LG Electronics releases drives compatible with both Blu-ray and HD DVD standards

LG Electronics is compatible with both Blu-ray and HD DVD standards "Super Multi BlueIt seems to release two models of the drive from late August. In addition to being able to use not only the next-generation DVD but also existing DVD-R and DVD-RAM, it is said that reading and writing are the highest speed in the world.

How will this drive influence the battle for next generation DVD standards?

Details are as follows.
[New launch of two models of LG Electronics 'Super Multi Blue' drive
Japan's first Blu-ray / HD DVD compatible
Record and playback speed realized the fastest in the world]

According to this release, the "Super Multi Blue" drive compatible with both Blu-ray and HD DVD standards released by LG Electronics from late August incorporates Blu-ray write / read function and HD DVD loading function Two models of "GGW-H20N" and "GGC-H20N" equipped with reading function of both Blu-ray and HD DVD, actual price will be around 65,000 yen including tax and around 45,000 yen .

The tray is closed.

The "GGW-H20N" capable of writing to Blu-ray has realized the world's fastest recording speed of 6 times the speed of BD-R, BD-R DL records quadruple speed, BD-RE Double speed recording is possible. Regarding the reading of the disk, BD-R boasts the world's fastest speed of 6 times faster, BD-R DL 4.8 times faster, HD DVD-ROM 3 times faster as well.

Read / write speed per interface.

It is a very appreciated drive for users to be able to handle both standards with one unit, but will each manufacturer's club also follow up?

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