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ITO EN, a familiar beverage such as "O O O tea" improved the labels of PET bottles even more easilyEasy opening labelIt is said that they developed jointly with a label maker. Unlike traditional ones, improvements were made to make labels easier to pinch by cutting notches in the direction perpendicular to the perforation of the label. Furthermore, the incision is colored green and it is easy to see. There are also PET bottles in the label that do not even have tear lines, but it is very helpful to make such improvements.

So, tomorrowAugust 3. In 1635, the Edo Shogunate revised the laws of the samurai law, and the duties of the daimyo 's duties were obliged, and in 1955 the girls' comic magazine Ribbon was launched. In 1958, the nuclear submarine "Nautilus" flew through the North Pole for the first time in the world by the dive condition, and in 1967 the Basic Pollution Control Law was promulgated. In addition, in 1924, pro-wrestler Karl Gotch was born, and a cartoonist Ai Yoshitoshi was born in 1971 as an illustrator with "Hay wing federation" and "Near under seven" as their masterpiece, and in 1792 a water mill Richard Arkwright who invented a water spinning machine powered by the death died.

Today's headline news.

Takeshi Naimikawa log: A request for deletion has been sent to the web fishery from the comson on Mr. Shinzo Abe(It is possible to use the net after satisfying quoting conditions in the version up after about 1 month, so you do not need to delete it in the case like this time)

WIRED VISION / US military, weapons rental for "Transformers" at an hourly wage of 25,000 dollars(Movie, the rental fee of F - 22 is 25,000 dollars per hour)

"Similpedia" that brings together the Wikipedia information related to the specified page in battle | P O P * P O P(Internet service, just pass the URL)

CNN.co.jp Russia's largest rocket manufacturing company, Energia's management broke - Science(Business, even the International Space Station program where Japan participates also undertakes manufacturing)

I will buy your complaint "Complaint / claims expo" | Ameba News(Business, companies vote for claims, 100 yen for each vote)

CNN.co.jp The tallest building in China, arresting Chinese men climbing the wall - a speech(Overseas, being restrained after reaching the summit)

Asahi.com: Miyazaki prefectural police, mistakenly misunderstood even though it is prescription, apologized for arrest, male release - society(Police, misunderstanding that the prescription changed)

Paris Hilton's Law - Link is Important or Content Important | Web Contact Forum(Media, there is a possibility that it stands out if attracting the attention of appropriate media even if scarcity is poor)

@nifty: Daily Portal Z: Election Poster Complete Message Board(Politics, since candidates themselves posters posters, there are rarely completed bulletin boards)

Neta's seed 【talking story】 men's bra released(Apparel, price is 85 dollars each)

Painful news (No ∀ `)" Strange house ears. Destroy the landscape "... Proposal for provisional disposition of building prohibited neighborhood residents of Kazuo Kazuo(Architecture, painted up to the side of red and white, and a statue of huge "Makoto chan" on the roof)

Gundam appeared on Neputa Festival, floats from 4th ... Aomori · Goshogawara Society YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Festival, a float of about 11 meters high)

Cutie Honey: Dramaized by Hara Makoto starring October broadcast on TV TOKYO (Eitan web)(Drama, broadcast every Tuesday late night from October 2nd)

SWFBLOG 72 people "Age of popular voice actor" 2007 edition(Some movies, some age unknown)

Yamanashi crack -Diary SIDE - Discussion: Reason why pretty girls works only for beautiful girls(Two-dimensional girls appearing in beautiful girls are all cute)

Recommendation of the 8th "Desire" (Masami Hayami's Study on Spatiotemporal Skill): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Life, desire power is amazing than logic)

Forest Field Is not it obscure? Shogakkan.(POP, books that are hard to use in bookstores with many ordinary customers)

Upa diary - Because it is boring that the impression site does not get popular(Web, impressions of someone who wants to read are specific)

Slashdot Japan UK Ministry of Transportation announces ranking of cars with low CO2 emissions(Environment, Japan car in second place)

The moment I thought "Oh, this is occupational disease ..."(Work, usual actions to go out)

Toruot's diary - "Dennou coil" episode 12 "Daishi, hair growth sports" - Yasako is not silent(Animation, Daisy as a perfect messenger role)

Log log ('· ω · `) | Read at high speed and draw cartoons(Manga, I draw up about 1 page about 15 minutes)

A thankful word about how to spend summer vacation from Nagi - Hayate 138 episodes(Manga, great damage to students reading during study)

Jump editor-in-chief "H × H" will be revived and interview will be held!(Manga, a service that delivers user's requests to business "Letter to the President")

Buddies of the Truth - R25.jp(Manga, schedule of animation)

Cutie Honey: Dramaized by Hara Makoto starring October broadcast on TV TOKYO (Eitan web)(Drama, title is "Cutie Honey THE LIVE")

Tsundere Adventure Game 2nd bullet! "Familiar of Zero" Yumei no Fantasia spun by Muma "- Famitsu.com(Game, also in contemporary Japan)

Appears at PlayStation 3! "Makai Senki Disgaea 3" - Famitsu.com(Game, latest image release)

I'm breaking game newsletter @ Blade 【Paying for compensation】 PS3, I will be appealed again and again 【PS3 discard all! 】(Game, this is the 5th time)

GameSpark - Racism? African woman condemned "biohazard 5" on blog → flames(Although various races are already zombies already in the game, the series up to now)

GameSpark - Not at all! Overseas cover art "Guardian Heroes"(It looks like a cover of a game, a retro game)

KONAMI, Popular Horror Game Appears as Gun Shooting, AC "Silent Hill · Arcade" Started Operation(Game, original story for arcade develops)

"Tengen Toppa Breakthrough Gurren Lagann Excavation ONLINE" Notice of Online Service Abortion(Because it is difficult to fix game, installation trouble)

Livedoor news - ○ Also collecting 97 million pieces such as lead = "Elmo" to Chinese made toys - rice(Overseas, about 80 kinds of plastic toys are targeted)

Solid Alliance, facial style USB gadget that changes face in response to sound PC personal computer journal(Hardware, face is indicated by LED)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Verify the theory that there are many crimes on a sunny day(Memo, verified from data and professor's opinion)

Fellowship of the trip "Frozen oranges", from now on PET bottles! Excite news(Food, frozen dedicated PET bottle)

This also local cider, drinking the phantom "Mitsubishi cider" Excite news(Food, not related to Mitsubishi group)

Lawson, a dessert that can fully enjoy "summer" "Oh! Together "released(Food, combination of cream and mochi)

(PDF file) Circle K Sunkus, the largest curry specialty store in Japan! "Curry house CoCo Ichibanya" jointly developed product release(Food, ramen, udon, rice ball etc etc.)

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