Headline news on February 7, 2008

Morinaga milk, which sells "Morinaga's delicious milk" and "Specialty 4.5 720 ml" etc, also continues to announce the price revision of food products due to the expansion of demand for biofuels, as well as price revisions of milk and liquid whipped cream and infant Contents of milk for useAnnounced to implement changes. Implementation was carried out sequentially from April 1, 2008 (Tuesday), milk (44 items) average 4.7%, liquid whipped cream (3 items) average raised 6.3%, infant milk (3 items) average 4.9% Weight loss.

So, tomorrowFebruary 8. Mamehira Ieyasu was renamed Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1567 and the mark of the Ministry of Communications, which is the predecessor of Japan Post in 1887, was decided as "Ding". In 1904 the Japanese army attacked the Russian fleet off Incheon and the Port of Portuguese and the Russo-Japanese War broke out. In addition, besides being born in 1810, magicians Erifus Levy was born in 1954, a multi-creator Hiroi Oji of the multi-creator related to "Sakura Wars" series, "Devil Eiyuu Wataru" series, and "Tengai Magic".

Today's headline news.
Proposed revision plan for "dubbing 10" operation decision(Copyright, it is getting hard to understand somewhat)

Yahoo, Cliff Petit (BusinessWeek): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Net service, although it is overwhelming strength in Japan)

Yahoo!, a flat-rate "unlimited" hosting service for SMEs - ITmedia News(Net service, disk capacity, mail storage capacity, about 1280 yen per month without upper limit of data transfer)

BlogWatcher Development Diary: Announcement of Apology Service Notice(Internet service, service stopped on February 29)

Nico Nico News - ITmedia, CNET sponsors the film festival! And today's official losing video(Net service, announcement of the 3rd International Nico Nico Film Festival is February 25)

There are still many e-Bank banks using the net bank that I am using, My Voice Com Survey(Internet service, people using 84.4% alone)

Background of "Submarine cable disconnection occurs in the Middle East" | WIRED VISION(Net, roughly cut off by rocks on the ocean floor)

Processor with 1 / 10th power consumption: Can "device that moves with body temperature" also be possible? | WIRED VISION(Hardware, one step closer to wearable PC)

JAC aircraft accident: Izumo airport landing trouble caused part of the balance collapse - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(The balance collapses due to notes, devices that automatically change the angle of the propeller)

Judge system: The serious case of the subject is "daily opening" Tokyo district court policy - everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Note, it is assumed that about 90% will be completed within 5 days)

[Magazine] Da Vinci April Special Feature Does the light novel end?(Magazine, featured works of light novels are assembled at Da Vinci released on Thursday, March 6)

The Japan Media Arts Festival, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Nico Nico Douga is also displayed on Web work(Art, corporate PR site etc. are also introduced)

"Space solar power generation" at Taiki Transmission experiment research and development organization from 20th(Technology, collecting sunlight using gigantic mirrors on geostationary orbit)

Arrested an unemployed man arrested on the railroad crossing power operation arbitrarily as "hard to walk" - MSN Sankei News(The railroad, the railroad track without endlessness is inconvenient so you can understand the feeling)

With entertainment of period dramas, era era tends to be sacrificed!?: Daily Saizo(The drama, the atmosphere is constant because the shooting center is limited)

Slashdot · Japan | Cosplayer Specialized Course with Career School(Is it good for school or hobby?)

"I tried to make a transformer that can smile", sudden release postponement - ITmedia News(Music, idolmaster is a problem?)

DeepParanoia blogging branch Substitute: What is the viewer rating of Yatterman this past four?(Anime, reduction from scratching from the first)

Seiichi Pops The DVD of 'Shigofumi' and 'True Tears' now on air will be released in the US as soon as possible! Reactions at overseas forums(Anime, but price is comparable to Japan)

Game * Spark -: Aiming for real more than the Wii remote control Mutus' s "Darwin (Darwin)"(Remembering the power glove when it is said to be a game, motion control)

Super Nintendo, even now owning rate of over 40% - Oricon ranking of online game ranking(Ownership rate of 3rd place after game PS and DS, except for games and teens)

Mobile Suit Gundam: Red "Shared Only" Gundam, Appears in Figure (Eitan Web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Toy, price on 1/100 scale is 8190 yen)

Three size mania(Memo, three size table of two dimensional beautiful girl character)

New speed VIP blog 3: Jianyan V S pig gorilla - livedoor Blog (blog)(Note, gians are bullies, but pigs are different)

Tea Fairy: An overseas anime fan who knows the real meaning of "Naruto"(Language, are there food Naruto abroad as well?)

What kind of stone is "Sabare stone"? Excite News(Memo, that stone appearing in the national anthem)

Unknown virus causes or death 3 people right after transplant - MSN Sankei News(Health, a type of unknown Arena virus is found)

What is the psychology of the landlord who decides the key money? Excite News(Life, now the middle of moving season)

Reuse of waste seat belts, eco-friendly design bag · Innovéco | lifestyle | excite ism(Memo, there is a tasteful design)

Fake brand goods 'I will not disappear as long as I'm looking for good' - Ameba News [Ameba News](Memo, there is also a problem with high fake brand products)

Live 21 "Always grows hair" litigation, settled at 4.3 million yen - Ameba News [Ameba news](Note, it is said that it always grows and pays about 6.8 million yen for 4 years)

【2ch】 New speed quality: Japanese sweets are all the same taste just because they look different.(Food, only bean paste is not Japanese sweets)

Yahoo auction exhibition immediately after selling out Akafuka puzzle "Because it is raw" - MSN Sankei News(It will be resold for food, because there were no purchase limit)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Which powder is good for rice(Sprinkle with milo or powder soup on food, rice)

AKIBA PC Hotline! Junk Blog .: Akiba cans still growing in number, this time "rice cook"(Food, use of konnyaku instead of rice)

Suntory, change the taste of "Iemon gate" by size of PET bottle: Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun(Food, carried out in 500 ml and 2 liters of "Iemon dense thick" from the middle of March)

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