in 4 years ~ BSA(Note, you can secure 12,400 people with piracy reduction)

Three companies including Sony BMG, sued for Baidu for copyright law violation(Note, because it is linked from Baidu to mp3 site)

It is because the intellectual property is difficult to understand because there is no guilt in copyright violation of the kingdom of the fox?(Copyright, software can not be used as "easily copyable")

Business Media Makoto: iPod "fire" role, earphone popularity in idea battle(Hardware, it was sold quietly in a corner of an electric store in the past)

"Air pollution Beijing Olympic marathon is hard" World top runner (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News(Top runner stating that sports, even walking is difficult)

"Apple's PC market share, more than doubles over the next three years" Gartner forecasts | WIRED VISION(Is it possible to double hardware, Mac usage?)

In "Live Dragon Ball", "Ghost Busters" 's "That Person" Also Fights! | Entertainment | My Combi Journal(Cinema, is it something Kuririn that a temple 's follower?

The cause of public telephone failure is "leap year" - ITmedia enterprise(I do not know where the telephone, there are already public phones)

Ink disguised: Japan newspaper ink also 3 tons - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Business, what other industries are camouflaged in this year?)

Livedoor, YouTube starts distributing net animation works to the Japanese version: News - CNET Japan(Distribution of original animation such as animation, "soft Tank")

Game & Information Blog (SF & NF) The console "Sega Saturn" reminiscences the most failed game ever.(Game, Sega's hard always loses group, even though the performance is good)

Open Tech Press | First SimCity Resurrected as Open Source Micropolis(Game released under GPLv 3)

The next DS makes me cry. It contains 200 "tears" stories. Software for DS "99 Namida" released | Techinsight Japan(Game, I can not play in the train)

Release large capacity battery that can be used with PSP - 2000 - ITmedia + D Games(Game, capacity is nearly doubled)

【Column / Newsletter / etc】 Until the plan of the video game is completed(Games, planning is planned by predicting future market environment)

Thinking about the magic of Dracoa which has not been used the most: thread: VIPPER me(Game, MP magic with too much consumption is not used because fuel efficiency is bad)

The incident is taking place in a real hot spring resort! "Yukemuri suspense (tentative title)" / Famitsu.com(Reasoning game of live action in game, DS)

The last trump collection of all members of Smavra X(Game, a big game that you can use only once when you take items)

Daily CALAMITY This week's CDTV seems to be an Anison festival (and it seems there was also a mistake)(Anison, eight songs ranked in 50th place)

Manga no Masuto, really stupid sale nearly annihilated at Nihonbashi(Manga, how-to books of collecting type, scheduled for all No. 60)

Demonstration of Game + Alpha Demon King Burn Collection(Manga, a wonderfully cool villain)

Delusion voice CD: Moe heart tickled 'Oya-chan ...' 1200 times unusual hit with consecutive call (Eito web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Memo, it seems that the series has sold more than 10,000 sheets in total)

A new genre "Ketsu !!!" Cana speed(It's a joke, a jojo or a bukkake !!!)

@ Nifty: Daily portal Z: Become a good arrow arrow(Travel, Otolaryngology is strong)

Valentine 's chocolate will be given to those who purchase over 5,000 yen!(Campaign until February 14 at shopping, Yodobashi camera all stores)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: I've been involved in camp scouting experience(Study, divided by Beaver to Rover by age)

Hokka Hokkatei "Nari valve" 30 days living topic!(Food, no pattern to die)

What is Suga Shikao Bread - Hatena diary(Food, it certainly looks)

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